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Boxxosphere SpreadShirt Store

File 143233124545.gif - (0.97MB , 500x243 , Bunny-running-around-on-bed.gif )
76320 No. 76320
Hey guys, I've officially started moving!!!11o2
So posting will be at 8:00pm PST tonight. I know that's a pretty shitty time for some of you but I'm afraid it's the best I can do.

I love you all, see you then!
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>> No. 76321
Wow! I hope your moving goes as smoothly as possible :) And I'm so glad you found somewhere!

See you at 20:00 CWT, Cap'n. *Salutes*
>> No. 76322
That's awesome Catie <3 I'm glad you found a new place, and started moving. See you at 8 <3 That's a great time for posting
>> No. 76323
see you soon catie!
>> No. 76325
File 143233206870.jpg - (75.25KB , 500x577 , stufen katze cat apartment.jpg )
oooh wow congratulations! :D
Good luck moving, I'm not sure I will be here.
If not I wish you a fantastic day. :)

I hope you listened to todd before choosing a new apartment :p
>> No. 76326
Moving means NEW VIDEOS!!!!?
:0 :D :o
>> No. 76327
I know it freaked me out too
>> No. 76328
I'm so tired, I don't know if I can stay awake, I hope so :D
>> No. 76329
File 143234502316.jpg - (71.07KB , 500x375 , i love my job.jpg )
Moving Day Logistics:

Pack the bed last and it will be the first thing off the truck.
This will guarantee a comfortable place to sleep after a long day of moving.
>> No. 76330
File 143234788947.jpg - (168.56KB , 1161x897 , Internet-Goddess-Tournament-2015-Round-2.jpg )
While we're waiting for Catie to come on here:

Oh lookie what's happening here.

The internet goddess award thing has finally resumed with round 2. (a few days ago I think)
In this round it is Catie vs Brizzy.

Catie is currently winning 34 votes to 1.

Place your votes:
>> No. 76331

Poor Brizzy XD
>> No. 76332
thanks dave
>> No. 76333
The 2nd half of round 1 was quite pathetic. The polls were up for over 6 weeks and I think half of them had around 10 votes.
>> No. 76334
hey guys, howsa going?
I'm doing alright, v tired. BUT I MUST CONTINUE ONWARD cause exercise is good for you or some bullshit idk.

But before that I am excited to just chill for a bit and talk with y'all.
Yes, moving means new videos, but I probably won't be finished moving for a little bit. But as soon as I'm set up I'll get right to video making. <3
>> No. 76335
packin it up to watership down
>> No. 76336
Hi babe <3 I hopeee you get all moved and everything before vidcon
>> No. 76337
that's a good movie
>> No. 76338
Hey, Catie! Glad to see you're doing okay. Hopefully the move isn't taking too much of a toll on you. o:
>> No. 76339
Hey catie!
>> No. 76340
Hi Catie. It feels like forever since you last chatted with us. Man, moving sucks. I have to help my brother move in a few weeks. This will be the 4th time in about 5 years.

I'm sick...again. Hurts a ton when I cough. I might be dying.

So I see you took my advice and are moving to L.A. to live with Brizzy. You must be pretty excited.
>> No. 76341
just rest and don't work out if you're so tired
>> No. 76342
Hey, Catie! I hope packing isn't too draining.

Btw it was my birthday on Wednesday! :D

>packin it up to watership down

Now, that is a good film! I wonder if Catie's seen it?
>> No. 76343
someone got her that movie on dvd :p
>> No. 76344
Hello lovely Catie!
>> No. 76345
Catie and Brizzy are going to live together :O
>> No. 76346
Hello Catie, I remember you mentioning something about moving awhile ago but the big day is finally here. I will keep you and your family in my thoughts. I know moving sucks but it usually means the start of something new and exciting, I can't wait to see what the future has in store for you :3
I guess I should talk about myself now...right? I have been doing well, still on cloud nine over the fact that I will finally be able to go to VidCon this year. I am also excited that I have a three day weekend cause of memorial day.
>> No. 76347
I want to see you at vidcon
>> No. 76348
fanon sent me that movie a long time ago because I hadn't seen it. it's quite good.

Yes, I certainly shall. :p

I mean obviously no one likes moving but oh well, so it goes.


But I just chatted on Monday. o:
Yes, moving is no fun, but it's a part of life, I suppose. Also it's rather exciting to get a change of scenery.

Haha, no, not moving to LA yet. :p
I'm sorry you're not feeling well, please get well soon! Coughs fucking suuuuck.

sometimes you have to work out even if you're tired. If I didn't work out every time I didn't feel like it I imagine I wouldn't work out much at all. But exercise helps me feel healthy, energetic, and good about myself.

>> No. 76349
Yay! New vidz! So happy/excited! ILYSFM!!!!!! XD XD XD

Hey! Have you been keeping up with mlp!? XD I liked the last episode. Discord is always funny. Maud is my favorite, but I would've liked to see more of her. Lol! XD

I'm moving to Austin very soon! XD I'm sort of excited, but I'm kinda waiting to be FULLY excited until I actually get there! Ha! XP <333333333

Hey. Did you see the list of Netflix titles leaving in June!? I highly recommend Silence of the Lambs if you haven't already seen it! XD
>> No. 76350
looks like I'm still awake and here :D
How was moving? I hope everything went well. I know how hectic that can be.
My parents divorced a year ago and we sold our house. I live in an apartment with my mom now.
It was such a hard time to get EVERYTHING out of the old house. It had 2 floors and a basement + a big summer house full of stuff.
Took us 2 full days to get everything out. Good some friends helped us. ^^
>> No. 76351
I got sawdust in my mouth, bleh
>> No. 76352
>exercise helps me feel healthy, energetic, and good about myself.

that's good. Cause you're already hot af
>> No. 76353
Hi Catie! <3

This time you're posting works out great for me. I'm enjoying my Friday, relaxing at home while my roommate is at work.

sucks you have to move; I never enjoy doing that. But I hope it is a move up for you, I know your current place is really small.
>> No. 76354
Catie I like your twitter header
>> No. 76355
I getcha. I've moved quite a bit in my life, I think like 5 times. How's life? How's the family?
>> No. 76356
Did you get sniffly at the "Bright Eyes" song?
>> No. 76357
File 143235076783.jpg - (70.43KB , 1280x720 , maxresdefault.jpg )
catie, did u know that in borderlands there's a gun called the Boxxy gun :o
>> No. 76358
yeah, I like it cause it's edgy (as far as Disney goes) found it on a similarity kick from Nimh
>> No. 76359

Aww, Catie! Thanks! <3 I think I may have to admit I teared up a little reading that :,) God, I'm such a softy!

Ahem, moving swiftly on, a random question just sprung to mind: Those selfies you post on Twitter these days look so professional - is there a specific place you go to to take them?
>> No. 76360
dood, why didn't you tell me you had luigi's mansion for the gamecube the first time I asked you! This demands further investigation! :p
all kidding aside, have you ever passed luigi's mansion. I got to the final boss and then quit for some reason (not because he was too difficult either) I would recommend the sequel Luigi's mansion: dark moon (which is amazing) but it is only for the 3ds and you don't have one :'(
>> No. 76361
Catie do you have any plans for memorial day weekend? Are you going to have some hotdogs with mayonnaise?
>> No. 76362
Happy Birthday Chewie!
>> No. 76363
Hello lovely Hydra! Thank you for letting me use your drawing as my header!

that would be so awks considering she has a boyf she lives with

YES I am SO THRILLED to see you at VidCon this year! <333 Can't wait! I'm also excited cause I'm not doing any panels or signings or anything-- which is always fun, but doesn't leave much time for just chilling. Just chilling is my favorite thing to do.

I have been keeping up with the pones. I liked the last episode alright. The plot was pretty paper thin, but it had LOADS of other stuff to enjoy. Including Maud's amazing joke which marks the SECOND time I have actually laughed out loud this season (which is a lot).

I can't even imagine what it takes to move somewhere far away like that. Good luck! <3333

Oh! and Silence of the Lambs is one of my most favorite movies. :3

I will be moving for quite a bit more than two days, I'm afraid. .__. But it's exciting, and will be worth it, I imagine.

that sounds so... awful. D:

It is! It's rather large, actually. I'm a little concerned about there being an echo. It's a lofty sort of thing. Oh well, microphones!
>> No. 76364
If Boxxy doesn't have a last name already she could be Boxxy Gunn
>> No. 76365
>Did you get sniffly at the "Bright Eyes" song?

I know this is directed at Catie, but... I certainly did.

Still do. Urgh, the feels!

You know, for a U-rated movie, it's quite dark.
>> No. 76366
Ah damn my Internet went out :p have to use my phone
I'm also moving in a few months
>> No. 76367
Hi Catie!

I forgot about Monday and missed it. :(
I think I was going to mention something but I forgot what it might have been. I now have Vidcon tickets and soon will be purchasing our plane tickets.

I don't think my family is going to Canada, though. :( My mom heard back from whomever handles citizenship matters and they have no record of her becoming a citizen of the US. They said that becoming a citizen was different back then(the 70s when she was adopted) and my mom's adoptive parents were supposed to do something that apparently they didn't do and that when my mother married my father it was his responsibility to make sure she was a citizen. I don't know much about it, we just found that out today but it sounds like a bunch of BS.
>> No. 76368
SotL fun fact: fava beans, chianti, and liver is a joke -those are all things that interact poorly with antipsychotic meds
>> No. 76369
>But I just chatted on Monday. o:
Thus making what I said a joke.

>Coughs fucking suuuuck.
I probably wont die, but if you stop hearing from me (at any time) without me having said a final goodbye, please assume that I died. I've told my sister to let you and a friend of mine, that lives in California also, know if I were to die. Otherwise, you 2 would never know.
>> No. 76370
I used to watch the movie when I was a kid and I thought that's what the movie was called. I would tell my mom i want to watch that bright eyes movie
>> No. 76371
>It is! It's rather large, actually. I'm a little concerned about there being an echo. It's a lofty sort of thing. Oh well, microphones!
Too large is a good problem to have. Just be ready for a larger air conditioning bill.
>> No. 76372
File 143235125592.png - (71.61KB , 196x198 , hawtaf.png )
thank u
>> No. 76373
As far as I'm concerned you may do whatever you like with the drawings I have done of you. They're yours.
>> No. 76374
It's a bummer you didn't move to L.A....It's waay cheaper. Then again the weather in sf is beautiful...beyond words...
>> No. 76375
that filename lol :D
not only are you hot af but you're smart and cool too babe
>> No. 76376
Wow so what do you plan to do at vidcon? We should definitely have a meetup like you did last year and maybe even a small party/get together would be nice to talk to fellow fans and you..just chillin, chillin like Matt Dillion on penicillin
>> No. 76377
The fuck Catie, I am awake at 5 am just for you and you post this. Classic Catie.
How are you? I've been 2 days at friends flat - long story short - everything was good, but now everyone hates me.
When you'll post some photos of your new flat? You'll live in SF?
>> No. 76378
Catie what's best for seafood? tartar sauce or cocktail sauce? this is serious business
>> No. 76379
thanks! Well, I don't have a lot of stuff (I'll probably be leaving most of my books here, lol), and it's just me, and the place is already furnished, so I probably won't have to take much stuff, so I might be able to just for it all into my car. Lol XD
>> No. 76380
>> No. 76381
HHNNNGGGGG mai heart
>> No. 76382
Catie are you moving with your mom and sister? or getting your own place?
>> No. 76383

>> No. 76384
who's your favorite princess ~plottwist~ in adventure time?
>> No. 76385
>> No. 76386
it's the babe! :O
>> No. 76387
it's good, hectic but good. the family is all very well, thank you.

a coincidence, I assume.

It's not Disney tho O:

I'm afraid I don't recall. o:

I haven't played it much.
it's v hard for me u_u

no worries m'love. <3 i hope it was a good one!
It's jux a white wall. :p

i can't fucking imagine navigating the chan on a phone holy shit

Well I'm thrilled you're coming to VidCon! but that shit about your mom not being a citizen sounds like, as you said, a bunch of bullshit. I'm really sorry, I hope you all get to go someday. :c


pls excuse my dum

also pls don't die i would be v sad if that happened

>air conditioning
>san francisco

aww, well thanks Hydra! They're always so wonderful idk if I'd ever feel right just doing as I please. So you can expect me asking permission if I do anything else. But I appreciate your kindness. <3
>> No. 76388
>So I see you took my advice and are moving to L.A. to live with Brizzy.
Is it true tho? FUCK
>> No. 76389
Catie when are you going to do a photoshoot? It would be nice to get some high quality high resolution pics of you
>> No. 76390
Do you enjoy anti jokes? I feel like I've already asked you but I'm not sure /beard rub
What's red and bad for your teeth?
A brick
What's green and has wheels?
Grass, I lied about the wheels
How do you confuse a blonde?
Paint yourself green and throw forks at her.
A man walks into a bar.
His alcohol dependency is tearing his family apart
>> No. 76391
Hey. Gotta go rub my dad's feet. If I'm not back by the time you leave, well, bye! <3
Lol XP
>> No. 76392
also, idk if you saw, but I #ff'd you on twitter. Lol.....
>> No. 76393
Spoilers I guess for those that didn't see last weeks MLP. I don't know how to do spoiler tags on here.

That last MLP had a ton of references. I'm sure you noticed that Fluttershy's hair was done like Leia. During the stand up comedy routine, Discord was parodying Jerry Seinfeld and Gallagher. I'm not sure who the first parody was. Maybe Rodney Dangerfiedd? I also noticed a Metal Gear Solid reference when Discord was hiding in the box and he was wearing Jim Carrey's tux from Dumb and Dumber. Did you pick up on anything else?

New idea for aspin off show, Discord and Smooze's Excellent Adventures.
>> No. 76394
You got a Loft? Ooooh swankyyyy!Very Chic. is it big enough to drive a golf cart around in?
>> No. 76395
i swear to god y'all better appreciate the fuck out of this post it took forever to find this abomination in the sticky
it's perhaps the worst picture ever taken of me

It is way cheaper but I imagine I'll move there one day.

I will definitely do a meetup or two, so don't worry <3

I will live in SF but I don't know that I'll post pictures of it. Privacy and all that.

I prefer tartar out of those two o:
as I've gotten older I find that I don't really care for marinara type-things. I like tomatoes tho.

i have so many of them ;_;
so heavy

mah own place B3

>> No. 76396
Catie how do you feel about things like this? >>76313
>> No. 76397
>no worries m'love. <3 i hope it was a good one!

Yeah, it was pretty good. Kinda quiet, but then I never make a fuss of my birthday. Got a couple of cool PS3 games, namely Alien: Isolation. Holy shit, is it scary!! I'm almost afraid to start playing it XD

>It's jux a white wall. :p

Lol and here's me thinking you're going to some studio, or something
>> No. 76398
It's so hard .-. i suck at phones in the first place :v
>> No. 76399
Catie I appreciate the fuck out of everything you do, and bitch plz it's not the worst picture ever taken of you
>> No. 76400
Shitty Internet connection keeps trolling me.

Besides from moving, how was your week Catie? <3
And what is your new home sweet home like? We don't even know how your old apartment looked like. Maybe you could take some photos.
Just if you want of course. ^^

Argh Hydra has done what I've tried for years! That makes me jealous! >:O Na I'm not really angry, Hydra is the best artist I know of! <3
>> No. 76401
Oh since I just remembered, I drew you back in November and I tweeted it to you. Would you like me to mail the drawing to you?
>> No. 76402
File 143235253334.png - (1.17KB , 95x68 , ac.png )
Don't need air conditioning in the summer?
SF suddenly sounds like paradise.
>> No. 76403
Happy birthday, Chewie!

Hi Dave

I'm trying to start exercising. I haven't really exercised since I was in HS. :/

I'm hoping to start tanning so I don't burn when I go to vidcon. Problem is it has been cloudy lately making it chilly out, so hopefully the sun comes out soon so I can try to tan.

I wish I could move. I feel like the area I live doesn't have a lot of opportunities for me unless I want to work at a factory until I can retire which isn't what I want to do. TBH I don't really know what I want to do but I do know I like technology so I figure that is my best bet.

I remembered what I wanted to mention. I was watching the show "How do they do it?" and a factory from my town was featured in the episode(http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4150314/). It was really weird because I would have never thought my town would never be mentioned on tv except for in the new/weather.
>> No. 76404
pssh, those are Disney like the hunchback
>> No. 76405
>I will live in SF but I don't know that I'll post pictures of it. Privacy and all that. 
Yeah, I know, just asking. You'll live there alone, with friends or random strangers?
>> No. 76406
Since when you posted those pictures where you were dressed all grungey, it got me wondering... have you ever listened to grunge rock? It's pretty good I like nirvana, soundgarden, pearl jam, etc. you should check this song out I love this song http://youtu.be/T0_zzCLLRvE
>> No. 76407

idk bruh
doin mah best over here

You have asked, and I enjoy them quite thoroughly. Although I rarely come across it. o:

Bye! <333

Mmm, i think you covered it. My favorite was the D&D tux.

i imagine I could, if it was completely empty
>> No. 76408
i have so many of them ;_;
so heavy

I was about to say that I never got you any books, but I got you one :/
>> No. 76409
looka dem rosy cheeky cheeks!
>> No. 76410
I should've known; it's always the purple ones that are your favorite
>> No. 76411
I'm finally caught up with MLP, thanks to your link, Catie. I loved the latest episode, with Discord. Up until this episode, I thought Fluttershy was being played for a fool, like, Discord was only pretending to be friends because he had some ulterior motive. I think it's great that he was just jealous, instead of out-and-out evil. So I finally believe that he might actually be reformed.
>> No. 76412
File 143235273142.png - (909.65KB , 806x1080 , v1_000000b.png )
>It's jux a white wall. :p
That white wall makes it easy to shop you somewhere else ..like.. japan! for example. also it looks awesome.
>> No. 76413
>Gotta go rub my dad's feet.

>> No. 76414
Catie, m'lady. I would wear my fedora out tipping it at you.
>> No. 76415
I have to go! See you later catie and everyone else! <33
>> No. 76416
>mah own place B3
By yourself? What if it's haunted? You should never live on your own just in case the place is haunted. You'd want some backup.

Tyler Oakley was on the Ellen DeGeneres show yesterday. Will you be appearing on The Tonight Show soon?
>> No. 76417
>mah own place B3

that must be really expensive D:
>> No. 76418
>it's perhaps the worst picture ever taken of me
>> No. 76419

Oh, come on. No ghost would ever fuck with Catie. She's too badass!
>> No. 76420
The mini tails didn't last very long but they were very cute
>> No. 76421
Kevin did D:
>> No. 76422
i think they're funny :p

how u kno it scary if u not play? o:

I wouldn't tough it out if I were you. That shit sounds ridiculous.


nnnnnaaaaah, no photos. :p <3


Please do <3

there are like four days out of the year where San Francisco is uncomfortably hot. Even calling it uncomfortable is pushing it a bit.
Makes it hard to get a good tan, though. You gotta be committed.

You should definitely move, if you want to. Save up your monies. <3
trustory: SF is a good place to be if you're into tech.

I will have a roommate who is not a stranger. :p

i admit i don't listen to it a ton, but I can get down with some Nirvana.
listening to your song meow
>> No. 76423
That would be so awesum.
>> No. 76424

>> No. 76425
I appreciate the photographers use of the fish eye lense in combination with a close up.
furthermore, I agree with chew's last statement
>> No. 76426
I think the same. :)
>> No. 76427
before you leave, I'm am very happy for you and only wish the best as you move forward into the next chapter of your life :3 hope you have a great weekend, I wish I could help you move :(
>> No. 76428
Alright, I will c: Is your P.O. Box still the same as it is on the forum? o: I'll send it as soon as I can.
>> No. 76429

I've never seen a bad pic of you
>> No. 76430
File 143235337238.jpg - (91.16KB , 768x1024 , BvH40HAIgAI-WU1_jpg large.jpg )
Back when you were doing that cool show Friendship is Recapped, had you started working on Pinkie Pride or did you know that Rarity Takes Manehattan was going to be the last one. Pinkie Pride was supposed to be the next episode you did.
>> No. 76431
Catie mad max or jurassic world? I want to see jurassic world
>> No. 76432
Soooooo true.
>> No. 76433
he would turn her light off D:
>> No. 76434
>how u kno it scary if u not play? o:

I've seen some Youtube videos. There's this youtuber known as 'The Mighty Jingles'. He's a retired member of the Royal Navy. He tried doing a let's play of Alien: Isolation... he found it so scary he couldn't finish it! It's what made me want to play it, actually. Apart from the fear aspect, it looks stunning. It's really faithful to the original Ridley Scott film.
>> No. 76435
>I will have a roommate who is not a stranger.

pocky? your old roommate from college? D:
>> No. 76436
Catie, what happened to Notsu, he sent you a message about ****************** and now he died.

What gives!?
>> No. 76437

Not exactly life threatening, though
>> No. 76438

yeah, I feel you. He has to be reformed though, cause he's by far the most popular villain the show has ever had and the only way to keep him in the show is to have him be good.
cause otherwise care bear stare

bye~ Thanks for hanging out! <3

Don't worry, ghosts are friendly. And also I have a roommate.
I imagine I won't be appearing on the Tonight Show any time soon.

lol, no, i don't. and that's okay. unflattering pictures happen :p

i imagine they'll make a comeback someday :3

she has a boyf she lives with
i don't think they're looking for roommates.
>> No. 76439
like anyone would want to hurt Catie
>> No. 76440
nnnnnaaaaah, no photos. :p <3
It was worth a try. You just don't want to show us that you are living in the batcave! I mean you are a Wayne.


But I really don't wanted to sound sad. :)
>> No. 76441

>> No. 76442
Brizzy has boyfriend? Damn, why I missed it?
>> No. 76443
File 143235387685.jpg - (114.31KB , 720x720 , z5ZnY2P.jpg )
>> No. 76444
is rice ok to eat? or is it fattening? What if I got a 10 pound bag of rice and ate that for a few days?
>> No. 76445
Brb gonna fap
>> No. 76446
>> No. 76447
>> No. 76448
thanks bb <3
i'll manage just fine :3

it is indeed <3333

We knew RTM was gonna be the last one :/
for FandomBeat, anyway. ;p

I am aware it's an unpopular opinion but I didn't like Mad Max.
Jurassic World doesn't look very good either but
Chris Pratt and Jurassic Park

well if you like getting spooked you should definitely play it :3

i'd like to keep that to myself, thank you. :3 <3

Excuse me?
Is this supposed to be a joke? Because it's not funny.

>> No. 76449
Will you be able to bring the kitten to your new place?
>> No. 76450
>I will have a roommate who is not a stranger. :p
uuuh sounds interesting.
I would love to live with 2 friends, the only problem is we would have to find another job. We live to far from each other. Maybe not that far for americans, but a german-far. :p

>lol, no, i don't. and that's okay.
>unflattering pictures happen :p
ok maybe you really don't look as good as on other pictures BUT I can still see the Catie in it and it' STILL beautiful <3
>> No. 76451
Too much of any simple carb (white rice, white bread, etc) is not so super duper for you. I would not recommend eating only rice for a few days. D:
>> No. 76452
I would love to live in SF. When I was there for BABScon it felt like a place I could call home. I would have to save a lot of money though.

I saw an Ad for http://www.appacademy.io/ online. I would have to do more research about them but if they are pretty legit then what they claim seems nice. I would have to have enough saved up to live off of until I got hired. Idk if I would be able to work since they expect you to be spending 90-100 hrs a week on avg involving the class. I mean I have a degree in computer programming but I am pretty sure since it isn't a Bachelors that it not worth much in terms of getting hired let alone not having a portfolio of software I've worked on(which that course would provide me with some).
>> No. 76453
Heuehuehe omg. how fucking dare you.

>I feel like nobody else is here from 2010

Catie, let's set sail upon our love ship. Destination love! Hoop hoop!
>> No. 76454
>well if you like getting spooked you should definitely play it :3

Oh, I intend to! Late at night. With the lights out.
I'm hardcore. :P
>> No. 76455
alright guys, I'm outta here. time for exercise, then din din, and then bed. byeee! i love you all so much~ <3
>> No. 76456
What did you think of spoonman? XD
>> No. 76457
>Don't worry, ghosts are friendly.
You guys are wrong! Ghosts are not friendly. This isn't some Harvey Comic with Casper. They will (at least attempt to) drag you to hell. Ghosts don't give a fuck who you are, especially if they are Demon Ghost Hell Clowns.
>> No. 76458
Alright, sweet! c: I could also probably do another drawing, or maybe even use my musical abilities and create a song for you to listen to. :3
>> No. 76459
I've never seen any of the mad max movies, but this surprises me. I would have thought you would really want to see Jurassic Park. I want to see pitch perfect 2, but I probably won't. it would be awkward for me
>> No. 76460
>Excuse me?
>Is this supposed to be a joke? Because it's not funny.

No? lol.. Notsu sent a message about some meetup and then he disappeared aka he never posted any longer.
>> No. 76461
See ya, Catie! Have an awesome weekend & good luck moving to your new place. :)
>> No. 76462
bye catie <3 thanks for everything
>> No. 76463
Bye Catie <3

Thank you for the chat

Bye everyone
>> No. 76465
shit xD

Have a nice day Catie and I hope your moving goes well and everything. <3 Have a wondeful weekend.
>> No. 76466
oh, best is your metric? i must've missed that episode, and it must've come after the episode where pb infiltrated the lava kingdom
>> No. 76467
Bye Catie. Enjoy din din and your weekend! Take care.
>> No. 76468
Well, that was really nice!
>> No. 76469
>> No. 76470
Aaaand, I failed
>> No. 76471
Aaaand, I failed D:
>> No. 76472
Oh wow, double post wtf
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