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File 142559563920.jpg - (119.04KB , 800x644 , vtqWDB2.jpg )
75764 No. 75764
I'll be posting tomorrow at 10:00am PST.
I hope that works okay for everyone.
I love you much! See you tomorrow!

pic unrelated but holy fuck i love this cat. it's called a manul cat, i believe.
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>> No. 75870
File 142567083946.jpg - (81.54KB , 626x329 , urape captcha.jpg )
Spock and Kirk style? They fight to the death at some point?

Damn captchas. Pic related.
>> No. 75871
I like Launched Coaster the most. But really high ones are not really something for me, I don't like the fall feeling.
>> No. 75872

Hahahaha OMG that is so wrong. Bad captcha! Naughty captcha! Go sit in the corner! *Waggles finger*
>> No. 75873
File 142567103373.png - (281.16KB , 391x591 , B9X_X6ACcAESzrQ.png )
Why don't you take a lil road trip to Maryland to see some friends? #bitch
>> No. 75874
no please not the FINGER! :O
>> No. 75875
well i certainly try to be as healthy as i can. :3
you have coffee with your cereal?
I don't like coffee in general, but that sounds like an especially icky combination.

ahahaha, yes indeed, that would be quite the sight.


but the falling sensation is the second best part! (first best part is going upside down)
>> No. 75876
yeah, i'm just filled to the brim with interesting thoughts; glad you noticed.
I guess pony loving thespian had overwritten exercise loving lifeguard in my mind or something
>> No. 75877
I have some errands to run so talk to you later loser :p Have a great weekend and thanks for everything.
>> No. 75878
Amok Time STOS!
>> No. 75879
>aw i miss her
You guys should totally move in together! And then you can make videos together! Like Smosh!
>> No. 75880

Well, since she'll be travelling eastward, she should also carry on and cross the Atlantic, methinks
>> No. 75881
No! Not for me. ^^ Well, for some reason I like it if a plane wobbles. xD But in Roller coasters I like the speed more.
>> No. 75882
  Guess what Catie, today is the fourth anniversary of the opening of catiewayne.com! Catie's chan is 4 years old today. I hope you will celebrate with me.

Captcha: feeti

I think the chan is telling me something. Cheeky monkey.

P.S. For the person asking about the moldylunchboxx cartoon, I found the original post in the archive here:

>> No. 75883
lol ok be right ther

hahah, well i'm certainly more of the former than the latter. I'm not even a lifeguard anymore. :p

You have a good weekend too!
Enjoy your errands! and I hope you feel better!

haha, I don't think Ian and Anthony live together. :p

i could go for a swim.
>> No. 75884
>well i certainly try to be as healthy as i can. :3
you have coffee with your cereal?
I don't like coffee in general, but that sounds like an especially icky combination.

It depends. I don't have them both at the same time - I have the cereal first and then make a brew, because I can't stand letting a hot drink cool as I'm eating. Sometimes I have a fresh caffetière coffee (I love coffee and I accept nothing less!) or tea, usually Lapsang Souchong. My, it's smoky!
>> No. 75885
Sorry. I'm not a fan of the original series. I've seen some Next Generation, the Next Generation movies, and the 1st season of Voyager. Anytime I've seen stuff from the original, I find it boring.
>> No. 75886
i have to get to class now. bye catie, and everyone else. nice talking with you all again.
>> No. 75887
>i could go for a swim.

lol, you might make it in 400 hours at a good pace. Good exercise! XD
>> No. 75888
File 142567171849.png - (165.78KB , 349x476 , 6lYZZM6.png )
>lol ok be right ther
>> No. 75889

Aww, but come on, that Gorn fight, tho
>> No. 75890
I recommend to watch more voyager, it gets really interesting in the fourth season when "seven of nine" joined the crew in the episode scorpion.
>> No. 75891

Not 7 of 9

7 of MINE!!

Sorry, I just had to.
>> No. 75892
oh yeah, i'm sure you don't even remember how to play ers anymore
>> No. 75893
It's hilarious!
>> No. 75894
hahahah! That's so funny. Most people HATE turbulence.
Oh well, you do you, boo. :p

Whoa! No way! Happy birthday, little website!

Oh I see! Yes, that sounds much more normal.

Good luck! Not that you need it! It was lovely talking to you again! :3 <333
>> No. 75895
no need to excuse xD

or is it seven of NEIN!?
>> No. 75896
yeah, there were a couple of really good reasons to watch voyager.
>> No. 75897
Well my loves, I'm afraid my time is up!
I have some exercising to do, and then errands! <3
See you all next week, I hope this extra long posting made up for my booboo last week. u_u
Thank you all for being so great about that, by the way. I'm so lucky to have you! I love you all very much! Bye! <33
>> No. 75898
yeah, there were a couple of really good reasons to watch voyager.
>> No. 75899
>> No. 75900
Yea my parents hate turbulences too. xD And I'm like YEEEHA

Have a nice weekend, love you very much. <3
No problem with that last week byee
>> No. 75901
Goodbye Catie A....Catie. Thank you so much for posting today, especially for the long part. I enjoyed it very much. Have a great weekend. Say hi to your friends for me.
>> No. 75902

See ya, Catie! Thanks so much for spending so long with us and it's not like you HAD to post extra long with us, but it is very well appreciated. You're so good to us. We're lucky to have you, too. Enjoy your day and have a great weekend! :)
>> No. 75903
I loved the doctor! :o

But the most interesting series was Deep Space Nine for me. Watched it for 4 or 5 times now and it never gets old. ^^
>> No. 75904
>yeah, there were a couple of really good reasons to watch voyager.

I see what you did thar! XD

>no need to excuse xD

or is it seven of NEIN!?

You mean you would deny her?? :O
>> No. 75905
Don't know what you are referring to.

*shrugs shoulders*

I can't remember why I stopped watching it. I did enjoy it, but I'm not going back to it. No interest. Have too much other stuff to watch that I'm actually interested in.
>> No. 75906
>Don't know what you are referring to.

The worst (and therefore best) fight scene in television history XD
>> No. 75907
*sigh* fuck you, youtube

>> No. 75908
too bad, maybe someday :p

ok that maybe not.. what would Harry Kim say to this.
>> No. 75909
Haha. I started watching that same video even before you posted that link.

Didn't really think much of it. Yeah it sucked. That's it. I liked it more when that creature came out on Big Bang Theory.
>> No. 75910
The Doctor was my favorite character.
>> No. 75911
it's so good, it don't even have concurrence. xD
>> No. 75912
>ok that maybe not.. what would Harry Kim say to this.

Haha, oh Harry Kim... "You wish to copulate?" XD poor guy.

>it's so good, it don't even have concurrence. xD

Why is youtube being such a bitch to me, today?
>> No. 75913
hmm maybe you have done something to youtube or said something bad.
>> No. 75914

I have been nothing but nice to Youtube, but it insists on being an arsehole! I think it should apologise to me.
>> No. 75915
yea google should upload an apologize video
(super quick answer)
>> No. 75916
File 142568218970.jpg - (60.44KB , 540x792 , 10345769_960232277322771_5553601345482631040_n.jpg )
howdy Catie!
>> No. 75917
hi maus <3
>> No. 75918
File 142573460958.jpg - (15.23KB , 179x253 , 1962734_770731296270837_7458983072784295357_a.jpg )
>> No. 75920
File 142576266263.jpg - (191.94KB , 720x960 , FoxBox 002.jpg )
T.T I missed her again!
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