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Boxxosphere SpreadShirt Store

File 142559563920.jpg - (119.04KB , 800x644 , vtqWDB2.jpg )
75764 No. 75764
I'll be posting tomorrow at 10:00am PST.
I hope that works okay for everyone.
I love you much! See you tomorrow!

pic unrelated but holy fuck i love this cat. it's called a manul cat, i believe.
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>> No. 75765
thanks Catie <3
>> No. 75766
So it has a stick shift?
>> No. 75769
inb4 people see this and think she means saturday.
>> No. 75770
yay catie :3
>> No. 75771
File 142565333934.gif - (3.82MB , 400x335 , __xXfamiliarCatXx__.gif )
>> No. 75773
  Almost time for Catie.

Video unrelated but I suspect Catie might approve.
>> No. 75774
oh god I hope this doesn't happen. D:
I should have specified the date. Awh maaaan.
>> No. 75775
omg stahp i can't
>> No. 75776
If anyone is here, how is everyone doing?
>> No. 75777
HAI CATIE :3 I'm new here .-, but i love your videos :3
how are you?
>> No. 75778
Hello Catie! How have you been? How was your trip to Florida?
I have been okay, I had a rough week at work, I starting to feel like I'm catching something (I called in sick today)... ugh. Let's just say I'm happy its Friday and I'm here talking with you!
>> No. 75779
Yay! It's Cateh! Just got in from a brisk walk and I'm still out of breath. How are you?
>> No. 75780
File 142566499250.jpg - (12.94KB , 147x180 , 9io7iguh.jpg )
lol hi catie
>> No. 75781
*I am
>> No. 75782
hello catie. how have things been going for you lately?
>> No. 75783
File 14256650948.gif - (449.04KB , 253x344 , tumblr_n0zhyo5BY51ry6i0uo2_400_zpsxw7nhrlv.gif )
fanon said hes gonna be at work at this time. So I'm saying hi for him.
>> No. 75784
Hi catie
>> No. 75785
Welcome back!
>> No. 75786
never better

are you excited for 04/04?? do you know why 04/04 is exciting?
>> No. 75787
Catie, have you ever driven a manual transmission car?
>> No. 75788
sorry for small letter
>> No. 75789
FYI I am rolled up in my blanket like a burrito playing the legend of zelda: majora's mask on my 3ds and posting, gotta be the best way to spend a Friday
>> No. 75790
Someone is, I see. Metoo. Helloo! whassup?
>> No. 75791
have you ever driven a Manul?
>> No. 75792

>omg stahp i can't

There are no brakes on this crazy train.

I'm recovering from an injury, otherwise I'm doing fine. I hope you had a great time in Florida and avoided the lake of gators this time. (But if you did go back, a video about your adventures would be needed).
>> No. 75793
Hi Thibbers <3 Welcome. :3

Aww, I'm sorry to hear that. :c I've been fighting off some sort of weird cold/stomach bug thing as well. Planes; ick.
I hope you feel better soon! Florida was fun! I got to see all the people I met last time, and I got to go to Disney World.

I'm very good, planning on exercising once I'm finished posting. :3

hay betch

Hi! I feel like I haven't seen you in forever! How have you been? I've been good. (:

Well say hello to him for me. :3

of course I'm excited! The premier of MLP S5 is that day! And it's happening while BABScon is going on! :D

I have not. Although it's a skill I hope to acquire one day.
>> No. 75794
File 142566589558.jpg - (50.70KB , 1024x768 , 20150306_121519.jpg )
Hi Catie! I missed you posting last time. Busy schedules and such.

What do you think about YouTube spaces LA? I hadn't heard of it until Jessica Atkinson tweeted a picture of your image painted on the wall there.
Then I started looking into it.
It doesn't cost anything to use their studio space and equipment as long as you are a youtuber with 10k+ subscribers.
Sounds like something you should check out next time you're in LA.
>> No. 75795
File 14256659002.jpg - (1.18MB , 3472x2604 , 100_2109.jpg )
Hi Catie Ann. How's your week been? I'm doing okay. My cat is driving me nuts though. I mentioned a few weeks ago that he likes this prescription wet food after eating the same hard food for years. He wants this wet food constantly. He doesn't let up meowing. I can't give it to him all the time like he wants. How are your cats doing.
>> No. 75796
Have you or would you ever nasally irrigate?
>> No. 75797
Thank you :3 :3
>> No. 75798
Hi fanon! I almost missed your post!

it's pretty great, I imagine. Have you ever heard the creepy pasta that relates to Majora's Mask?
p.s. I too am rolled up in a blanket.

hello! <33 How is you? :3

I hope I get to see one in the wild/at a sanctuary someday. u wu
I'm sorry to hear you're recovering from an injury! I hope you feel better soon. :c
if you feel up to sharing what happened, please do. If it's too personal, I understand that too.
>> No. 75799
>weird cold/stomach bug
That's exactly what I have! sick buddies?
>> No. 75800
How was Florida, Catie? Didn't have a great week, last week - my brother found out he's being made redundant at work, and then Leonard Nimoy dies. Pretty crap, especially for my brother, what with a baby on the way :(
>> No. 75801
File 142566629377.jpg - (404.45KB , 2408x3448 , KAGzx.jpg )
Hey bitch. Bout to go to lunch. Think I'm going to Taco Bell ;) So I'll talk to you later I guess.
>> No. 75802
Wish I could go to BABSCon. It has an awesome guest list (pic related). I'll be attending Anime Boston that same weekend. Guest list not that impressive.
>> No. 75803
dood, driving manual is so much fun! I had a 1986 Pontiac Firebird (I think I have some pictures on my old computer) and it kicked so much ass.
I bet you would catch on quick in regards to learning how to drive a manual transmission car, I learned in about 3 days if I remember correctly.
>> No. 75804
File 142566643872.jpg - (203.10KB , 600x380 , babscon-community-guests-2015-600px.jpg )
I said pic related and there's no pic. Damn captcha.
>> No. 75805
Me is tired, but happy. Weekend has landed, and it's in the building. I'm looking towards sky and gulping rains of freedom.
>> No. 75806
OMG I love driving a manual car! Besides, there's more you can do with a manual gearbox, like using engine braking on hills
>> No. 75807
Haha, yes indeed. I've heard of it, but I've never visited.
Apparently there's a whole Boxxy room, where that one image is on the walls all over.

Catie Ann
lul wut

Just make sure you establish a schedule, and he'll get used to it.
My cats are doing much better. It turned out that Todd had TAPEWORM! DDDDx
It was really gross. He got it from the shelter he was staying in before. Fun fact for all cat owners: if you see little grains of rice by their butt, get them to the vet asap.
Tapeworm is v sneaky.
But we got him medication and he's much better now. :3

no, that sounds awful and I feel awful for people who have to.
>> No. 75808
Have you seen this?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wPd0MumNLbg
>> No. 75809
No I have not heard of the creepy pasta for Majora's Mask. My brother was telling me how the whole game is dark cause it is implied that link dies in the beginning and since you only have 3 days to complete the game and you keep rewinding time it is a version of link's hell or purgatory.
I will look up the creepy pasta later tho.
>> No. 75810
it seems like literally every person around me has been sick, and i've miraculously managed to avoid whatever is going around.

yeah, it has been quite a long time. I've been insanely super busy with graduate applications and my last two undergraduate semesters in addition to work. I've been doing well, though, apart from missing sleep due to projects/homework. I got accepted into a PhD program at the university of washington, so that's cool. I'm definitely looking forward to a break after graduating in may and vidcon this summer, of course.

do you think you'll be going to disney day this year at vidcon? I'm still trying to decide if I should leave on sunday or monday.

captcha: imath
...yes, yes i do

>> No. 75811
No I have not heard of the creepy pasta for Majora's Mask. My brother was telling me how the whole game is dark cause it is implied that link dies in the beginning and since you only have 3 days to complete the game and you keep rewinding time it is a version of link's hell or purgatory.
I will look up the creepy pasta later tho.
ps. lol
>> No. 75812
YUM have fun :3 <333

of course!

Florida was great! loads of fun. :3
I'm sorry to hear you and your family didn't have a good week. Yes, shame indeed about Nimoy. For the first time I am compelled to watch a bit of Trek.
That's also too bad about your brother's job! :c I hope he finds a new, better job soon!

Pahahah, the pic is funny. But yes, there is a lot of people there that I want to meet as well. :3
Are you gonna be able to make it to VidCon this year?

I'm not as confident as you about that. I'm mildly clumsy, and I'm afraid that's all you need to be to ruin a manual car. You only need to fuck up a few times.

oh, and it was raining in Florida, so no gator adventures for me. :p

I totally feel you. <3
>> No. 75813

I'd like to say I got my injury in the Middle East from fighting ISIS rambo style, but in reality I got my injury from walking too much during my recent vacation in Reno. I inflamed the tendons in my both of my feet. At first I thought I had somehow broken my feet, since it felt painful to use either foot, but thankfully my bones are fine. Hopefully I'll be back on my feet soon.
>> No. 75814
Great news Catie! I can finally start to save up for VidCon, hopefully I can save up enough in time or the tickets don't sell out. I can't wait to see you if I do go!
>> No. 75815
who created the chin scar limbo cartoon from your story? That's really well drawn action!
>> No. 75816
>Catie Ann
>lul wut

Your mom once told someone on twitter, might have been Jelly, that your middle name was Ann, hence Catie Ann.

My middle name is José. I dislike that name. Far too common and just don't like the way it sounds. It's my dad's name. I also dislike the practice of naming your children after yourself. He wanted that as my first name, but mom refused so it wound up as my middle name.
>> No. 75817
I gotta get to bed. Gnight Catie see you next time :3 <3
>> No. 75818
so you're doubly exited; babscon and premier, what a trip that must be.
I will be cozy in imageboards on those days. i'm excited for the community to get hype
>> No. 75819
Oh, almost forgot Catie, how often do you check your P.O. Box?
>> No. 75820
>Florida was great! loads of fun. :3
I'm sorry to hear you and your family didn't have a good week. Yes, shame indeed about Nimoy. For the first time I am compelled to watch a bit of Trek.
That's also too bad about your brother's job! :c I hope he finds a new, better job soon!

The circumstances about my brother's job are also really infuriating - there was a bit of a shake-up at his place of work, and his job with being combined with several others. Only he and one other random woman with NO experience in is field of work (facilities management), yet it was she who got the job. He's been totally shafted. But, I do think he should treat it as an opportunity, and I think it'll lead to a better job.
One a more positive note, my mum's well on here way to recovery with her ankle. She had her cast off a few weeks ago and she's now hobbling around with a special boot on. She no longer suffers the indignity of going upstairs on her bum lol.
Also, yes you must watch some Star Trek. I just know you'll love it. Really, take a look at some Original Series as well as some Next Generation (you can't beat a bit of Picard ;))
>> No. 75821
Have you any awesome stories and pictures from your Florida trip?
>> No. 75822
I hadn't, that was really awesome! Thanks for sharing. :3

it's pretty sppoooooooky.

Wow! Congrats on all that! That's amazing! So proud of you. :3
Euuughhh, I'm not sure if I'll be doing Disney Day or not. I've been to Disneyland a few times in my adulthood, and I'm not sure if I'm the Disneyland type. I always wish there were more roller coaster type rides. But I might go anyway. If you've never been to Disney, you should definitely do Disney Day. :3

Oh dear! Well get better soon. <3
I hope you had a fun trip anyway.

I really hope you get to come this year!

I don't have a definitive answer for you. Whoever drew it did so a loooong time ago, and has since left the sphere, I believe.

I see, well I would prefer if you didn't use my middle name in the future, if you don't mind. xD
was this interaction with jelly on twitter a recent occurrence? or did it happen a while ago?

goodnight. <3
>> No. 75823
tendons are the worst, man. it seems like the only significant health issues i ever have are with tendons.

pretty sure that was moldycoffeemug from the forum.
>> No. 75824
  Catie, what are some songs that never fail to put you in a good mood, even when you're feeling down? One of mine has to be Boston's "Peace of Mind", have you ever heard it?
>> No. 75825
The hype is pretty real at this point.

About once a month.

Good luck to your brother on his job searching endeavors! I bet he'll do great and find a wonderful job! :3
I'm so glad to hear your mother is doing better!

Mm, not really.
Disney was fun. Lots of people recognized Adande, but a couple recognized me as well. :3
One "cast member" recognized Adande, so she let us go on a ride twice!
>> No. 75826
Duuuuuude! TUUUUNNEEE!

I understand about indecision
But I don't care if I get behind
People living in competition
All I want is to have my peace of mind

>> No. 75827
Hey Catie! :)

Sorry I soooo late, I couldn't make it earlier today, I had to work until now.

I have a little story to tell you, it's called "I had a car once"

Last Thuesday, while if came back from work, like 100 meters in front of my home someone RAMMED me. -.-
A Businessman with his super expensive 3 month old car drove into me with 70km/h (around 40mph) while I slowed down in order to turn left into another street.

The result is my neck hurts and my car is a total loss..
And after all somehow I got sick a day after.

The good thing is I got a few days off from work and I get the money for the car and a rental car for 2 weeks.
Good there are insurances.

And Leonard Nimoy died. D:

Too much bad things happened!
So that was my week. How was yours?
>> No. 75828
Oh you're right! Wow, I had totally forgotten their username.

I haven't, I'll give it a listen in a little bit. (:
Mika - We Are Golden
is a pretty magnificent song. Always puts me in a pretty great mood.
>> No. 75829
I heard that no one leaves the sphere completely, though. ;)
>> No. 75830
>Pahahah, the pic is funny. But yes, there is a >lot of people there that I want to meet as >well. :3
>Are you gonna be able to make it to VidCon >this year?

I do know some of those other community guests, but the only one I might have any interest in meeting are Rina-chan. Maybe Dustykatt. I saw that Rina-chan wants to meet you. Even better, Sweetie Belle contacted you. That must have been cool. I knew who she was because I'm a fan of her father, Ian James Corlett. He's been voice acting for a long time now. I'm calling it right now. Sweetie Belle (I don't remember her real name now) is going to help you get a guest star role in MLP season 5.

I'm pretty sure I wont be able to make it to Vidcon. Don't have the money for it. You should come to Boston. We'll go check out the Newsies Muscial.
>> No. 75831
brb guys--
just gonna make myself a quick breakfast, and then I'll be back!
>> No. 75832
"You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave."
>> No. 75833
well, you better go check it asap *tries not to look suspicious*
>> No. 75834
Insert your favorite intermission music here.
>> No. 75835
Bon appetite.
>> No. 75836
>was this interaction with jelly on twitter a >recent occurrence? or did it happen a while >ago?
I saw it recently, but the conversation was from over a year ago.
>> No. 75837
>Insert your favorite intermission music here.

Thy will be done
>> No. 75838
File 142566892938.jpg - (254.37KB , 558x593 , home made 3d copy.jpg )
It works pretty well.
>> No. 75839
oh ffs fucking youtube. video refuses to work and the chan won't let me re-post it

>> No. 75840
Okay hi I'm back!

Oh dear! I'm sorry to hear all that... at least the guy who hit you was honorable enough to pay for your car and stuff!
My week was pretty good.

So they say. :p

Haha, well Season 5 is already all done. But that'd be neat.
It was totally awesome to be contacted by Claire! She's such a peach!

ahaha, awww. <3 okay, will do. :3

Ah, I see.
>> No. 75841
use tiny link
>> No. 75842
thanks. i'd probably feel the same about the roller coaster rides. i've been to disneyworld, but not disneyland. how do they compare?

obligatory "what's for breakfast"?
>> No. 75843
tiny link?
>> No. 75844
i meant short link http://tinylink.net/
>> No. 75845

You have to use tinylink??? Why can't you just embed directly from youtube???
>> No. 75846
They're about the same, actually. Granted I only went for a couple of hours to DisneyWorld but they have the "Rockin' Rollercoaster" which is one more roller coaster than Disneyland has. Both have Star Tours, both have Hollywood Tower of Terror. SPEAKING OF STAR TOURS I got to be the rebel spy that Darth was looking for so that was awesome. :3
Breakfast is plain greek yogurt and various nuts and seeds and some honey.

you might have used the wrong code. D:
>> No. 75847
I thought that you can't post your video because you post the same link to the video 2 times and chan refuse it, well now i'm not sure about this.
>> No. 75848
what songs do you listen to when you're angry? I listen to rage against the machine mostly
>> No. 75849
I'd like to reiterate how amazing the Parks and Rec series finale was. I wish other series would treat their finales like that.

Nick Offerman (Ron Swanson) has a comedy special on Netflix. It's called Nick Offerman: American Ham. I thought it was pretty funny. Nick and Ron are a lot alike. They even got married to the same person. Nick is married to Megan Mullaly, who plays Ron's ex-wife Tammy II.
>> No. 75850
>Oh dear! I'm sorry to hear all that... at least the guy who hit you was honorable enough to pay for your car and stuff!
My week was pretty good.

I'm glad to hear your week was good! :)
I'm pretty sure he did it not voluntarily.. ^^
but he had to do it.

After all I need a new car now.
And it's SO HARD TO FIND ONE. I mean a good one. For not so much money.
>> No. 75851
Disney"retires" old rides. Wouldn't it be neat to buys some of their old ride props? You could buy one of the old 20,000 leagues subs and convert it into a camper trailer.
>> No. 75852
I don't really listen to music when I'm angry. If I'm so angry that I can't calm myself down enough to sort out the problem in a productive way I'm usually screaming into a pillow. xD
That doesn't happen too terribly often though.

Ah mann, so wonky sometimes.
>> No. 75853
Catie post a timestamp.Have you ever did this on this chan xdd
>> No. 75854
So, what's for breakfast, Catie? We've just had our tea: Cheese, bread and wine :)
>> No. 75855
at least some milk was used! Yay! Imma sleep soon, had to lay down.
>> No. 75856
Catie, have you ever seen Nacho Libre? If you have, what do you think about it? It has to be in my top 10 for me, it's so stupid it's funny.
>> No. 75857
You actually do that? Scream into pillows?
I want you as a pet!
>> No. 75858
I've seen it! I loved it so much, it's a really special, well, special. I agree that Ron and Nick have some things in common, which I think is the joke. But he has plenty differences from Ron which make him way more likable as a real life person. (:

Haha, I know he didn't do it voluntarily, but at least he didn't drive away before you could exchange information. I've known people that that happened to.

I imagine that would be pretty neat. :3
>> No. 75859
File 142566997378.jpg - (2.45MB , 3264x5226 , ZGQtFeF.jpg )
Hey I'm back. Didn't read the rest of the posts, but whatcha up to this weekend?
>> No. 75860
In round 2 of the Internet Goddess Tournament you'll be facing your rival Brizzy Voices. You'll finally be able to destroy her!
>> No. 75861
What? You want me to post a timestamp?
Uhh, well that's not happening, seeing as I rolled out of bed to post. But yes, I've done it before. It's kind of silly, really.

oho~ so classy.
My breakfast was some greek yogurt with various nuts and seeds and a little bit of dark honey. :3

Well thank you for stopping by. :3
I hope you sleep well. <3

I've seen it once or twice I believe. It didn't put a lasting impression on me. A wonderful Jack Black movie I suggest you check out is "Bernie"
ITS SO GOOOOOD and not at all like his other movies. Er... not to suggest his other movies aren't good, just good in a different way I suppose.

Excuse you I am a human.
Screaming into pillows is quite an effective way of releasing anger. Working out is great too, I tend to do both.
>> No. 75862
adventurers' food. but then, I wouldn't have thought of you as the sort that likes rollercoasters.
>> No. 75863

Oh, no! Not Brizzy!? I'll be torn, now

No, I won't, heh :P Brizzy doesn't stand a chance!
>> No. 75864
Fight to the death, spock and kirk style.
>> No. 75865
>at least he didn't drive away before you could exchange information.

Yep he was a relatively nice guy I think. But that crash was such a shock! I don't looked in the rear mirror, standing there.. waiting for cars to drive by so I can turn left and then BAM!

I came from work and wanted to sleep, but my plans changed. ^^
>> No. 75866
>oho~ so classy.
My breakfast was some greek yogurt with various nuts and seeds and a little bit of dark honey. :3

Haha we like to go rustic, from time to time XD
Seriously though, that's a really healthy breakfast, Catie! I love Greek yoghurt and honey. Certainly puts my usual bowl of cereal and a brew to shame :/
>> No. 75867
none of your fUCKING BUSINESS
just kidding
taking a little road trip down to sac to say hi to some fwends.

yes, my rival
dat bitch

aw i miss her
that's interesting. I enjoy most adventurous things.
>> No. 75868
File 142567056642.gif - (721.85KB , 245x315 , tumblr_nffjlxfAQt1r7nts4o1_250_zpsj1nlhks8.gif )
Will the real Catie Wayne please stand up?
>> No. 75869
Excuse you I am a human.
Screaming into pillows is quite an effective way of releasing anger. Working out is great too, I tend to do both.


>> No. 75870
File 142567083946.jpg - (81.54KB , 626x329 , urape captcha.jpg )
Spock and Kirk style? They fight to the death at some point?

Damn captchas. Pic related.
>> No. 75871
I like Launched Coaster the most. But really high ones are not really something for me, I don't like the fall feeling.
>> No. 75872

Hahahaha OMG that is so wrong. Bad captcha! Naughty captcha! Go sit in the corner! *Waggles finger*
>> No. 75873
File 142567103373.png - (281.16KB , 391x591 , B9X_X6ACcAESzrQ.png )
Why don't you take a lil road trip to Maryland to see some friends? #bitch
>> No. 75874
no please not the FINGER! :O
>> No. 75875
well i certainly try to be as healthy as i can. :3
you have coffee with your cereal?
I don't like coffee in general, but that sounds like an especially icky combination.

ahahaha, yes indeed, that would be quite the sight.


but the falling sensation is the second best part! (first best part is going upside down)
>> No. 75876
yeah, i'm just filled to the brim with interesting thoughts; glad you noticed.
I guess pony loving thespian had overwritten exercise loving lifeguard in my mind or something
>> No. 75877
I have some errands to run so talk to you later loser :p Have a great weekend and thanks for everything.
>> No. 75878
Amok Time STOS!
>> No. 75879
>aw i miss her
You guys should totally move in together! And then you can make videos together! Like Smosh!
>> No. 75880

Well, since she'll be travelling eastward, she should also carry on and cross the Atlantic, methinks
>> No. 75881
No! Not for me. ^^ Well, for some reason I like it if a plane wobbles. xD But in Roller coasters I like the speed more.
>> No. 75882
  Guess what Catie, today is the fourth anniversary of the opening of catiewayne.com! Catie's chan is 4 years old today. I hope you will celebrate with me.

Captcha: feeti

I think the chan is telling me something. Cheeky monkey.

P.S. For the person asking about the moldylunchboxx cartoon, I found the original post in the archive here:

>> No. 75883
lol ok be right ther

hahah, well i'm certainly more of the former than the latter. I'm not even a lifeguard anymore. :p

You have a good weekend too!
Enjoy your errands! and I hope you feel better!

haha, I don't think Ian and Anthony live together. :p

i could go for a swim.
>> No. 75884
>well i certainly try to be as healthy as i can. :3
you have coffee with your cereal?
I don't like coffee in general, but that sounds like an especially icky combination.

It depends. I don't have them both at the same time - I have the cereal first and then make a brew, because I can't stand letting a hot drink cool as I'm eating. Sometimes I have a fresh caffetière coffee (I love coffee and I accept nothing less!) or tea, usually Lapsang Souchong. My, it's smoky!
>> No. 75885
Sorry. I'm not a fan of the original series. I've seen some Next Generation, the Next Generation movies, and the 1st season of Voyager. Anytime I've seen stuff from the original, I find it boring.
>> No. 75886
i have to get to class now. bye catie, and everyone else. nice talking with you all again.
>> No. 75887
>i could go for a swim.

lol, you might make it in 400 hours at a good pace. Good exercise! XD
>> No. 75888
File 142567171849.png - (165.78KB , 349x476 , 6lYZZM6.png )
>lol ok be right ther
>> No. 75889

Aww, but come on, that Gorn fight, tho
>> No. 75890
I recommend to watch more voyager, it gets really interesting in the fourth season when "seven of nine" joined the crew in the episode scorpion.
>> No. 75891

Not 7 of 9

7 of MINE!!

Sorry, I just had to.
>> No. 75892
oh yeah, i'm sure you don't even remember how to play ers anymore
>> No. 75893
It's hilarious!
>> No. 75894
hahahah! That's so funny. Most people HATE turbulence.
Oh well, you do you, boo. :p

Whoa! No way! Happy birthday, little website!

Oh I see! Yes, that sounds much more normal.

Good luck! Not that you need it! It was lovely talking to you again! :3 <333
>> No. 75895
no need to excuse xD

or is it seven of NEIN!?
>> No. 75896
yeah, there were a couple of really good reasons to watch voyager.
>> No. 75897
Well my loves, I'm afraid my time is up!
I have some exercising to do, and then errands! <3
See you all next week, I hope this extra long posting made up for my booboo last week. u_u
Thank you all for being so great about that, by the way. I'm so lucky to have you! I love you all very much! Bye! <33
>> No. 75898
yeah, there were a couple of really good reasons to watch voyager.
>> No. 75899
>> No. 75900
Yea my parents hate turbulences too. xD And I'm like YEEEHA

Have a nice weekend, love you very much. <3
No problem with that last week byee
>> No. 75901
Goodbye Catie A....Catie. Thank you so much for posting today, especially for the long part. I enjoyed it very much. Have a great weekend. Say hi to your friends for me.
>> No. 75902

See ya, Catie! Thanks so much for spending so long with us and it's not like you HAD to post extra long with us, but it is very well appreciated. You're so good to us. We're lucky to have you, too. Enjoy your day and have a great weekend! :)
>> No. 75903
I loved the doctor! :o

But the most interesting series was Deep Space Nine for me. Watched it for 4 or 5 times now and it never gets old. ^^
>> No. 75904
>yeah, there were a couple of really good reasons to watch voyager.

I see what you did thar! XD

>no need to excuse xD

or is it seven of NEIN!?

You mean you would deny her?? :O
>> No. 75905
Don't know what you are referring to.

*shrugs shoulders*

I can't remember why I stopped watching it. I did enjoy it, but I'm not going back to it. No interest. Have too much other stuff to watch that I'm actually interested in.
>> No. 75906
>Don't know what you are referring to.

The worst (and therefore best) fight scene in television history XD
>> No. 75907
*sigh* fuck you, youtube

>> No. 75908
too bad, maybe someday :p

ok that maybe not.. what would Harry Kim say to this.
>> No. 75909
Haha. I started watching that same video even before you posted that link.

Didn't really think much of it. Yeah it sucked. That's it. I liked it more when that creature came out on Big Bang Theory.
>> No. 75910
The Doctor was my favorite character.
>> No. 75911
it's so good, it don't even have concurrence. xD
>> No. 75912
>ok that maybe not.. what would Harry Kim say to this.

Haha, oh Harry Kim... "You wish to copulate?" XD poor guy.

>it's so good, it don't even have concurrence. xD

Why is youtube being such a bitch to me, today?
>> No. 75913
hmm maybe you have done something to youtube or said something bad.
>> No. 75914

I have been nothing but nice to Youtube, but it insists on being an arsehole! I think it should apologise to me.
>> No. 75915
yea google should upload an apologize video
(super quick answer)
>> No. 75916
File 142568218970.jpg - (60.44KB , 540x792 , 10345769_960232277322771_5553601345482631040_n.jpg )
howdy Catie!
>> No. 75917
hi maus <3
>> No. 75918
File 142573460958.jpg - (15.23KB , 179x253 , 1962734_770731296270837_7458983072784295357_a.jpg )
>> No. 75920
File 142576266263.jpg - (191.94KB , 720x960 , FoxBox 002.jpg )
T.T I missed her again!
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