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File 143414108130.jpg - (47.00KB , 386x264 , image.jpg )
76517 No. 76517
Posting at 3:30 ily bye <3
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>> No. 76597
I thought it would be something like that. ^^
It sounds interesting, I hope it will be good.
Somehow the last avenger movies where like:
- battle at the beginning
- discovering more evil after destroying the evil
- a bit of story
- final boss battle
>> No. 76598
that's awfully nice but i dont wanna put you through any trouble.
>> No. 76599
The trip was fun but I was looking forward to kayaking in the ocean and going to a lighthouse.

I was asked to record my road trip and when meet you at vidcon. I was wanting to make sure its ok to record meeting you.
>> No. 76600
>awww too cute! have you never held a baby before then?

Nope, never. Much more comfortable with it now, though.

>freddy is a good puppy, i bet he'll like her. :3

Yeah, he's a sweet little dog. Only issue is my sister-in-law dotes on him a bit too much, so I don't want him to get jealous. While my sister-in-law was in labour, we looked after Freddie, and once Hannah was born, I had the idea of borrowing something that she had worn or been wrapped in, so I could introduce the baby smell to Freddie. I hope it helps!

Oh, and in other news, I am STILL waiting to hear back from that job I applied to. I might hear back tomorrow, hopefully.
>> No. 76601
The comic storyline is not the movie storyline. Nothing from these movies have been the same as the comics.
>> No. 76602
Catie have you seen any movies lately? I was going to see Jurassic world yesterday but it was only showing in 3D D: It's playing tomorrow not in 3D but idk if I'm still going to see it. I looks good, but I hear it was bad.
>> No. 76603
hmm what to ask... what are you goin to do now? like video wise are you currently working on something?
>> No. 76604
I was meaning the last marvel movies, not avnegers
>> No. 76605
shit I can't write today.
>> No. 76606
File 143415187376.jpg - (781.12KB , 915x686 , DSC04053 copy.jpg )
I saw some Pandering at the zoo last weekend! :D
>> No. 76607

I understand your problem....

I used to live in a very social media restricticted country too. But best to stay out of trouble while there and get out rather than getting into trouble.
>> No. 76608
>todd likes to use them to hide and then pounce on my legs as i walk by :p
so in shorts "cats" hah

can I ask what you favorite movie type is?
>> No. 76609
travel size deodorant/colgone (perfume, in my case), water bottle, mints/gum, hand sanitizer, a notebook and pen (in case you find someone who you want an autograph from but they don't have a pen or paper), memory cards and some cash. also a camera, obvi.
I recommend bringing five outfits. One for each day, plus an extra so you can change your mind if you want, plus a nicer outfit for the evening. like if you go to a party or go out to dinner.

hello <33

i'm not sure what they would do, but that would be awesome. :p not sure if my mom has the time, though.

hahaha yes. it was actually just a regular party that happened to have a lot of dogs.

LMAO i uploaded it from my phone and i guess the chan didn't like it. :p

OH GOOD! i'm glad to hear it <3
well i mostly just wanted a place to film, at all. like, my room was so small at my old place that i basically had zero walking space. i had to roll around on my bed to get to my dresser/closet. there was no room for camera equipment.
BUT i do have some plans, idk if they're super big. :p


there's lots of people that are in the videos that need screen time also o:
>> No. 76610
File 143415207550.jpg - (96.92KB , 576x1024 , 1ZZDq1V.jpg )
I have nothing to talk about.
>> No. 76611
>there's lots of people that are in the videos that need screen time also o:

no, it should be all you and they should change the title to Catie reacts to stuff
>> No. 76612
do you mean me getting in trouble or just me going out of my way. b/c it wouldn't be any trouble for me I don't think.
>> No. 76613

That would be the best thing, ever!
>> No. 76614
Catie do you wish you were going panels at vidcon?
>> No. 76615
Same, just reading, as always :D
>> No. 76616
shit. I meant to say doing. Do you wish you were doing panels
>> No. 76617
Thanks catie! I hope you have a better weekend and will keep you updated on MK8, but tbh I'll be playing splatoon, you should add me if you want and we could kick some ass :D
>> No. 76618
So, you're just being a tourist at the vidcon?
Down on the floor with the peasants?
>> No. 76619
it's not so bad. not bad at all, really. everyone is super friendly. much more social and relaxed than back in america. only thing is the government. but uh, i wont say too much about that.
>> No. 76620
oh, i'm a suuuuper slow reader. i read a couple of pages a night before bed. i like to read, but it makes me very, very sleepy.

yeah, totally. <3
i might recommend tweeting me that you're about to find me or something though, because I usually don't take too kindly to people just walking up to me with a camera in my face. I'm sure i'll recognize you though.
OH, just tweet a picture of yourself at me day of, so I know what you look like that day. :3

introducing the dog to the smell of the baby is a very smart idea! great instincts you got there!


i'm gonna go see it, even though it looks pretty bad.
pratt is awesome.
>> No. 76621
kay guys, I must be off to the store! <3
i love you all very much <333
have a lovely weekend!
>> No. 76622
You are beating Brizzy 76-5 in the poorly run and barely participated Internet Goddess Tournament. Most matches get no more than 15 votes.
>> No. 76623
LMAO i uploaded it from my phone and i guess the chan didn't like it. :p
fukn chan! you are not posting from your phone right now or? :o that would be way to hard i guess

oh shit I start to cough.
After this I will go to bed again. I'm still super tired.
>> No. 76624
Byye :)
>> No. 76625
>introducing the dog to the smell of the baby is a very smart idea! great instincts you got there!

Ha, I wish I could say it was just my instinct, but I read it somewhere on the internet & I think it was in a Youtube video I saw, too.


Thanks! <3
>> No. 76626
Bye Catie. Have a lovely weekend.
>> No. 76627
That's good to hear! ;D XD <3333333333
>> No. 76628
care to drop any hints for your upcoming vids? or keeping it under wraps for now?
lol i read hella slow too. but prob for different reasons. i forget what i just read like 10 seconds after reading it. like i can read a whole page but then when i turn the page im like 'wtf did i read' and i have to go back and read it again
>> No. 76629
>> No. 76630
See ya, Catie! I hope you get some better sleep, tonight. You have a lovely weekend, too <3 :)

And as always, thanks for posting with us!
>> No. 76631
>> No. 76632
have a great time at the store!
okay and on the weekend.
Bye <33
>> No. 76633
bye catie <3 have fun and try not to stay stay up all night cuz your sleep schedule is fucked
>> No. 76634
>> No. 76635
File 143415301317.jpg - (48.67KB , 474x460 , image.jpg )
nah i prob won't get in trouble. but it just seems like a lot of work for you. i appreciate the offer, tho!

>> No. 76636
She's gone :(
>> No. 76637
I'll make a note to myself to tweet you that day. I remember you saying that last vidcon that it is rude when people just come up with a camera without asking first. I was wondering if you will recognize me from BABScon. I should look the same as I did then.

If I sent you a course on speed reading would you be interested? I haven't really started the course yet so I cannot say it works or not but claims that you could read a 300 page book within an hour and a half. I bought it to hope to increase my reading speed.
>> No. 76638
this is the longest time before she posts again :/
>> No. 76639
D: and then there is this again >>76638
it's almost like this happens every week
>> No. 76640
Bye Catie <3
Hope you get to sleep better. I cannot get to sleep until after midnight EST usually but the funny thing is everytime I am in Cali I don't have any problem going to bed before midnight PST.
>> No. 76642
File 143433735432.jpg - (249.53KB , 1920x1200 , Eva-Green-Wallpapers-HD11.jpg )
wats up with OPs pic?
>> No. 76643
iphones can't upload gifs. it only uploads the first frame as a jpg. the full gif is there when you transfer it to a computer tho.
similar trickery happens with png.
>> No. 76644
such a common .gif I didn't even notice it was a .jpg
>> No. 76654
File 143527662670.jpg - (73.67KB , 360x300 , tumblr_n6gdrsw0tk1s13fhgo4_500_1_360x300.jpg )
>> No. 76655
File 143527843653.jpg - (12.34KB , 245x245 , 1435212495906s.jpg )
>> No. 76732
I read that as "Damn, girls, you look good!".
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