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File 14286770031.jpg - (182.92KB , 1377x1090 , Angry Fluttershy 001.jpg )
76085 No. 76085
Hey. I guess it's chan week? I'm not sure I'll be able to make it. :/ Anyway, idk if any of you have heard of Rebecca Martinson, aka "the deranged sorority girl." She wrote this really awful (and yet, somehow, also awesome) email to her sorority sisters and, like, got into trouble, whatever. But recently, she died her hair pink, so it sorta looks like Fluttershy. So I made this "angry Fluttershy" meme with quotes from her email. I thought it was kinda hilarious. :p

(possibly NSFW, lol)
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>> No. 76086
> I guess it's chan week?
Forum week it seems.
>> No. 76087
I'm sad because I wrote her a pm on the forum a few weeks ago and she's been on there twice since then and still hasn't read it
>> No. 76088
File 142907720924.gif - (1.44MB , 720x405 , __xXnegashyXx__.gif )

>> No. 76150
File 142931110499.png - (1.64MB , 1071x1085 , Screenshots_2015-04-17-16-50-07.png )
Original here
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