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File 142326568170.jpg - (16.54KB , 417x311 , 1371619722304.jpg )
75575 No. 75575
chan weeeeeeeeeek

posting at five, see you then! <3
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>> No. 75681
>and then a step to the riiiiight

Oh, no! Not you, as well!?
>> No. 75682
Did you think of Birdman as a comedy? That's the category it was in for the Golden Globes, but I tend to think that they put a lot of movies in the Comedy category that aren't actually comedies (even though they might have a lot of humor)
>> No. 75683
>I didn't care for little red, jack, or (it hurts me to say it) the wolf

yeah I didn't like the wolf either. I knew you were excited for that because of johnny depp, but I didn't want to ruin it for you. Also falling is surprising fatal for giants. That wasn't believable
>> No. 75684
>moroccan oil
hmm... never smelled it, I'll have to check it out. I use argon oil in my hair and that doesn't smell too terrible
>> No. 75685
Are you gonna do a ANH hangout like on anyhoo?
>> No. 75686
bye love! it was fun chatting again! miss you much!

i hope once it ends they'll put it on netflix relatively quickly. o:

but you are!

it can be found on internet? cause i has no tv whatsoever.

i'd like to think i have a fairly good memory. like i remember pretty far back into my childhood. but also sometimes i forget things that seem like they should be pretty important. o__o
>> No. 75687
I will now give you an encouragement quote from Chobits
Chi- Fightu!
and I think you rock Ms. Catie.
>> No. 75688
I think I can speak for A LOT of people when I say that the fact that Taylor Swift won 7 Grammys in 5 years while Radiohead won 3 in about 20 years kinda proves that the Grammys are bullshit. #js... <3
>> No. 75689
File 142327400626.jpg - (326.00KB , 684x513 , cat.jpg )
>i don't have cable. u.u

I know, but I didn't know if you were going to watch it at a friends house or something. It doesn't look that good anyway. It would have been a lot better if it took place after breaking bad instead of before

I'll just show you a picture instead. i had her since she was born.
>> No. 75690
I've probably missed some conflicts, but I've definitely seen a lot of support for people going through hard times.

I don't really have the time/energy for an online community, but this week I've been home sick and ended up watching/reading a lot of stuff about Catie and the sphere.
I'll probably come by time to time to do some lurking.
>> No. 75691
Ooh, Moroccan oil is quite a nice smell. Over here we call it argan oil. My shampoo & conditioner both have that in them as it help de-frizz my ever-so-curly hair
>> No. 75692
Sorry bout your cats, thats kinda scury. I hope they get well soon ;___;

Newayz I've pretty meh lately n can't post much right now but I wanted to say hi n I love you n I'll see ya next time <3
>> No. 75693
Catie how do things compare now to when you first came back?
>> No. 75694
Y'know she's about 6'6" in heels?
>> No. 75695

It is a TV-type thing on TV, ergo it's all on Hulu. :P



Taylor Swift scares me. I used to really, really like her, but ever since she reinvented her image she just seems... Insane? Neurotic? Imminent-breakdown-esque? ;_;
>> No. 75696
Catie I really like it that you've been posting later lately. It works out really good
>> No. 75697
CATIE!!!! ABC isn't CABLE!!! XP XP XP (bit yeah, I know what you meant... Too bad. :/ I wasn't too into Galavant. I thought the humor was kinda too obvious :/ (though, of course, there were some things I DID like about it).
>> No. 75698
u lil bitch

>boxers or briefs?
boxer briefs
>what percent milk do you drink?
i drink almond milk
>coke or pepsi?
>apples or oranges?
>black or white?
>up or down?
>let or right?
let. definitely let.


oh certainly not.
it was a drama if anything, but i think they struggle to take true comedies as something worth recognizing. it doesn't happen very often.

hahah, yeaah.
that's how the giants die in the play though, so i don't really mind. i always just reasoned that they're a lot heavier and are falling from a greater height. i once broke my wrist because a boy tripped me and i landed on it funny. so, yknow, whatevs.
the play is on netflix, btw, if you're interested. :p

perhaps one day.
>> No. 75699
I was going to go to a bakery today, but I got scared and didn't go in :(
>> No. 75700

>> No. 75701
>the play is on netflix, btw, if you're interested. :p

I really want to see the play of into the woods. I need to get netflix again. I wish you could buy cards at the store and just get netflix for a month
>> No. 75702

Haha, I suppose I was doing my 2011-era exaggerating for emphasis thing. I still slip into the "Shrimp" persona every now and again.


Yeah, it's a pretty nice place these days. Back in the ancient times things were different. It was pretty much a hive of constant shitstorms, but it's better now. I feel like I plug the wiki to every newfriend I see, but you should check it out if you're into the history. boxxy.wikispaces.com

And stick around. You're perfectly welcome here. :D
>> No. 75703
Catie what did you think of brizzys Meg from hercules hair & makeup tutorial video? do you think you would do more makeup videos?
>> No. 75704
aw shit chobits, i haven't thought about that show in years.
i think you're pretty swell too. :3

fair enough, though none of my SF friends have cable either. :p

hi/bye! <3

well, feel free to post whenever you'd like. no pressure, of course.


well that's gud, cause it's probably gonna be this way for a bit.

you got scared of a bakery?
>> No. 75705
You don't feel kinda institutionalized?
>> No. 75706
File 142327481778.gif - (849.49KB , 245x245 , tumblr_ndlsfyL3HG1rshsako2_250_zpsldzwvuie.gif )
What how?
In 6 inch heels, yeah.
Hot or cold?
Yes or no?
Cake or pie?
You or me?
This or that?
Here or there?
Now or later?
Night or day?
Light or dark?
Why or why not?
>> No. 75707
fair enough, though none of my SF friends have cable either. :p

You have science fiction friends?
>> No. 75708
well, you could just purchase a month and then cancel it when the month is up.

it was wonderful, of course.
and one of the show concepts i've been playing around with involve makeup tutorials and stuff.
>> No. 75709
Come on, shrimp! What could possibly scare you about Taylor Swift? Isn't she, like, one of the most grounded celebs in existence? Hahaha...
>> No. 75710

how dare u
>> No. 75711
>you got scared of a bakery?

the windows were all streamed up and I couldn't see inside, and it looked dark inside like they weren't open. and it looked empty inside. Not scared, but more like I freaked out and changed my mind at the last second. I'm an idiot.
>> No. 75712
I want to watch birdman, I heard a lot of good stuff. But bad stuff too.
Have you watched the last hobbit movie yet? It was not thaaaaat good compared to lord of the rings in my opinion, but it was good. And the end was super nice and touches the feelings. I mean .. this soooooong: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mllXxyHTzfg
>> No. 75713
I wake up sad every Saturday because no new MLP and no new FiR.
>> No. 75714
Heloo, Catie :waves.

I hope your kitten will be happy and well as ever been soon.
>> No. 75715
I wake up sad every morning
>> No. 75716
File 142327518815.gif - (461.98KB , 300x163 , tumblr_n0cvvyxiqE1rna59ko1_400_zpsj2l0idbj.gif )
What's your favorite color?
What's your favorite band?
What's your favorite movie?
What's your favorite book?
What's your favorite food?
What's your favorite candy?
What's your favorite holiday?
What's your favorite game?
>> No. 75717
ohhhh i see, haha. that's not idiotic, that's just using common sense. if it looked closed, then whatever. :p

no, i haven't seen it. i didn't really care for the first two, tbh. :/

>> No. 75718
You shouldn't.
>> No. 75719
File 142327526834.gif - (523.74KB , 245x245 , tumblr_ndlsfyL3HG1rshsako1_250_zpsipufmnug.gif )
>> No. 75720
Before you go I just wanted to tell you thanks for everything, you are the greatest and i hope you have a great weekend.
>> No. 75721
that gif reminds me of Miranda sings
>> No. 75722
bye guyss! i love you! hope you have a super weekend! <3 love you much!
>> No. 75723
bye Catie <333
>> No. 75724
Well, for one thing people nowadays believe it's actually her...
>> No. 75725

See ya, Catie! Kind of ran out of stuff to talk about - but, meh. Have a wonderful weekend! And as always thanks so much for posting with us guys! <3
>> No. 75726
Bye Catie. Take care. Make sure you have your shovel/snow blower ready for the weekend. Oh wait. You don't live in the Northeast.
>> No. 75727
well they are a bit long (ok maybe because I only watched the extended cut, one movie is 4 hours. But the LotR extended cut was better.) But it is truly an awesome journey in another world with super effects and super actors. I watched the last movie in cinema with this new HFR technology (hight frame rate, 42 frames) it was so smooth, it was unbelievable. You need to watch it if you have the time some time, it's worth it. :)
>> No. 75728
Bye, happy weekend
>> No. 75729
bye Catie. I love you too. Have a super weekend too. <3
>> No. 75730
late af, but omfuckbiscuits Moroccan!! wallyworld had a plug in "Moroccan bazar" oil heater and is my absolute favorite.. like woodsy and spicey and warm... but (seasonally?) discontinued
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