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File 143414108130.jpg - (47.00KB , 386x264 , image.jpg )
76517 No. 76517
Posting at 3:30 ily bye <3
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>> No. 76518
Yay :D
>> No. 76519
>> No. 76520
File 143414536219.jpg - (41.19KB , 460x460 , image.jpg )
great. we can discuss weed, marijuana, pot, and maybe even cannabis.
>> No. 76521
hi catie
>> No. 76522
hi babes
how is you?
i'm super duper.
for those of you not following me on the twitter (which i don't think is very many of you, anymore) I was unable to fall asleep last night, and so at six in the morning i went for a run and then came back and went to bed. it was an adventure.
In any case, I am now rested and sore.
you're welcome for that riveting story.
>> No. 76523
it's the babe! :o
>> No. 76524
what was making it so you couldn't sleep?
>> No. 76525
File 143414839512.jpg - (112.10KB , 640x1136 , 4hgPYNU.jpg )
hi catie
>> No. 76526
did I make it on time?
>> No. 76527
i still follow you on twitter. it's just that im totally inactive since that site is filtered in this country and good proxies are hard to come by. same reason i literally haven't seen one of your vids in like 2 years. im totally in the dark now. i hear you're working with animals or something now. that's swell.
>> No. 76528
Hi Ms. Wayne. I'm doing okay. That story was indeed exciting, but you left out the part about Todd's shit.

Are you all moved now?
>> No. 76529
Have you watched Kung Fury yet?
>> No. 76530
I read about your adventures as it was when I was waking up. What kept you up?
>> No. 76531
hi too poor
>> No. 76532
I heard a riveting story the other day that involved metal fasteners and a pneumatic hammer of some kind.
>> No. 76533
File 143414876727.png - (782.17KB , 612x611 , hi catie.png )
Catie the cats are back :3
>> No. 76534
what's troubling you , lovely Catie?
>> No. 76535
oooh shit I'm a bit late, but it looks like i don't missed something. Yeah that was quite an adventure :D.

I think I'm getting sick. I was sleeping yesterday from after work till today in the morning. and after I came back from work today I was super tired, but couldn't sleep cause it was too hot or something. Also my head hurts somehow. I hope I didn't got a virus.
>> No. 76536
File 143414896580.jpg - (4.78MB , 4000x6000 , DSC_0039_00001-1.jpg )
Heya, Catie! How're you doing? Hope you finally managed to get some decent sleep.

Anyway, just in case you didn't see, here's one of the pics I tweeted of my new baby niece :)
>> No. 76537
I have a confession, I bought splatoon this last Sunday and I just popped it in today (my sister is currently playing splatoon) and I downloaded the Mario kart 8 dlc but I haven't played that one yet.
I must say tho, splatoon is so good! It's such a fun quirky game with an interesting concept and fun gameplay. Have you heard Nintendo will be releasing free dlc in the future for splatoon? :o
>> No. 76538
When she cries does she go Grraa OH GARAAAAAAAWWWWLLLLLLLL?
>> No. 76539
and thank you for letting me now when this started <3
besides from that .. super epic "adventure" with dragons and stuff, how was your week?
>> No. 76540
Catie did you ever see the parks and recreation finale? it was really sad
>> No. 76541
i don't really know! i mean at first i was just kind of thinking about my day, but like nothing super noteworthy happened. I just couldn't fall asleep. Luckily for me, it's not something that happens very often. But a few weeks ago I ran out of chamomile tea and melatonin, which is how I usually get to bed if I'm having trouble sleeping. After posting I'm gonna go to the store and get some. :p

hi jelly <3

you did indeed

lol i was working with discovery for a year, but not anymore.
that's too bad you can't see ANY videos (not just mine)
where are you again?

oh my god that shit was so stinky
i had literally JUST laid down and gotten comfy when the smell wafted into my nose. i began to weep softly and then attended to his soiled potty box

well i'm finally finished moving OUT of the old place. Now I must begin the process of moving in. O:

I HAVEN'T because David Hasselhoff isn't in it and tbh that's what I liked most about the music video.
>> No. 76542

Hahaha! I think it's too early to tell, really XD
>> No. 76543
What was the last book that you read?
>> No. 76544
do u hate me
>> No. 76545
Hi Catie
Last week I said I didnt think I would be able to make it but our trip got cut short b/c my aunt had drama at her work and there was a possibility that they would need her to work earlier than they planned. So we left monday night.

About your story, hope you can get to sleep better tonight(I follow you on twitter but Im not very active :/). A couple months ago I had a night like that, where I went for a run but I thought I was going to die even though I ran for just a couple minutes. The weather was probably in the 40s though and my lungs were freezing.
>> No. 76546
Are you going to upload anything to ANH before vidcon?
>> No. 76547
>I HAVEN'T because David Hasselhoff isn't in it and tbh that's what I liked most about the music video.

I see. If you ever decide to watch it, maybe we can all watch it together? instasync.com
>> No. 76548
ohai catie. i'm doing pretty well. i graduated with my bachelor's about a month ago, that was nice, and vidcon's just around the corner. i love running in the morning like that, before there are too many people around. anything new with you this week, other than moving?
>> No. 76549
If anyone has a wii u and splatoon, Mario kart 8, or super smash bros add me. My Nintendo network id is electric_sushi91
>> No. 76550
>I HAVEN'T because David Hasselhoff isn't in it and tbh that's what I liked most about the music video.

The Kung Fury vid is on youtube and free for all to watch. It's about 30min long.
>> No. 76551
people on twitter are asking what shitfuck means now :/
>> No. 76552
i'm in iran. i mentioned to you i was moving here years ago when i was emailing you about the autograph pic that kept getting lost in the mail i don't know how many times. that's why i was so anxious to get it.
sooo many websites are blocked here. no twitter, no tumblr, no youtube, no nothing. i've literally got a list of a few hundred youtube links if i ever get a chance to see them.
what don't you work with discovery anymore? what are your vids about now? got another job?
>> No. 76553

AWW! yay! they are so cute how they wanna snuggle you! :3 When you first showed me them I thought that you babysitting them was a one time thing, but I'm glad to see that you get to babysit them more often!

aww, well drink plenty of water! I hope you feel better soon. :c

she is so precious :3
congratulations! <3

splatoon is my most favorite game right in this moment
i hadn't heard about the free DLC! that's awesome!
tell me how you find MK8 too, though! that's a very wonderful game as well. ALSO, BEAUTIFUL

it was good, finally finished moving :3
how was yours?

I HAVEN'T but I just started re-watching the whole thing! :D so i'll get there eventually.
>> No. 76554

I love that we have a secret code for these posting sessions
>> No. 76555
I watched avengers 2 last week. In my opinion it was not thaaat great. Somehow. It's sad that jarvis died, I liked him. And it was nice we found out a bit more about hawkseye. But somehow the last few marvel movies where not that great for me. I think the best part of that movie really was the part where captain america tried to lift thors hammer xD
>> No. 76556
I know it's (likely) a SUPER personal question, but have you ever been in love? (I have. It was great, while it lasted... Um, long story... XP)
>> No. 76557
Since your favorite type of movies are the superhero kind, you must be really excited that around 40 or so superhero movies will be coming out in the next 5 1/2 years (through the end of 2020). 30 have been officially announced. I speculate that another 10-15 have not yet been announced.
>> No. 76558
Ross finally used the "Raws" poster I made instead of throwing it at the floor.
>> No. 76559
File 143414979684.jpg - (125.60KB , 640x960 , image.jpg )
btw this is what i see when someone embeds something that's filtered here.
p sure that's a youtube vid idk.
>> No. 76560
Catie you are so beautiful and smart
>> No. 76561
>> No. 76562
Catie are you excited for the 100th eppy of mlp tomorrow?
>> No. 76563
>she is so precious :3
>congratulations! <3

Aww, thanks! She is so adorable. I've already held her for the first time and she's just so cute! I felt like a deer in headlights when my brother initially let me hold her. It was like I was holding something made of paper XD I soon relaxed though, and there is something oddly calming about holding a baby.
It remains to be seen what Freddie, their dog, thinks about his new 'sister'...
>> No. 76564


Just search youtube for Kung Fury. You will find the whole vid from LaserUnicorns.
>> No. 76565
>I hope you feel better soon. :c
thank you, why those things need to happen on weekends?

>it was good, finally finished moving :3
>how was yours?
thats nice! :D so finally in your new room with all your things on a gigantic never ending pile?

my week was nice too, thanks for asking. I was sleeping very much. ^^ yea and I watched the new avengers movie.
>> No. 76566
File 143415022619.jpg - (57.81KB , 500x500 , image.jpg )
>mfw im literally in the thread and don't get the reference
>> No. 76567

>> No. 76568
File 143415030619.jpg - (29.04KB , 383x385 , image.jpg )
>Just search youtube
if only i could
>> No. 76569
>splatoon is my most favorite game at this moment
Anyone following you on Twitter would know this lol
Yes though, I agree I have found myself sucked into the game even though I only have about 3 hours invested in it
I would like to play with the wii u pro controller but I can't find mine :(
>> No. 76570
File 143415034385.jpg - (1.74MB , 954x1731 , Vision and Cyclops are dead.jpg )
I doubt you've read the Infinity Gauntlet so here's a preview of what's to come in the 3rd Avengers movie.
>> No. 76571
>>mfw im literally in the thread and don't get the reference

Ah, might you be new here (correct me if I'm wrong)? That might be why you don't get the reference. Not too long ago, somebody came up with the acronym SHITFUCK, meaning: "Say Hi, It's Time For Us to Chan, Kiddos!" to be tweeted when Catie's going to post.
>> No. 76572
you ruined the whole movie now
>> No. 76573
Things Fall Apart

i hate very few people.

oh jeez yeah running in the cold is no fun at all.
running is no fun at all u_u
i h8 running

I'm sorry your trip got short, I hope it was fun though!


HEY! Congratulations on Graduating! That's amazing! <3
nope, not yet.
OH i bought i new dresser and built it. so.
that happened. :p

it's whateva

i recalled that you had told me where you'd gone, but i couldn't recall where, exactly.
I'm really sorry about your autograph. That whole system was so fucked up and much more than I could handle at the time, and whenever I finally get new ones out, send me an email and I'll see if I can get you one.
The company was headed in a different direction and my contract was up, we decided not to resign. For the past few months I was trying to find a place to film because there wasn't enough room in my old apartment to film videos, but renting a space proved to be too expensive so I just wound up moving. Just finished that. So no new videos as of this year. :/
>> No. 76574
oooh. okay. thanks. that's p clever.
>> No. 76575
File 143415054224.jpg - (481.76KB , 914x704 , Iron Man is dead.jpg )
Most heroes participating in the fight are killed by Thanos. He killed half of the world's population earlier on with a snap of his fingers.
>> No. 76576
Soooo, ya think there'll be an Avengers/ Guardians movie?
>> No. 76577
Catie, what are some essential items that I should bring on my trip to vidcon, anything that you maybe overlooked and later found out that it what have come in handy.
Also about how many outfits do you recommend bringing?
Sorry for all the questions
>> No. 76578
Hi <3
>> No. 76579
do you have access to any file sharing site or something. I would be willing to download videos for you so you could download them someway and watch them.
>> No. 76580
Catie don't you think that Hydra and your mom should work on something together?
>> No. 76581

Omg that would be epic as hell!
>> No. 76582
wow I never thought so many peolple would die in a marvel movie. it don't fits. well let's see how it ends up.
in.. 5 years of something.
>> No. 76583
Catie how was the dog party? was it fun?
>> No. 76584
I think yes, it's the same universe or?
>> No. 76585
WAIT. why is the gif at the beginning a jpg? Catie you tricked us!
>> No. 76586
File 143415107549.jpg - (809.36KB , 1650x1022 , Infinity Gauntlet-119.jpg )
Rumor of the Guardians appearing in Avengers 3, but nothing official. I think people assume they are because of the number of characters involved in the original storyline. Plus Drax was involved.
>> No. 76587
oh, i actually got the autograph the second(third?) time you sent it. i got it here in iran now. i cant remember if i thanked you or your mum, but thanks for going through all that trouble, i really appreciate it.
and since you're looking for a bigger place you must have some big plans for upcoming vids, yeah? do you have an idea for what you're gonna be doing or just want the extra space in case?
>> No. 76588
It all gets undone at the end of the storyline and very few characters remember it happened.
>> No. 76589
Catie you hardly get any screen time in these youtubers react videos
>> No. 76590
>last book you read
>things fall apart
Damn catie, I didn't know you were into historical fiction! I have a bunch of books but I just can't concentrate enough to read them. When do you usually read?
>> No. 76591
File 143415129953.jpg - (102.86KB , 555x432 , simply red.jpg )
see wot I did there?
>> No. 76592
that's a good bit, for sure. that's too bad you didn't like it all that much. hopefully the next one will be better for you. <3

I have been in love, yes. :3

superhero movies aren't my favorite, you silly. :p
but I am very excited. They're quite fun to go see and nibble on popcorn.

that's hella shittyyy
i mean it's not like there isn't other things to do besides watch youtube, but i imagine it's difficult to not have it at ALL :/

aww, cute! :3 link to the video?


I AM <3
it's definitely gonna be full of pandering but this is the kind of episode that the fandom has always wanted (AND THAT'S WHY IT WAS MADE, WHICH IS AMAZING), so it's kind of to be expected that it's gonna have some pandering.

awww too cute! have you never held a baby before then?

freddy is a good puppy, i bet he'll like her. :3

lmao basically. lots of unpacked boxes.
todd likes to use them to hide and then pounce on my legs as i walk by :p

the pad is the best thing to use anyway. <3

i didn't look at it yet, is it actually going to ruin the movie?


i mean, i imagine so. i was kind of thrown off at first because the universes seem so different, but i guess they're just far apart in terms of distance, not time.
>> No. 76593
>> No. 76594

They're limiting her exposure because some people just can't handle Catie's awesome, except in small doses :P
>> No. 76595
>i didn't look at it yet, is it actually going to ruin the movie?

>> No. 76596
>> No. 76597
I thought it would be something like that. ^^
It sounds interesting, I hope it will be good.
Somehow the last avenger movies where like:
- battle at the beginning
- discovering more evil after destroying the evil
- a bit of story
- final boss battle
>> No. 76598
that's awfully nice but i dont wanna put you through any trouble.
>> No. 76599
The trip was fun but I was looking forward to kayaking in the ocean and going to a lighthouse.

I was asked to record my road trip and when meet you at vidcon. I was wanting to make sure its ok to record meeting you.
>> No. 76600
>awww too cute! have you never held a baby before then?

Nope, never. Much more comfortable with it now, though.

>freddy is a good puppy, i bet he'll like her. :3

Yeah, he's a sweet little dog. Only issue is my sister-in-law dotes on him a bit too much, so I don't want him to get jealous. While my sister-in-law was in labour, we looked after Freddie, and once Hannah was born, I had the idea of borrowing something that she had worn or been wrapped in, so I could introduce the baby smell to Freddie. I hope it helps!

Oh, and in other news, I am STILL waiting to hear back from that job I applied to. I might hear back tomorrow, hopefully.
>> No. 76601
The comic storyline is not the movie storyline. Nothing from these movies have been the same as the comics.
>> No. 76602
Catie have you seen any movies lately? I was going to see Jurassic world yesterday but it was only showing in 3D D: It's playing tomorrow not in 3D but idk if I'm still going to see it. I looks good, but I hear it was bad.
>> No. 76603
hmm what to ask... what are you goin to do now? like video wise are you currently working on something?
>> No. 76604
I was meaning the last marvel movies, not avnegers
>> No. 76605
shit I can't write today.
>> No. 76606
File 143415187376.jpg - (781.12KB , 915x686 , DSC04053 copy.jpg )
I saw some Pandering at the zoo last weekend! :D
>> No. 76607

I understand your problem....

I used to live in a very social media restricticted country too. But best to stay out of trouble while there and get out rather than getting into trouble.
>> No. 76608
>todd likes to use them to hide and then pounce on my legs as i walk by :p
so in shorts "cats" hah

can I ask what you favorite movie type is?
>> No. 76609
travel size deodorant/colgone (perfume, in my case), water bottle, mints/gum, hand sanitizer, a notebook and pen (in case you find someone who you want an autograph from but they don't have a pen or paper), memory cards and some cash. also a camera, obvi.
I recommend bringing five outfits. One for each day, plus an extra so you can change your mind if you want, plus a nicer outfit for the evening. like if you go to a party or go out to dinner.

hello <33

i'm not sure what they would do, but that would be awesome. :p not sure if my mom has the time, though.

hahaha yes. it was actually just a regular party that happened to have a lot of dogs.

LMAO i uploaded it from my phone and i guess the chan didn't like it. :p

OH GOOD! i'm glad to hear it <3
well i mostly just wanted a place to film, at all. like, my room was so small at my old place that i basically had zero walking space. i had to roll around on my bed to get to my dresser/closet. there was no room for camera equipment.
BUT i do have some plans, idk if they're super big. :p


there's lots of people that are in the videos that need screen time also o:
>> No. 76610
File 143415207550.jpg - (96.92KB , 576x1024 , 1ZZDq1V.jpg )
I have nothing to talk about.
>> No. 76611
>there's lots of people that are in the videos that need screen time also o:

no, it should be all you and they should change the title to Catie reacts to stuff
>> No. 76612
do you mean me getting in trouble or just me going out of my way. b/c it wouldn't be any trouble for me I don't think.
>> No. 76613

That would be the best thing, ever!
>> No. 76614
Catie do you wish you were going panels at vidcon?
>> No. 76615
Same, just reading, as always :D
>> No. 76616
shit. I meant to say doing. Do you wish you were doing panels
>> No. 76617
Thanks catie! I hope you have a better weekend and will keep you updated on MK8, but tbh I'll be playing splatoon, you should add me if you want and we could kick some ass :D
>> No. 76618
So, you're just being a tourist at the vidcon?
Down on the floor with the peasants?
>> No. 76619
it's not so bad. not bad at all, really. everyone is super friendly. much more social and relaxed than back in america. only thing is the government. but uh, i wont say too much about that.
>> No. 76620
oh, i'm a suuuuper slow reader. i read a couple of pages a night before bed. i like to read, but it makes me very, very sleepy.

yeah, totally. <3
i might recommend tweeting me that you're about to find me or something though, because I usually don't take too kindly to people just walking up to me with a camera in my face. I'm sure i'll recognize you though.
OH, just tweet a picture of yourself at me day of, so I know what you look like that day. :3

introducing the dog to the smell of the baby is a very smart idea! great instincts you got there!


i'm gonna go see it, even though it looks pretty bad.
pratt is awesome.
>> No. 76621
kay guys, I must be off to the store! <3
i love you all very much <333
have a lovely weekend!
>> No. 76622
You are beating Brizzy 76-5 in the poorly run and barely participated Internet Goddess Tournament. Most matches get no more than 15 votes.
>> No. 76623
LMAO i uploaded it from my phone and i guess the chan didn't like it. :p
fukn chan! you are not posting from your phone right now or? :o that would be way to hard i guess

oh shit I start to cough.
After this I will go to bed again. I'm still super tired.
>> No. 76624
Byye :)
>> No. 76625
>introducing the dog to the smell of the baby is a very smart idea! great instincts you got there!

Ha, I wish I could say it was just my instinct, but I read it somewhere on the internet & I think it was in a Youtube video I saw, too.


Thanks! <3
>> No. 76626
Bye Catie. Have a lovely weekend.
>> No. 76627
That's good to hear! ;D XD <3333333333
>> No. 76628
care to drop any hints for your upcoming vids? or keeping it under wraps for now?
lol i read hella slow too. but prob for different reasons. i forget what i just read like 10 seconds after reading it. like i can read a whole page but then when i turn the page im like 'wtf did i read' and i have to go back and read it again
>> No. 76629
>> No. 76630
See ya, Catie! I hope you get some better sleep, tonight. You have a lovely weekend, too <3 :)

And as always, thanks for posting with us!
>> No. 76631
>> No. 76632
have a great time at the store!
okay and on the weekend.
Bye <33
>> No. 76633
bye catie <3 have fun and try not to stay stay up all night cuz your sleep schedule is fucked
>> No. 76634
>> No. 76635
File 143415301317.jpg - (48.67KB , 474x460 , image.jpg )
nah i prob won't get in trouble. but it just seems like a lot of work for you. i appreciate the offer, tho!

>> No. 76636
She's gone :(
>> No. 76637
I'll make a note to myself to tweet you that day. I remember you saying that last vidcon that it is rude when people just come up with a camera without asking first. I was wondering if you will recognize me from BABScon. I should look the same as I did then.

If I sent you a course on speed reading would you be interested? I haven't really started the course yet so I cannot say it works or not but claims that you could read a 300 page book within an hour and a half. I bought it to hope to increase my reading speed.
>> No. 76638
this is the longest time before she posts again :/
>> No. 76639
D: and then there is this again >>76638
it's almost like this happens every week
>> No. 76640
Bye Catie <3
Hope you get to sleep better. I cannot get to sleep until after midnight EST usually but the funny thing is everytime I am in Cali I don't have any problem going to bed before midnight PST.
>> No. 76642
File 143433735432.jpg - (249.53KB , 1920x1200 , Eva-Green-Wallpapers-HD11.jpg )
wats up with OPs pic?
>> No. 76643
iphones can't upload gifs. it only uploads the first frame as a jpg. the full gif is there when you transfer it to a computer tho.
similar trickery happens with png.
>> No. 76644
such a common .gif I didn't even notice it was a .jpg
>> No. 76654
File 143527662670.jpg - (73.67KB , 360x300 , tumblr_n6gdrsw0tk1s13fhgo4_500_1_360x300.jpg )
>> No. 76655
File 143527843653.jpg - (12.34KB , 245x245 , 1435212495906s.jpg )
>> No. 76732
I read that as "Damn, girls, you look good!".
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