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File 143777675023.jpg - (2.14MB , 3000x2000 , meetups.jpg )
76858 No. 76858
be there or be not there. <3
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>> No. 76859
Nice :D
>> No. 76861
Will be there :D
>> No. 76862
have fun..
>> No. 76863
o yo, this grill just gettin' some dudes to buy her a taco bell

meetup, say wut? like any of us are going to be thar

we all from eastern europe and iceland yo
>> No. 76864
Cool. Cool Cool Cool.
>> No. 76865
That was really fun :D thanks catie
>> No. 76866
Wuuuuuuut ?

European dude here, couldn't be there...
You warn us the day it happens ? Bummer ^^'

Hope you had fun, and those who were there, tell us the tale ;) !
>> No. 76867
>> No. 76868
yes :(
>> No. 76869
I first saw this thread while I was eating food from Taco Bell. It must be a sign.
>> No. 76870
Eating steak right now.
>> No. 76994
File 14401758029.jpg - (45.61KB , 240x200 , 00121.jpg )
sorry im late, i'll be there in a sec. DONT START WITHOUT ME, MOFUCKERS!

... oh
>> No. 77004
Holy crapcakes, that's only abt 40 min away from me. Will there ever be another meet up there Catie? Have you tried the Cap'n Crunch Delights? I've heard mixed reviews
>> No. 77006
>> No. 77007
File 144066342551.gif - (0.99MB , 393x295 , 130909410811.gif )
>> No. 77116

Look at those fingers go!
Thank you Gifmaker!
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