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File 143172705851.jpg - (127.71KB , 680x525 , image.jpg )
76284 No. 76284
Hi guys. I regret to inform you that I cannot post today. I simply have too much going on. I'm posting this on my phone while I'm out because I don't even know when I'll be back home. ;-;

But rather than wait a whole week I was thinking about posting on Monday at 3:30. How does that work for everyone? Let me know if Monday or Friday works better for you!

I love you all very much!
>> No. 76285
Monday at 3:30 would be fine Catie <3 good luck and I hopeee you get everything done and get to rest this weekend <3
>> No. 76286
Hey, Catie. Sorry you can't post today. Monday at 3:30 CWT should be ok for me, I think. :)
>> No. 76287
Monday is okay. Take care!
>> No. 76288
Hello Catie, sorry to hear that you are so busy, hopefully it is a good type of busy. Monday at 3:30 pst works for me.
>> No. 76289
Friday. Catie chats are a Friday sort of activity so i'd rather you wait.
>> No. 76290
Boo! Call the po-lice!

Your posting times are so erratic and ever changing.

This. Unless people are online 24/7 it's hard to check when you are going to post. Friday is fair for all.
>> No. 76291
Friday is easier for me :D
But well, if Monday works better for most people, it's ok :p
>> No. 76292
how about thrednesday?
>> No. 76293
Any day is good, but it has to be before 3 p.m. SF time.
>> No. 76294
Hey, I hope you had a nice weekend <3
I was away on the weekend and was very busy too.
Looks like I haven't missed it :D Today would be ok for me :)
>> No. 76295
oh forgot to fill in my name - pifroggi
>> No. 76296
Alright, the votes are in.
I'll be posting today (5/18/2015) at 3:30 pm PST.
See you then! <3
>> No. 76297
Nice :D
>> No. 76298

>> No. 76299
So in 3 hours 42 minutes, right?
>> No. 76300
yayyy! :D
See you <3
>> No. 76301
Awesome! I missed like, 3 posting days in a row.
>> No. 76302
See you than Catie <3
>> No. 76303
Is this forum week?
>> No. 76304
TFW you can't wait for it to be 3:30pm CWT because Catie will be the first non-miserable person I'll have spoken to all day.
>> No. 76305
I'm a non-miserable person
>> No. 76306
>> No. 76307
I cant read these captchas
>> No. 76308
neither can i.
>> No. 76309
really? I'm getting really easy ones lol
>> No. 76310
some of you pointed out that it's forum week,
so here's the thread:

>> No. 76311
<3 thanks Catie
>> No. 76312
Hey. Can't stay long. Or at all. Lol. But I just wanted to say that I went to a Lana Del Rey concert last week! It was magical! I almost cried at least a couple of times, and not (just) because I was there by myself! XP

She's, like, THE Queen! (there can be more than one THE Queen, right? Lol. I don't have to choose you or her, do I? Haha...
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