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File 142447804582.jpg - (22.12KB , 426x640 , f7b.jpg )
75741 No. 75741
Hi guys,
I'm really sorry for the late notice but I'm afraid I won't be able to post this weekend. I would tell you why, but it's of a personal nature.
I hope you are doing well, I'm really sorry.
I love you all very much, I'll see you next week. <3
>> No. 75742
don't worry Catie <3 I hopeee everything is alright. See you next week
>> No. 75743
It's alright! See you next week!
>> No. 75744
Whatever it is, I hope all is well and I wish you the best. Don't stress it. See you next week, Catie. (: <3
>> No. 75745
Hey, Catie. No worries. Whatever it is, I hope it's nothing too bad. I hope you're ok. See you next week. <3
>> No. 75746
Too bad, I wanted to tell you something. ^^
Nevertheless, have a super nice weekend. Hope you are doing well. :) See you next week! <3
>> No. 75747
Sorry to hear about that, I hope your situation gets better. My thoughts will be with you and your family.
>> No. 75748
awwww! look at the baby giraffe's cute lil haircut! I want to coddle it!
>> No. 75749
I hope it works out, whatever it is. be well!
>> No. 75751
Love you, Catie!!!

Me, toooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!
>> No. 75752
no worries mai lil bumgorf.
>> No. 75759
>> No. 75934
its wat Starfire affectionately uses to refurr to her pet Silkie.
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