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File 143534230533.gif - (282.63KB , 600x338 , rainbow-vomit.gif )
76656 No. 76656
Posting at 12:30pm on this beautiful day~
See you then!
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>> No. 76680
such manners, much considerate, wow
>> No. 76681
doing pretty fantastic, i'd say. it's a wonderful day for america. pride is gonna be off the fucking hook this year. I'm so sad i'm not gonna be able to make it. ;___; i have family obligations.

Jesus christ, I hadn't seen what happened in France. That's so sickening. :c

omg this video made me cry
today is so full of love and joy ;______;

hahaha that's awesome, you gonna gif is like you did before?

>much more still needs to be done
you are 1000% right about that! but we should celebrate our victories. :3

I've been pretty good. had a busy week. Next week should be a teeny bit more chill.
how you?
>> No. 76682
I saw that you weren't on the new YouTubers React. I didn't exoect to have all your appearances in a row, but you did film more that two reactions right?

I recall you tweeting a few times that you missed the Fine Bros. How was your reunion with them?
>> No. 76683
You're right, we should celebrate our victories. This week has been interesting, have been doing some soul searching/research and finally found out something about myself.
Also I know you just mentioned that you are very busy but I wanted to ask you for your help in a goal I would like to accomplish but I would feel more comfortable sending it to you in PM form over the forum but I really don't want to bother you
>> No. 76684
That's awesome! Congratulations! <3
I'm afraid I'm not sure what song you're talking about o:

yeah man :/ it's so fucking basic. seperation of church and state and all that. but oh well, the important thing is that we won~

I haven't been outside today but I am SO SURE that the streets are filled with rainbows and love <3

i can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not but i'm sorry i was late ;-;
>> No. 76685
Have you still been playing splatoon? apparently splatfest has been rescheduled to the 4th of july weekend. What level/rank are you, if you don't mind me asking.
Also, did you know about these easter eggs hidden in splatoon? there are 2 videos
>> No. 76686
File 143534886980.gif - (1.95MB , 537x301 , h_1322474891_9170464_303bbfc1af.gif )
on need to thank me, I already know i'm great
>> No. 76687
one more step towards the world of Star Trek with equality and same rights for everyone. A world without wars, poverty and injustice.
You should really try to watch it. It's an awesome series. Especially "Star Trek: Voyager" and "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine".

yep it truly is :)
>> No. 76688
>Jesus christ, I hadn't seen what happened in France. That's so sickening. :c

I know. It makes me so angry when things like that happen.

>hahaha that's awesome, you gonna gif is like you did before?

No, there's no real way I could do it, unfortunately. It's something that's gonna be much more gradual - it'll take days, in fact - from 29th June to 1st July. In any case, I don't have the necessary equipment to photograph it at a high enough magnification. I'd need a special mount to attach my camera to the telescope. If I get a chance, though, I'll take a photo using my mobile phone, cos I can get right up to the eyepiece on the telescope with that. If (but only if) I get a decent picture, you'll be the first to see :)
>> No. 76689
Catie, why do white girls always travel in odd numbers? Because they can't even
>> No. 76690
Catie, I agree with Pifroggi. You would love Star Trek. Especially when it comes to the values that Earth society has by the 24th century.

Personally, I dream of a day when humanity is like it is in Star Trek. They even abolished currency.
>> No. 76691
I love a lot to talk about those stuff and explain that to others, even if they don't want to hear it. xD nah in that case I stop
>> No. 76692
Did you finish Nana? Did it end how you wanted?

I have to head out. Bye Catie. Hope your joy continues throughout the weekend. Take care.
>> No. 76693
The song is "Thinking Out Loud." Ha...

A couple more questions:

Hey! Are you on snapchat? It's super fun! Obviously, it's ok if you ARE on it and just don't want to give it to us... Especially not here... XD <3

And to answer your question from last week, periscope is just a livestreaming app that you can use (to broadcast) from your phone. I'd definitely look into it. XD
>> No. 76694
Confucius saying for the day: "Man who comes into money will have sticky financial situation"
>> No. 76695
Yes, we filmed three, so there should be one more coming out, unless they decide to scrap it. :3
those boys are honestly such sweethearts.

yee man i'll check my PMs <333
it's always wonderful to find out something new about yourself. :3

but that's cool that it's been officially rescheduled.
I'm level 20 Rank B-
0: I did know about most of those but the coolest one was Octo Valley! That's tight!
The attention to detail in this game is just so fucking tight

haha so i've heard
i'm sure I'll get around to it eventually :3

yay! <3

>> No. 76696
you should be sorry >:( if we were meeting up somewhere I could've starved in those 5 minutes, but I forgive you of that because you're sorry
>> No. 76697
It's and awesome world where mankind's biggest goal is to improve themselves and the life of others. Not money or something like that. It's a world where I would like to live.
>> No. 76698

Yeah, I just find it fascinating. The universe is so complicated and vast. I find it interesting to think that we, as a sentient species and a part of the universe, are sort of how the universe understands itself, as we discover more and more.
>> No. 76699

Damn straight
>> No. 76700
>I know. It makes me so angry when things like that happen.

The worst part of this is maybe the impact it has on the population (racism etc..)

After what happened in January I heard a lot of sickening things in highschool about religion and stuff..
But it fortunatly remains in minority compared to the support of most people
>> No. 76701
Oh, Catie: Bit of a random question... Have you ever seen the film 'Fargo'? I noticed a reference to it in last weekend's MLP episode and wondered if you noticed, too?
>> No. 76702
I did finish it and it was bullshit!
it didn't seem like much of an ending at all. I read that the manga does go on longer so now i have to decide if I want to commit to reading the manga. =____=

I am on snapchat but I don't plan on ever giving it out because dick pics. :p

o ok thank u
>> No. 76703
okay, thank you I haven't sent the PM yet but I will later today and I will make sure to tweet at you when I do send it, it would really mean a lot to me, but I understand if you don't get to it.
Regarding Splatoon, I'm jealous. I'm a level 20 rank C+ (I keep falling back down to a C then going up to a C+). You da best.

>it's always wonderful to find out something new about yourself. :3

Yea, not so much in my case, what I found out was frightening but at least I now know where to start.
>> No. 76704
>i'm sure I'll get around to it eventually :3
That day will be an epic day :D

Also I really want to play splatoon, but I don't want to get a wii u just for one game. So I think I won't.
>> No. 76705
I think I need to send you a text later. :) If you would like to read something about that topic.
>> No. 76706

Yeah. Responding in a close-minded way never helps things. As angry as I get about these despicable acts, I always keep in mind that these people are a minority and that the truest form of Islam is actually supposed to be THE religion of tolerance. I will never tarnish them with the same brush. People have to remember that one insane Jihadist does not reflect the views of all Muslims
>> No. 76707
Lol... Would you ever give that info to specific fans you know over, say, twitter dm? Or is there still too much risk? XP

Anyway, Some spherians are using words like "traitor" about me or otherwise "giving me a hard time" because, and I've mentioned this (to you) before, in addition to using the word "queen" about you, I've also called Lana Del Rey "queen." I guess these people are kinda joking, and, even if they're not, if they have any problems with whom I express admiration for, that's their problem, but... Idk. I guess I can't help but find it *slightly* bothersome... :/

Anyway, I think I have to go now... Much love!!! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3
>> No. 76708
Thanks Catie for DM, I would almost forgot to check chan.
I guess you are happy today, I'dsay it's big step for USA.
>> No. 76709

too late, MarokuBae92, already sent a dozen dick pics
>> No. 76710

Sure, yeah. Sounds good. Just pm me on the forum :)
>> No. 76711
aw, but the premise was so good!
>> No. 76712
Lol. Don't get me started... I could say a lot about this, but for now, let me just say that, as opposed to religion as I am (which is a lot) I'm way more opposed to the conditions western countries have put certain groups of people in that drive them toward extremism!
>> No. 76713
I will!
>> No. 76714

I think I'm inclined to agree with you, there
>> No. 76715
Hey Catie, would you like to hear a story about the universe too? I would send you a pm too if you would like. :)
>> No. 76716
I haven't seen it, but I did recognize the character! I've heard it's a wonderful film, and I fully intend to watch it. O:

hahah, I was there for a while. You'll get there. It's difficult because sometimes your team is so fucking incompetent so you lose even if you gET 16 SPLATS AND ONLY DIE TWICE AND ONE TIME WHEN YOU RESPAWNED ONE OF YOUR SNIPERS WAS JUST FUCKING STANDING AT THE SPAWN POINT LIKE A FUCKING ASSHOLE

it happens sometimes, man.

there is a lot of wonderful games for the wii u though.
There is also Mario Kart 8, and Pikmin. Splatoon alone is worth it though.

oh, dear. I'm really sorry then. :c good luck to you, stay strong. I believe in you!

yee i think i'm gonna keep it private
but who knows, i could change my mind one day, but not likely.
hahaha i doubt anyone really means it. they're probably just teasing, as i doubt anyone REALLY thinks of me as ~the one and only queen~ these days. :p
byeee! see you next week!

yeah, no problem! I'm sorry that I didn't see your question sooner or I would have told you sooner. I have to go pretty soon though. :c
but yeah! big day for 'merica!
>> No. 76717
File 143535089279.jpg - (174.66KB , 640x1136 , image.jpg )
>> No. 76718
Oh! Hey! Could you send it to me, too!? (same username! XP)
>> No. 76719
>I haven't seen it, but I did recognize the character! I've heard it's a wonderful film, and I fully intend to watch it. O:

Oh yeah, you must see it. It's definitely a good film. Got a bit of everything in it.
>> No. 76720
Nah, don't worry. We'll talk next week. By the way I don't have any super duper questions or staff to talk, so be cool.
Have great weekend,love you <3
Just DM me again if you read that :D And I promise I won't DM you on Twitter, I guess your inbox is big.
>> No. 76721
Hm. You haven't seen Fargo... Have you seen The Big Lebowski? Lol. Ok. Bye again, this time 4 realz! XP <333333333
>> No. 76722
>there is a lot of wonderful games for the wii u though.
>There is also Mario Kart 8, and Pikmin. Splatoon alone is worth it though.
Maybe I will get one. Mmmh I think about it.
Haha I would like to play with you one day that would be awesome. :p
>> No. 76723

i'm not really one for stuff like that, but i'll certainly read it. :p

hey jelly! <3

will do :3

oki <3
>> No. 76724
Alright guys, I must be going!
See you next week! Love you v much!
Remember to spread joy today!
>> No. 76725
>i'm not really one for stuff like that, but i'll certainly read it. :p
alright you will get one too, there is no way around it now!
>> No. 76726
See ya, Catie! Thanks for chatting with us! Have a lovely weekend full of rainbows! :D
>> No. 76727
I will!
Have fun!
And I wish you a great and awesome week and may be it as beautiful as you are :3
>> No. 76728

Maybe it'll pique her interest?
>> No. 76729
File 143535192395.jpg - (15.32KB , 457x121 , Screenshot 2015-06-26 22_50_20b.jpg )
maybe, that would be awesome!
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