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File 143957549094.jpg - (71.67KB , 636x450 , Splatoon-fanart-636x450.jpg )
76896 No. 76896
posting at 3:00 pm! Hope that works for everyone!
See you soon! <3

pic unrelated I just think it's nifty
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>> No. 76942
Hi Catie!! Thanks for the autograph! <3
>> No. 76943
I need to watch it later
>> No. 76944
What is your favorite book have you had to read in school?
>> No. 76945
yeah you do have to pay for HBO
>> No. 76946
Catie mlp season 5 is supposed to start again September 12th
>> No. 76947
>isn't that video adorable? I love it.
It was indeed a cute video.
>> No. 76948
It's about 50/50 actually.
so heres the thing, you're bound to find me walking around and I make special time to meet and hang with you guys at both events but ALSO at both events I'm usually pretty busy working as well.
BABScon is definitely a little more intimate, just because there's less people there. But you ultimately should choose the con based on your interests. You need to make sure you'll be entertained even if i'm not there to hang out with you.

shaka brah~ B3

>because everybody lies
:/ that's a pretty willfully shitty outlook on life bro
i have no reason to lie to you

you live 3 hours from france are you fucking kidding me?
it takes you less time to drive to france than it does for me to drive to LA?
fuq u

ant sized geese, all the way.
i'd just spray 'em with some sort of hairspray or something. tiny lungs won't manage.

A FLY HAS BEEN DOING THE SAME TO ME but I think Krysta just caught it.
>> No. 76949
>wOW i'm so jealous!
>about like your whole post.
>i didn't get to see the meteor shower, in fact I didn't hear anything about it until after the fact!
>as for that star wars event HAVE FUN! you're gonna have a blast! x3 <333

Aww no, I hate finding out about things after they've only just happened!

Aww, I didn't mean to make you jealous. It's a real shame you couldn't go yourself, because I just know you'd love it :/
I think I'll probably return with an amazing story to tell. I'm so excited!

Oh, I forgot mention: My best friend is getting married next week! I'm taking 3 days off work and going down to Somerset for the wedding! It's going to be amazing, and I am going to get preposterously drunk XD

Oh, and one last thing. What did you think of my BoxxyQuest let's play videos (if you had time to watch them)? There are going to be more, but I currently have a sound sync issue on Episode 4 and it's taking a while to fix cos I've been so busy with work.
>> No. 76950
Tell us a story Catie :3
>> No. 76951
Oh, where are you in France ? I guess you're around Marseille. Is that's the case you're lucky because it's raining everywhere else lmao
>> No. 76952
if not is sry
>> No. 76953
The details for the Sesame Street thing is a 5 year deal where the new episodes are exclusive to HBO for the first 9 months. After that time, they will air on PBS. It will now be a half hour show instead of a full hour, but a higher number of episodes per season are being produced.
>> No. 76954
Catie you are so beautiful and amazing. ilu so much
>> No. 76955
>you live 3 hours from france are you fucking kidding me?
it takes you less time to drive to france than it does for me to drive to LA?
fuq u

xD Europe is not that big and Germany is in the center of it. :p
also fuq u 2 <3
>> No. 76956
>don't we all?

of course
>> No. 76957
I missed it :(
>> No. 76958
If I were to go to one, it might be Vidcon just so that I could go to Disney (for the first time) as well.

>A FLY HAS BEEN DOING THE SAME TO ME but I think Krysta just caught it
Is Krysta with you now or are you just at your mom's?
>> No. 76959
Well thats great! I hope you find other hobbies that fulfill you creatively and help with your depression. <3

yes, a couple times actually. it's a flattering but also shocking experience. it's like 'nO I AM NOT WORTH YOUR TEARS CHIN UP BUTTERCUP I AM HAPPY TO MEET YOU PLS NO CRI"

i'm gonna upload when i upload.
I am aware that it has taken longer than I said it would, and certainly longer than I ever intended, and I feel awful about it.
But I've had a lot going on in my personal life (some good and some less good) that I don't feel comfortable sharing or talking about, that have proven to make making videos incredibly difficult. Please have patience. I'm doing my best.

no problem mizu! i hope i can meet you in person someday! <3

The Color Purple :3

Bye~ <333
catch you later!

Oh that's cool. :3
>> No. 76960
I'm not in france right now :p
I'm from germany and I will drive to france for a few days in the next months and only maybe.
>> No. 76961
>The Color Purple

I saw that movie what i was a kid, but I never read the book
>> No. 76962
OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! Are you still here, Catie!? I kinda just got home! This was my first 40-hour-week! (well, 39,to be exact... XP) I'm fucking exhausted! Lol! :/

Do you like Jen Kirkman!? I've been binge-listening XP to her podcast "I seem fun"! I think it's rly gr8! XD

As I was trying to say last time, I had to sell my car to a junkyard for $220! :( I miss it, but what can you do? :/

ILYSFM!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3!!!!!
>> No. 76963
Yeah, I read to quicky lel
But if you go, where do you think you'll go ?
>> No. 76964
Catie what do you think of the new mlp movie? and have you cooked anything cool lately?
>> No. 76965
> Please have patience. I'm doing my best.

<3 ok no worries Catie. I hope things get better for you. I'll wait forever for you.
>> No. 76966
Did you watch Antman? I thought it was a really cool, fun movie. Have you seen any other movies recently? Minions maybe?
>> No. 76967
I was watching some episodes of azumanga daioh last night because I couldn't sleep. theyre pretty soothing.
>> No. 76968
we should get Catie Minion stuff for Christmas
>> No. 76969
mmh I'm not sure how the city is called atm, maybe I can tell you later. I need to ask a friend. But well, it's somewhere on the coast. ^^
>> No. 76970
I got creative block, any ideas?
>> No. 76971
>> No. 76972
Just a tip, don't go in Normandy, it's ALWAYS raining
>> No. 76973
Catie I'll always be a fan and friend even if you don't upload anymore
>> No. 76974
congrats to your best friend! <3
your vids are hella cute man x3
i loves it. I admit I only watched one, but it was quite entertaining. <3

i don't have any right meow
sometimes it's hard to think of them right away o 3o

oh well that's not so bad.

ily much too bb <3

nah pips and krysta like to come and visit todd from time to time. :3
>> No. 76975
File 14395933023.jpg - (87.51KB , 560x372 , Despicable-Me-Blimp.jpg )
>> No. 76976
you gonna get Super Mario Maker for wii-u when that comes out in September?
>> No. 76977
>congrats to your best friend! <3
>your vids are hella cute man x3
>i loves it. I admit I only watched one, but it was quite entertaining. <3

Aww, thanks! I'm just flattered that you watched it, tbh. The fact that you thought it was cute is the icing on the cake :D I don't mind that you only watched the one. You're a busy person, after all, and they are kinda long.

I'll tell my best friend you sent your congratulations! She doesn't really know who you are, but I'm sure she'll appreciate it :P
>> No. 76978
Catie you looked great at vidcon. I hope I didn't bother you too much, but I only went to see you. it was great hanging out with you.
>> No. 76979
>> No. 76980
aight guys, i must be going. <3
i love you all very much. <333
talk next week. <3
>> No. 76981
Catie I send you a small pm, would be nice if you could read it whenever you have time. :)
>> No. 76982
bye Catie <3 have fun exercising. I hope you have a nice weekend
>> No. 76983
love you too, see you next week! <333
Have fun exercising and grocery shopping and surfing and chilling and splatooing and stuff! <3
>> No. 76984
See ya, Catie! Have a excellent weekend!

Thanks so much for posting with us! You truly are such a wonderful person for being so dedicated to us <3
>> No. 76985
obviously, I mean who don't know this word?

>> No. 76986
Btw I noticed when I was watching your videos that your cats are trying to "disturb" you at sometimes.

I've a cat too and she is sometimes doing really funny things. :D

For example, one of my friends borrowed me his PS4 and it was sitting on one of my home theater speakers. Well my cat went to sleep on that and I was just sitting on my computer when I heard a beep...

Turned out that my cat had just turned the PS4 on and she stood up right away, watching the console like WTF, because it was making noise. I just thought that she was being lucky, but no... She actually turned the console on 3 times at that day, and I seriously started thinking like "WTF" :D
She can also open my PS3 Slim model's disc hole, and has done that couple of times, and I actually had to use double sided tape to prevent her dropping it to the floor everytime.

Also she can open closets, and she is always digging my clothes out of the closet. And also she is always tearing my previous computer chair with her teeth.

It's really funny times watching and thinking what she does next. :D
>> No. 76987
>> No. 76988
>> No. 76989

Gosh I was too late with my post!

Have a nice week! Bye :)
>> No. 76992
File 144017513228.gif - (1.57MB , 256x192 , didnt-read large size.gif )
sorry im late. we can start now.
... oh
>> No. 77120
File 144139140540.jpg - (23.51KB , 446x500 , 4C9sVQl[1].jpg )
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