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File 143381847180.jpg - (54.74KB , 746x722 , image.jpg )
76508 No. 76508
Does Catie like Asian guys? Lol

Not like I have a chance
>> No. 76509
>> No. 76510
yu totally have a chance, bruv; one of catie's favorite pastimes is blind dates with asian fans. her schedule is so filled with Asian fans, it is like a Honeywell warehouse :^)
>> No. 76512
I meant I don't have a chance cause I'm 14 and live in Georgia
>> No. 76513
I kinda just realized that that might have been a joke.
>> No. 76514
>> No. 76515
omg so is boxxy!
>> No. 76516
Racist post. Catie likes people based on who they are, not their race.
>> No. 76641
What the hell is "racist" about discussing someone's personal preferences?
>> No. 76645
I'm autistic as balls dude.
>> No. 76646
And I suppose not wanting to date fat people is sizeism? If you aren't attracted to a certain type of person it isn't racist.
Lurk moar, think before you post, and don't use your full name (if at all). We were all newfags once.
>> No. 76647
Ah you think lurking is your ally? You merely adopted lurking. I was born in it, molded by it. I didn't make a post until I was already an oldfag, by then it was nothing to me but trolling!
>> No. 76648
Thanks for stealing my name dude
>> No. 76650
That's why you're supposed to use a trip, retard.
>> No. 76651
I don't see many using trips here these days, angry one.
>> No. 76652
you're welcome bruh
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