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Boxxosphere SpreadShirt Store

File 142687982460.gif - (2.12MB , 480x270 , folding chair.gif )
75961 No. 75961
Hi guys!
I'm very sorry for the late notice-- but I'll be posting at 1:00 pm. So in approx 30 minutes. See you soon! <3
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>> No. 76012
That's so nice to hear!
the original plan was to go to america for a few weeks with 5 friends, but that got crushed very quickly cause we can't get vacation at the same time for so long this year.

So the question is if it's worth it to pay 1000€ for the flight just to stay a few days and that alone.
Well I have a new car now :D it's a pitty it can't drive trough the pacific ..for some reason. :c
>> No. 76013
Damn. I hate Mario Party 9. I think everyone did.

I know I had a bunch of stuff to ask, but now I'm drawing a blank. I write them down,but I'm not home.

I guess twitter advertised you in India and countries that speak Arabic. The majority of that massive jump of twitter followers fall into those 2 categories. Most of them also followed the same people before and after you.
>> No. 76014
>She moved kind of far away, so I don't think she's coming. :c

Damn, that's too bad, wish the best for her.

>I have to inject him with 100mls of water under his skin. Dx

sounds very stressful, thankfully my pets are doing better, but I know Todd will get better, I will keep you guys in my thoughts
>> No. 76015
File 142688374923.gif - (523.74KB , 245x245 , tumblr_ndlsfyL3HG1rshsako1_250_zpsipufmnug.gif )
Watching 23 on your 23rd, but not listening to 22 on your 22nd. #smh #disappointed
>> No. 76016
File 142688381716.jpg - (90.68KB , 723x1280 , eclipse1.jpg )
me and friend managed to watch it too for a bit, thats what we got to see in germany
>> No. 76017
i mean mostly mario party 10
that's awesome. :3 I hope you have a fantastic tiem.

I know. :c I'm sorry.


best moment of being 22 was getting to chill with sloths.
i'm pretty excited i guess. It's kind of far away though.

Wow! That's so great that you're coming to BABScon! I didn't really think any of my peeps were gonna come. :D
Yeah, please feel free to bring your present, that's really sweet.

Hello, welcome to the chan.
Yes, I am trying very hard to find a place to film. I can't just film in my room, because there simply isn't enough space. In fact, it's getting to the point where I just might move because it's not very practical to have two separate places that I pay for in SF. I'm working as hard as I can, even though I'm sure it may not seem like it, simply because of the lack of content. Please have patience, and faith that I'm doing my best.
>> No. 76018
Hi catie im obviously a little behind with all this but i remember that you were going to school and majoring in theater or something like that. Since you moved to cali have you been going to school? And if yes whats your major? Is it the same still?
>> No. 76019
>No I hadn't heard about it! O:
that sounds like an awesome project, please be sure to share it with me when it's done. <3

There's no guarantees it's gonna be any good. I should have lined the inside of the cereal packet with something smooth and shiny, and the grain of the cardboard made for very grainy images - but it should still be interesting. And yes of course I'll show it to you :) I'll tweet it!

Btw I'm soooo, so, so glad that Todd is ok! I felt awful joking about the pollen, though that was before I realised it was lilies he'd put his nose in. Did he get really ill? Can't believe you've got to inject him, as well. I'd hate that. I'm not a big fan of needles D:
>> No. 76020
Hey Catie! I hope your cat is doing well. He's a real cutie.

I just want you to know that whenever you favourite one of my tweets it fills my heart with warm joy.
>> No. 76021
Hello lovely Catie.
>> No. 76022
>me and friend managed to watch it too for a bit, thats what we got to see in germany

Hey, that's pretty cool! That's quite large in the viewfinder! What did you view it through?
>> No. 76023
I haven't listened to it yet, no!
I keep forgetting! Dx
I'm sure I'll listen to it soon though. :3

yeah, damn those automobiles and their inability to be submarines/boats!

wait wait wait
how do you know?
what's going on?
r u a wizard?

yeh, he's doing just fine. :3

not just on chan, but forum too. Hopefully, I won't have to do it often, but if I do, it means posting.
cause now there's a bunch of people on my twitter expecting a new video. ;_;

omg u lil bitch stop your fussing
>> No. 76024
also, i ended up staying home sick from work again today, I woke up with the most terrible migraine headache at 6 am and it's been killing me all day, it's almost 4 pm where I live right now. :(
anyways, how is Mario Party 10? Is there online multiplayer?
>> No. 76025
Hey Catie! This is the first time I've actually been here on time for this. How was your St Patrick's day? Good luck in finding a place to film, I love your vids:)
>> No. 76026
sounds fun darlin.
<3 stay brilliant babe.
>> No. 76027
File 142688433217.gif - (449.04KB , 253x344 , tumblr_n0zhyo5BY51ry6i0uo2_400_zpsxw7nhrlv.gif )
>omg u lil bitch stop your fussing
Oh yeah!? Well you don't get to use my SHITFUCK idea! Not until you apologize.
>> No. 76028
Hey Catie! Just wanted to stop by and say hello! I always seem to miss posting time now :(. I'm going over to a friends in a bit, so ye. Just wanted to say hello :P. Hope you have a good day!
>> No. 76029
>yeah, damn those automobiles and their inability to be submarines/boats!

and they say german cars are the best THEY CAN'T EVEN SWIM.
>> No. 76030
Hello, Catie, dear. Ilysfm! I missed you two or three weeks ago—whenever you posted for 2 hours, because I didn't check the forum on THURSDAY! haha. I was pretty bummed out, but it's ok now. Anyway, I'm glad your cat is doing better and all that stuff...

I know it's unlikely that you'd know anything about this, but I was wondering [if you knew] if Laina was gonna be involved in the Justin Bieber roast at all, since, you know, he's kinda the reason that she's "famous." LMAO... XP
-me <333333333333333333
>> No. 76031
>moved to cali
lul wut
i've lived in cali the majority of my life bro
I stopped going to school to work with Discovery, and I haven't gone back to school yet, no.

Don't feel bad about joking, no one knew any better (including myself!) I'm just glad one of my followers did. I got him to the vet pretty quickly, so he didn't get very sick. But he was in the hospital for 4 days because his kidney levels weren't stable. But they went down, and now he's fine. :3

haha, hello. <3
I'm glad to hear that. :p

hi bb
>> No. 76032
>I haven't listened to it yet, no!
>I keep forgetting! Dx
>I'm sure I'll listen to it soon though. :3
>keeps forgetting to listen to the best album on Earth atm
Catie, why are you doing this to me and Marina ;[
>cause now there's a bunch of people on my twitter expecting a new video. ;_;
Well, just tell them that the hype is real.
Also thanks for RT/favoring my tweets, makes me feel that I really have to use Twitter more.
>> No. 76033
Well, as long as no one is thinking you are now hammering down long pole in your garden ;)
>> No. 76034
File 142688466312.jpg - (50.32KB , 599x449 , Doge002.jpg )
Oh! shit! forgot to mention! I totally made a português version of the Doge meme! Haha. It was inspired by a comic strip in Portuguese about a lonely snail. Haha.
>> No. 76035
File 142688472529.jpg - (136.48KB , 1024x768 , Schwimmwagen_WP.jpg )
>yeah, damn those automobiles and their inability to be submarines/boats!

>and they say german cars are the best THEY CAN'T EVEN SWIM.

Pic related. And you said German cars can't swim! (This is a Schwimmwagon, the amphibious version of the Kubelwagon)
>> No. 76036
thx for op image *starwars hype* *pone hype*

anewhopee video hype eventually...
>> No. 76037
File 142688480775.png - (2.23MB , 1080x1920 , 2015-03-20 20_52_39.png )
it's a camera with extreme digital zoom ^^
>> No. 76038
It translates to something like, "what sad. Very loneliness. Wow."
>> No. 76039
Have you considered building a soundproof booth?
You set your lights and mic in the booth and your cam outside. that way you don't bother your room mate(s) and none of their noise gets in.
>> No. 76040
>r u a wizard?
I started laughing and as i said earlier, I'm not home. A little embarrassing with strangers around me.

Not a wizard. Very simple really. I just clicked on the tab for people following you. They all had a blue background and each one i clicked on either wrote in arabic or their profile said from India. Then i clicked on the people they follow and the majority of their last follows were the same people.

This is my last post so bye Catie. Have a great weekend. I'll have 3 weeks worth of questions to ask next week.
>> No. 76041
Are you letting your hair grow out? cause your hair looks much longer in the pic you tweeted out, in which, you look absolutely gorgeous :3
>> No. 76042
Lol sorry i guess im not th e most dedicated fan hehe anyway school is always great and helpful for any career path, and yea i understand how hard it is to go to school while being stupid buzy. Im moving to japan soon so im gonna start school online <(^_^<)
>> No. 76043
Quick drive by post to wish Catie a good day because I'll head to bed soon. (God damnit time zones)
>> No. 76044
>Don't feel bad about joking, no one knew any better (including myself!) I'm just glad one of my followers did. I got him to the vet pretty quickly, so he didn't get very sick. But he was in the hospital for 4 days because his kidney levels weren't stable. But they went down, and now he's fine. :3

Phew! Well, that's very lucky. It's funny, I knew lilies were poisonous to cats, but I'd convinced myself that the flowers in the picture weren't lilies, even though we had lilies in our lounge at the same time! Anyway, glad he's doing good :)
>> No. 76045
oh yea i remember those things xD kübelwagen is the correct word :p I need one of those!
>> No. 76046
>oh yea i remember those things xD kübelwagen is the correct word :p I need one of those!

Ohh, German spelling! Derp. Cool vehicles, aren't they? Crossing the Atlantic in one would be a hell of a feat. Probably impossible, actually! Could you imagine one in a force 10 storm with 70ft swells?!
The Americans had their own version, the amphibious Jeep. The Russians also built their own copy of the amph. Jeep, the GAZ-46.
>> No. 76047
Lol that fucking germans!
>> No. 76048
oh no i'm so sorry to hear that! :C
please feel better soon! be sure to drink lots and lots of water.
I'm not sure... I don't think so. but that'd be fucking sweeeeeeet.

how you been?

My St. Patricks day was fun, if not unconventional. Went bowling with some friends, and then went out for sushi. :p
Thanks, love! <3


aww, i'm really sorry! <333
maybe next time!
Thanks for stopping by!

those insolent FUCKS

that's a bummer about last week. :c
sorry you missed it. i did announce the week before that I would be announcing the post time a full day before hand. <333
if she is, she hasn't told me anything about it. that'd be so awesome though!

and yes no problem, you know i luh you :3

well pifroggi, it looks like you bought the wrong car

well, that'd be great and all, but space is still the main factor. :p

oh. well, that's neat i suppose.

mm, i'm not letting it grow out so much as I can't afford a haircut. :p when i can afford it, i think i'm going to cut it short again.
but in the meantime i'm doing my best with it. idk if you can really tell in the picture, but my hair is in baby pigtails.

there are all different kinds of lilies. so no worries. he's fine meow. <3
>> No. 76049
okay guys, it's time for me to really start my day. :3
see you next week on the forum! <333
i love you all!
>> No. 76050
School Isn't as good as experience but it's good to have the Diploma anyway.
I got diplomas from 2 different colleges.
>> No. 76051
Everytime this copycats!
I would say only a 1m wave would be enough make it sink.
Maybe, but just maybe the plane idea was better.
>> No. 76053
File 142688589725.gif - (1.99MB , 380x380 , tumblr_necrumjLfT1r097udo1_400.gif )
I'll sue you! I patented it! check the patent office bitch!
>> No. 76054

See ya, Catie! Have a fun day and enjoy your weekend! And of course, thanks so much for stopping by. You know we all appreciate it! Ciao! :) <3
>> No. 76055
Yeah, those long silences are pretty stressful.
>> No. 76056
Catie, if you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
>> No. 76057
Have a nice day and an awesome weekend! Bye and hopefully until next week. <3
>> No. 76058
Bye, Catie
>> No. 76078
How bout a date?
>> No. 76081
hi,why don't everybody have a boxxy shirt, they're so cool, i love mine prob way 2 much x)
>> No. 76082
I have some
>> No. 76083
File 142760365313.png - (3.32MB , 2529x1700 , shekels.png )
I have a few, but I would've bought more if the majority of the designs in the store weren't utter shite.
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