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File 142326568170.jpg - (16.54KB , 417x311 , 1371619722304.jpg )
75575 No. 75575
chan weeeeeeeeeek

posting at five, see you then! <3
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>> No. 75576
<3 see you at five :D
>> No. 75577
Pinky looks thrilled.
>> No. 75578
Awesomesauce! See you then! :)
>> No. 75579
Hey, Catie! I might be working for the next couple of hours, so I might miss posting. If so, just let me know you saw this! Thx! Ilysfm! XD
>> No. 75580
yayyyyyyy thanks for the info,
I will be here! :)
>> No. 75581
File 142326831190.jpg - (69.84KB , 698x537 , 12-06-17-twin-peaks-2.jpg )
>> No. 75582
Hi Maus <3 it's so good to see you here
>> No. 75583
10 minutes to gooooo.
>> No. 75584
>> No. 75585
T- 5 minutes
>> No. 75586
...and here she is CATIE WAYYYYYYYnnnnnnnuh!
>> No. 75587
Copy that
>> No. 75588
>> No. 75589
how goes it?

i'm doing well. but pips is sick so i have to get him to the vet soon. ;___;
i think he caught an upper respiratory infection from todd, actually. when i first brought todd home i noticed he had a watery eye and so i looked in his medical history and it seemed like he had JUST gotten over a URI. i had to take todd to the vet within the first couple days i had him (and a bunch of times after). but they have so far refused to give me anything except eyedrops and todd is still sick and now pips is REALLY sick and i'm very distraught. ;_____;

sorry. just wanted to vent to you guys for a moment. .__.
>> No. 75590
a few minutes yet :o
>> No. 75591
Hailing frequencies open!
>> No. 75592
There she is on the horizon!
>> No. 75593
oh no ;___;
I hope things get better
>> No. 75594
sorry to hear that.Tell him "get well soon" from me.
>> No. 75595
Oh, shit! That's awful!

Hi, Catie. I'm sorry your cats are ill, I hope it's not serious.
>> No. 75596
File 14232709678.png - (926.02KB , 610x613 , Header-photo-taylor-swift-and-cat-via-Taylor-Swift.png )
Sorry to hear that. :c

So how's the ol' sleep schedule goin?
>> No. 75597
Hi Catie. It's sad to hear about this.
>> No. 75598
File 142327102659.jpg - (92.56KB , 600x350 , ttgunclejokes.jpg )
sorry to hear about ur cats bein sick.
Nopony wanted me to tell u he says hai,he had to go to bed tho.

dew u have a Valentine this year Catie?
>> No. 75599
Hi Catie, long time no see.
Damn, that's so sad to hear it. I hope they'll get better soon. Is it something serious?
>> No. 75600
Anyway, Catie. Aside from your cats being ill, how are you?
>> No. 75601
Catie your cats are lucky to have you :3
>> No. 75602
Hi Catie. :)
I'm very sorry for pips, I hope he will be well very soon. I know those things from my cat.

I had a tiring week. My new workplace is nice, but a bit exhausting.
And I have to get up at 4:30 am, that means I can't stay awake long enough to tweet at the times you tweet. ;_;
Makes me sad.
And I have less time for youtube, makes me sad too. ;_;
But I don't want to make you sad, how are you and how was your week? Hope you had a nice week. <3
>> No. 75603
Hey Catie, I'm sorry to hear about your cats I hope they'll get better soon. Do you have any plans for the weekend?
>> No. 75604
they will. i'm gonna complain pretty heavily to them.
cause in todd's notes they say
"uri cleared up? move on??"
okay. i think i'm all done now.

will do

they will be okay ;_;

well i mean, i got up before 12 today. so that's good.
>> No. 75605
Oh no! I will hope for the best for pips and todd and you as well. I know how much it hurts to see your pets in pain. My dog chloe had emergency surgery a while ago and now my other dog Taco is developing some sort of 'mass' around his throat.
>> No. 75606
Hi Catie thanks for getting back to my email. I'm sorry to hear about your cat. Despite my study of medicine I'm not a veterinarian but in humans, URIs are treated with a passive course of antibiotics (erythromycin and dirithromycin usually) to ensure resistant bacteria don't manifest in the respiratory tract.
What've you got planned for next week?
>> No. 75607
File 14232714231.jpg - (350.17KB , 1280x1280 , EVWhqv3.jpg )
I'm very proud of you. So did you get a car or something and I missed that or?
>> No. 75608
Catie have you seen this?
>> No. 75609
>they will be okay ;_;

As long as it's not life-threatening, I can relax a bit
>> No. 75610
You need lots of hugz.
>> No. 75611
Are you being harassed by @scottisascott person on Twitter or is that someone you know, joking around?
>> No. 75612
i'm sorry, we can talk about something else now. <3

aww, that's sweet. tell him hello. <3
nuuupe, no valentine.

they'll be alright. it can get pretty serious if an owner doesn't pay attention and get them to the vet. but that clearly won't happen. :p

i'm doing quite well. :3


aw i'm sorry you're new job is tiring. but i'm glad you have a job! that's so great! :3
i'm doing well, my week was very nice. pretty productive in the ways of youtube, as well.

scheduling vet appointments, mostly. :p
>> No. 75613
this. Catie do you have a valentine this year?
>> No. 75614
File 142327158040.jpg - (1.62MB , 3264x2448 , IMG_20141115_111119.jpg )
mai cat Mhet Mhet may be on her way out,shes frail n getting old.
she has the biggest paws,liek i bet she could get da Guinness world record,she has toes n claws she cant use,she walks liek a seal with ber flippers.
i think she is actually part wookie cuz she tawks liek one n i never herd a cat dew this,shes sorta liek sounds a pidgeon.
this is a pic of her.
>> No. 75615
have you seen any movies lately Catie?
>> No. 75616
hi maus

opps I posted too soon
>> No. 75617
Heh, I was going to ask if your cat was a polydactyl
>> No. 75618
Yeah that makes sense
I had a derpy moment :P
>> No. 75619
>i'm doing quite well. :3

Ah, at least you're ok, then. How's your day/week been? Been up to anything interesting?
>> No. 75620
Hey! OMG, I made it! Can you believe it? Lol! I'm eating pizza and beer... Those are food groups, right? XP what have you been up to since the beginning of the year? XD my dad and I are building a fence because property laws or something. XP it's kinda hard work, lol...
>> No. 75621
I asked you about this couple months ago, and this probably changed. What TV shows do you watch?
>> No. 75622
Clearly your cat must be related to me, Maus! XD
>> No. 75623
oh noo! ;___;
that's so sad, i'm sorry!
i hope they get better soon!
emergency surgery for pets is so scary!

next week? uh, idk? o__o more of the same stuff, i guess. emails, phone calls, searching for a place to film.

huh? no. i have friends that have cars, and when i need to drive myself i borrow the car from my mom.

yes i have!
that moot, what a sweetheart.

yeah, they'll be fine.

/hug ;__;

i think both?
like i don't know him, but i think for the most part he's joking.
>> No. 75624
Aah I hope I'm not too late! Hello, everyone! Hello, Catie!
>> No. 75625
Presumably the camera stand was adjustable so, why did you have to stand on a box?
>> No. 75626
Hello Catherine. I'm sorry to hear about your cats. I hope they recover soon. I know how much it sucks to worry about their health.

I've also been worrying about my cat Barbecue recently too. He's getting pretty high up there in age and sometimes has problems with his hind legs and problems with constipation. He's also getting a little thin towards the back half. He's been limited to the same hard food for a few years now because he eats a prescribed cat food, due to a urinary problem he has if he eats regular food. Recently, the company that makes the prescription food has made a canned food version that he really likes. He wouldn't touch their previous canned version. Hopefully that will help him regain some weight.
>> No. 75627
how dew u dew?

>> No. 75628
you keep me happy Catie :) you are so amazing. I wish I could be like you
>> No. 75629
  Besides my dog having some problems, I have been doing well, I was watching some youtube videos before your posting time and wanted to show you this girl just fucking shred on guitar.
>> No. 75630
File 142327212765.jpg - (82.44KB , 720x540 , 10373683_563790337065949_2646607882450918307_n.jpg )
clearly :p
>> No. 75631
>but that clearly won't happen. :p
You're so great :D
Did you heard new track "I'm A Ruin" from Marina's Froot album? I would link it, but I'm on my phone and it would take ages, so I'm sorry for that.
That song is so catchy, I love it so much. She also did Q&A, it's on her YouTube channel.
I'm going to sleep now, goodnight everybody.
>> No. 75632
File 142327217399.jpg - (54.42KB , 614x337 , 8kR2u2f.jpg )
Something made me think you had a car idk.

Do you still have those candy hearts i got you last year? I'm still mad that Necco bastards censored me. :(
>> No. 75633
Catie have you thought about doing streams like Brizzy? what games would you play?
>> No. 75634
>aw i'm sorry you're new job is tiring. but i'm glad you have a job! that's so great! :3

Yea it's nice, I get enough money and stuff. The only problem is I am the only one that is not over 50 years old. xD I'm not that good with "older" people. ^^
But at least next week I have late shift, so I can sleep longer.

>i'm doing well, my week was very nice. pretty productive in the ways of youtube, as well.

sound nice, you make me already excited for the next video. :D
>> No. 75635
'Sup everyone. Hi Catie. :D

You guys wanna talk about old-ass cats, let me tell you about my aunt's cat Missy. She's turning eighteen this year. She's still pretty energetic, too, even though she gets stranded on top of things because her bones are too weak for her to jump off again. >:

Oh hey, Catie. Since you're Ms. Musical Theatre Geek, what did you think of Galavant on ABC? It's pretty much inevitable it'll be adapted for Broadway pretty soon.
>> No. 75636
it's so cold :(
>> No. 75637
File 142327228231.png - (467.51KB , 600x711 , friends.png )
Like everyone else: I'm really sorry about your cats being ill. I wish them both a healthy recovery. I know how easy it is for infections to spread between cats :(

What I actually came here to write was:
This is probably my first and last comment ever. I just wanted to tell everyone in this community that you have something really nice and special going here. I'm so impressed with the love and support you show each other.
All the joy and creativity you all are spreading and I hope you also share it with people outside of this community. I'll try to do the same.

I wish all people showed the same kindness to each other and I wish all of you a bright future!
Lots of hugs to you all!
>> No. 75638
>Catie have you thought about doing streams like Brizzy? what games would you play?

Omg that would be amazing!
>> No. 75639
i dun said no o:

oh my goodness those ARE some big paws! O:
well whenever she may pass, i hope it is peaceful for her. she is lucky to have you!

hmmm, i saw Into the Woods finally! it was great!
I also recently saw Birdman and HOLY SHIT it is amazing!

:p <3

yeeees, although unfortunately not a ton i can tell you.
mostly emailing and scheduling and hustle bustle.

that does indeed sound like hard work.
my biggest endeavor has been trying to find a place to film that doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

tbh i don't really watch tv right now.
.___. sowee.
>> No. 75640
y is that your last post?
>> No. 75641
Catie, what are your favorite smells? Mine are lavender and the plastic smell from newly opened video games (no joke)
>> No. 75642
I saw "into the woods" and not one song had hook.
What'd you think?
>> No. 75643
>hmmm, i saw Into the Woods finally! it was great!

finally :O can we talk about it?
>> No. 75644
i know,luckily i got a MLP comforter to halp stay warm <3
>> No. 75645

>Thinks the Sphere is a nice happy place.

Ignorance is bliss, I guess. Godspeed, Friendly.
>> No. 75646
File 142327252242.jpg - (71.45KB , 500x700 , url.jpg )
Do you care about any of this?
>> No. 75647
I gotta go to bed now (it's 1:30 here) because I've got a weekend of cramming for a law test on Monday to get done.
But I hope that your cat recovers, that your vet bills don't get too much bigger, that you find a place to film, make some new ANewHopeee videos and do anything else that you're hoping to do!
It'll all work out in the end.

Until next week, it's been a pleasure as always Catie.

>> No. 75648
My dog Chloe has come to full recovery but my other dog Taco, like I mentioned, developed this mass but it grew like over night, the swelling has gone down but we are gonna schedule an appointment for him tomorrow.
>> No. 75649
hi shrimp :)
I had a cat that i've had about 18 years, but she died last year :(

that's awesome <3
>> No. 75650
>yeeees, although unfortunately not a ton i can tell you.
mostly emailing and scheduling and hustle bustle.

Ah, fair enough. :)
Can't say I've been doing much that's terribly exciting. I've been trying to set up a store on Cafepress to sell merch using my photography and it's been such a BALL-ACHE! Getting so frustrated with their tedious system.

And today, I put a lamp together and now I'm messing with Lego XD
>> No. 75651
hmm time warp.
>> No. 75652
I nominate Catie for a grammy :3
>> No. 75653
>hmm time warp.

Damn you, Hydra! Guess what song you just put in my head :/
>> No. 75654
File 142327276118.gif - (1.90MB , 270x378 , keYC4PZ.gif )
Hey Shrimp!
>> No. 75655
Catie are you going to watch Better Call Saul this sunday?
>> No. 75656
what's your best news of the week?
>> No. 75657
hugs to you too friendly! :)
>> No. 75658

i had to stand on a box no matter what show i was doing. because unfortunately even though the camera stand was adjustable, the sets were not.

In the middle of reading it I was gonna ask if there was a wet food option. That's good that there is! Hope he feels better soon!

but you're so good at being you! in fact, you're the best you i know!

dang gurl get it

I hadn't heard it, no. I'll be sure to check it out! :3

hahah, no, i don't have them anymore. they got devoured by family.

no, i haven't thought about it because most of the games i like are nintendo and they're wonky about showing gameplay.

well don't get too excited, i haven't filmed or anything. xD

i'm afraid i don't know what that is, cause i don't have cable. ;_;

but but but why you no stick around? ;__;
>> No. 75659
Well, it's just a jump to the Left!
>> No. 75660
I thought it was some sick fun they were having with you for being petite.
>> No. 75661

Aww. Tell me about her. :D

There's a stray cat that basically lives in my backyard. She isn't "mine" per-se, since she comes and goes as she pleases, but I leave food out and she basically just lives nearby. Sometimes she comes up and lets me pet her. It's a nice arrangement. :3


u avin a giggle m8?
>> No. 75662
File 14232731002.jpg - (73.77KB , 1351x671 , 1614030_734778719866095_1754430369_o.jpg )
ima watch Blue Velvet with tecarefil at 9,i think its da 9th time im seeing it too.
i could watch nuthin but David Lynch films til da end of time,i love him.
so...i gotta go set up da dvd n get snacks.
ttfn gais.
>> No. 75663
Parks and Rec are halfway through their final season. I think it's been very good. I will miss it when it's gone. Depending on how it ends, I may get something in my eyes that make them water.

You should check out Carboni's podcast We Have Concerns. He and his co-host, Jeff Canata (who I've been following for many years), can be quite funny.
>> No. 75664
>Well, it's just a jump to the Left!

I'm gonna hurt you
>> No. 75665
>but you're so good at being you! in fact, you're the best you i know!

I'm really not that great
>> No. 75666
oh shit did i miss it
>> No. 75667
File 142327333058.gif - (1.96MB , 500x281 , tumblr_ndppnuZfRR1r6mo0ao1_500.gif )
wut no
>> No. 75668

>> No. 75669
>> No. 75670

You don't need cable for ABC, silly.

Galavant was a miniseries that ran on Sunday nights for the past few weeks. It was, like, a satirical fantasy comedy musical.The music was written by Alan Menken - y'know the Disney song guy.

It was pretty good. :D
>> No. 75671



Quick! We must exorcise the demon!
>> No. 75672
hmm, that's a really tough question.
uhh, i really like the smell of moroccan oil.
i have a gal pal who uses moroccan oil shampoo and conditioner and it smells SO GUD
i can't use it for my own hair though, cause it's too fine and will make it look oily. BUT IF I COULD I WOULD BECAUSE IT SMELLS YUM

Agony and On The Steps Of The Palace were the best songs, by far. I didn't care for little red, jack, or (it hurts me to say it) the wolf. Meryl Streep is fucking amazing, as usual and she is just fucking gorgeous i can't stand it. aside from Meryl's gown all of the costumes were pretty mediocre.

hey man, i know it isn't ALWAYS the greatest but compared to a lot of communities we're pretty good to each other. i take a lot of pride in that.

not really, noe.

Bye! Good luck! <3

that's good. <3
i hope he gets better. ;_;

fun times all around. ;p

i don't have cable. u.u

i'm gonna be doing more collabs in the future.
>> No. 75673
Catie, are you gifted with an insanely good memory or do you just forget everything?

I think I have a pretty good memory, I have my license and license plate memorized,for no reason whatsoever :/ I also remember as far back in my infancy. I also remember being inside my mother's womb :o
>> No. 75674
>i don't have cable
You could just get a digital antenna to pick up the major networks like ABC.
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