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File 143656090029.jpg - (439.01KB , 2000x1547 , 1371693490189.jpg )
76740 No. 76740
Posting at 3:00 pm PST <3
See you then!
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>> No. 76795
Catie what is it like being hot af?
>> No. 76796
I think Fanon's hinting at something.
>> No. 76797
File 143656809951.png - (1.65MB , 1920x1080 , Catie and Lucca.png )
Did you ever find out what happened to Lucca after he visited you?
>> No. 76798
I'm sure you shall. (:

I can't wait to meet you as well! I'm thrilled you get to come! :3 <333

Oh, well that's good. It's always better if you have a friend that can do it rather than going to a chain or something.

I can handle my life experience just fine, my love. <3

No, not mad at all. <3
You should get that checked out booboo. :c Take care of yourself.

chu talkin bout brah thems some killuh 5inchers cowabunga

hello <3

Well I'm glad to hear that you feel that way. But there are most definitely some people who I have disappointed, and I don't like the feeling. :3 <3
>> No. 76799
I wish I could go surfing, especially in California ;_; It's such a beautiful state. I'm supposed to be coming up there soon, but not anytime this summer sadly, because Vidcon and all.
>> No. 76800
welp i think i'm off to bed. I'm well overdue for a sleep. Goodnigh..morning catie+everyone else
>> No. 76801
>But there are most definitely some people who I have disappointed

fuck them :p
>> No. 76802
Catie, you think that your going to visit Europe, any time?
>> No. 76803
>> No. 76804
So, no hitch hiking in the near future?
>> No. 76805
>But there are most definitely some people who I have disappointed, and I don't like the feeling. :3 <3
I know that feeling, I try to make every video I make perfect so everyone likes it (even it is not possible).
>> No. 76806
>I can handle my life experience just fine, my love

I know, but if you're in pain :(

>i knowwww ;____;
i'm really sad about it.

but somethings are worth waiting for
>> No. 76807
what's that?
>> No. 76808
But you will never disappoint me. :3 <3
You can try! But you need to try hard!
>> No. 76809
I'll try to live with it for one more week and then if it's worse I'll check it. I think enough sleep and earlier bed time (it's 00:46 atm here) should work. Also I kinda stabbed my finger with thin piece of metal while I was trying to repair my chair and now I have 2cm red line on my finger. That shit went preeeeetty deep.
>> No. 76810
i dont mind apathy much but I once had a proctologist who was in a hurry... friggin YIKE!
>> No. 76811
good night!

Wow captchas are hard today. >.<
>> No. 76812
Hey! Pifroggi! I think it's awesome that you speak, you know, more than one language! I'm trying to learn Spanish, and it's going kinda slowly at this point for various reasons. XP Anyway, I hope you wouldn't mind if I gave you a quick English lesson! Lol!

I don't know why English uses "do + [verb]" so much, but for past tense, it's generally "did + [present tense of verb]," so, to use what you said as an example, it should have been "did you manage"... Hope you found that helpful! XD <3
>> No. 76813
>Especially because it would probably just be a different shade of brown with red highlights or something. :p

but that would still look very nice and cute
>> No. 76814
hahah, i'm not done planning yet.
but uhm, just bring your camera, maybe a laptop, stuff you want people to sign, deodorant. yee.
I don't recall if there's free wifi. I imagine there would be.

No, I'm afraid not. :c He seems like a nice dude though, and he and I tend to be in the same YT reacts. o:

I think sometimes it's him, but I'm not really sure. I think other times it's just the various writers of horse-news. not sure. I could ask capper if you want. o:

you're very welcome <3

well, they're pretty flexible backwards and forwards. sideways, not so much. :p

nu ;_;
>> No. 76815
Do you know if you're going to have another meet up besides the friday one?
>> No. 76816
>But there are most definitely some people who I have disappointed, and I don't like the feeling. :3 <3
I hope you know that you don't owe us or anybody else anything. If maybe you did in the past, that arbitrary number/point has passed. Anybody that would feel disappointed with anything you've done is a self-entitled asshole.
>> No. 76817
I gotta go do some stuff, it was nice talking to you for a tiny while. See you next Friday!
>> No. 76818
I know this is "easy for me to say," but if anyone is "disappointed" in you, like, fuck them, right? :'D
>> No. 76819
right, thanks! I need to buy some clothes before I fly. :3
I hope my phone is compatible with the American Internet frequencies.
>> No. 76820
hello there. I could lend my thumb, but I'm afraid I need it too much. Besides it's attached to my body.
>> No. 76821
Finally staining the violin, it's blood red.
looks kinda neato.
>> No. 76822
Oh thanks! I like it if people correct my grammar. All I can do is learn from it! :)
I'm not very good with English grammar, but I try to get better.
>> No. 76823
You could stay for some extra days after vidcon, maybe?
idk .___.

goodnight! <33
thanks for stopping by!

someday, most definitely. Unfortunately it's not really in the cards at the moment.

if you never experience any kind of pain, how will you appreciate feeling good? how will you learn lessons? it's important for me to learn from my own mistakes and experience the consequences. A sprained thumb is not a big deal, and well worth the experience of surfing. Now I know not to head out with my board directly in front of me. I am a full grown woman, and I can deal with a sprained thumb just fine. I would not wish for you to have my pain instead of me, because I am not more important than you.

OFUUUUUUQ that blows Dx
well, I hope you feel better soon.
>> No. 76824
how good are you at speaking English?
>> No. 76825
Without a thumb humans would have never managed to use tools. Catie, your hand was thrown back in human evolution! D: I'll give you my thumb at vidcon.
>> No. 76826
I once broke the head of my pinky metacrple bone.
That hurt for weeks.
>> No. 76827
That one doesn't ache at all, just looks weird. I guess you'll be going soon, so goodnight. Have safe weekend and have fun <3
>> No. 76828
Yeah I think he's a nice dude too. And you're super nice so I figure you'd get along :P
>> No. 76829
I'm sorry Catie. I know you don't like that :/
I hope you feel better soon
>> No. 76830
mm, maybe. I'll probably just be wandering around the con. I'll probably have at least one besides the chan+forum one, so that other people can meet me. :3

thanks boo <3

bye! <333


o thank u jiu

that's so fuggin cool
>> No. 76831
speaking? not very good. I don't speak much english, I hope it will be fine enough for vidcon. D: Sometimes I need to think a lot before speaking (or writing) and I have a strong accent. Understanding should be no problem I think.
>> No. 76832
>someday, most definitely. Unfortunately it's not really in the cards at the moment.

Someday,thats sounds good enough :D
There really is alot of amazing places to see here.
Do a meet up anywhere and Ill be there.<3
>> No. 76833
I must be going, my loves! See you next week! <33
I love you all very much! Thank you for the well wishes on my thumb <33
>> No. 76834
I know it freaked me out too
>> No. 76835
bye <3
>> No. 76836
I think you will be alright. You can read and write just fine.
>> No. 76837
Bye Catie! Have a great week <3
>> No. 76838

Gee, these hours pass by so quick! Time flies, I guess. See ya, Catie! Have a great weekend and take care of that thumb of yours! Thanks for posting with us :) <3
>> No. 76839
>because I am not more important than you.
So modest, but incorrect. You bring more joy than all of us combined.

Bye Catie Waynee. Have a great weekend. If you surf again tomorrow, please take care and don't get hurt.
>> No. 76840
>I'll probably have at least one besides the chan+forum one, so that other people can meet me. :3
I hope there will be much time to meet you hopefully more than one time! :D <3
We all could play cards against humanity, like you and all did last year. Thar would be awesome! Do you have that game or has someone else brought it?
>> No. 76841
May the gentle waves be with you.
>> No. 76842
thanks for posting and I hopeee you have a nice weekend.
>> No. 76843
thanks :) I hope so too. But writing and speaking is not the same.
>> No. 76844
Bye Catie. Have a wonderful rest of your Friday and the weekend and the entire next week until I can wish it to you again! Love you! Byee <333
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