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File 142466451476.png - (344.53KB , 597x553 , 1297053386390.png )
75753 No. 75753
Catie Wayne got me into MLP. You did this...THX I LUVZ IT. except ts and I like rainbow dash...
>> No. 75754
but pinkie pie is best pony :P
>> No. 75755
>but fluttershy is best pony
>> No. 75756
Gummy is best pone.
>> No. 75758
Pinkamena Pie is too naive. Rainbow Dash is best pony!
>> No. 75761
i'm sorry, but that is just not correct. Best pony is sparkle princess Twi
>> No. 75763
OH HAIL no. That aint right. Twilight Sparkle got pampered just because her older brother has a high position! Rainbow DASH IS BEST PONY!!!
>> No. 75772
Princess Sparkle wasn't pampered; she was treated in accordance with her potential and her unyielding dedication to her studies, whereas Dash sleeps in clouds all day.
>> No. 75919
At least Rainbow Dash is free spirited!
>> No. 75921
are you saying Princess Sparkle isn't?
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