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Boxxosphere SpreadShirt Store

File 142083280561.jpg - (89.65KB , 768x1024 , 1418452812118.jpg )
76069 No. 76069
Catie, moot is being a sell out SJW please tell him to stop. I love you and I need your threads to not die. I hope youre lurking... I'm proud of you. And congratulations on your recent success. Please try notnto over work yourself even if it means making less content for us its better that you're happy. I hope that soon you'll have the tome to say hey to us. I hope that youre doing awesome. Just know that when youre happy we're happy. Be safe.
See you in my dreams, beautiful.
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>> No. 76070
>implying m00t is a sell out

he does it for the hot pockets
>> No. 76071
He just briefly talked about Catie in his final Q&A on 4chan.
>> No. 76072
>"Did you fug Boxxy?" #795

"No, I met her, so that's Catie Wayne. I met her and we hung out for like...it was 30 minutes or less. It was in California and I tweeted that I was at SoMa, which is in downtown San Francisco, and that I had time to kill. Then somebody basically tweeted at both of us and said "Oh my God, Boxxy's there, you should meet her", so we met up for a coffee at Oak street or something.

She's nice, she's actually super nice, but I felt very old because she was "memeing" me and I didn't know all the memes she was saying. But no, she was actually super nice. We took that photo and it broke the internet, or at least broke the 4chan internets for a day. That was a fun(ny) way to close that loop; (finally) meeting a meme legend."



He also mentioned her hours later when asked about Cracky, but it was about the same incident and only for a few seconds so I won't bother to go through all that footage to dig it up.
>> No. 76074
File 14221302805.png - (823.83KB , 794x1097 , 795.png )
>> No. 76075
  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b0QRnufms-0#t=39m27s- Moot says Boxxy is queen
>> No. 76076
File 142429509982.png - (39.10KB , 464x147 , Mootbox[1].png )
See >>108578

A short story:
1- Back in 2010, moot hanged out with Mallory Blair (a girl with pretty high connections).
Source: http://yourpalmal.com/post/1441428526/last-night-moot-i-went-as-moot-boxxy-babee
2- Back in 2011 moot joked that he hanged out with Boxxy. Pic related. Girl in pic was obviously not Boxxy, but nobody new who Mallory was.
3- Jump back to 2014. During the GamerGate threads, a rumour started in /pol/ that moot was dating Mallory and that she influenced him to stop the GamerGate threads. /pol/ made fun of moot that he was a cuck (because Mallory had a BF so they implied that moot had been friendzoned b Mallory)
4- moot abandoned 4chan's administration some months later, not before destroying /pol/ and making a wordfilter that changed cuck into cluck.
>> No. 76077
  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5d8Ij6dsMjA#t=52m25s- Queen of /b/, Chloe, Moot doesn't want to meet Boxxy in 2011.
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