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File 143353861132.jpg - (208.93KB , 900x1020 , 1385858148922.jpg )
76490 No. 76490
Hi guys,
Posting at 3:10 for the sake of it being 1 hour away. :p
I'm not sure if it's forum week or chan week but i'm sure y'all will let me know. <3
See you soon! <3
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>> No. 76491
<3 looking forward to posting. Last week was forum week, but you didn't post so maybe post on the forum today if you want?
>> No. 76492
Ya it's forum week ;D
>> No. 76493
Last week was forum week but you didn't post so it's up to you really, I don't mind either choice. Talk to you soon!
>> No. 76494
Hydra filling out the subject field all the time is cute :3
>> No. 76495

here's the thread for today <3
>> No. 76496
I have a habit of naming things
>> No. 76497
thanks Catie
>> No. 76498
It's chan week, not forum, regardless if it was missed last week.
>> No. 76499
File 143355363068.jpg - (96.05KB , 453x599 , image.jpg )
>implying consistency exists in catiechanland
>> No. 76500
Obviously not, my friend. Obviously people who time coming here and when they post doesn't matter because it can be all up in the air at any moment.
>> No. 76501
unpredictability is her responsibility, bb
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