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File 142205366378.gif - (1.93MB , 350x310 , 13809314097.gif )
75450 No. 75450
I believe it is chan week~

I have some stuff to do today so I shall be posting at 5:00 pm. I'm very sorry to those who won't be able to make it because of time differences. <33

I love you all very much, and I'll talk to you soon!
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>> No. 75451
don't worry Catie <3 5:00 is a great time. I'll be here. and yes it is chan week
>> No. 75452
That makes it 01:00 my time. I can make that! YES! :D
>> No. 75453
This is my first time on the chan so I have no idea if I'm doing this right but I shall stay up to talk to you Catie! Fame and beauty aside, you seem like a genuinely interesting person.
>> No. 75454
5pm sounds great, I will be there! :)
>> No. 75455
>I'm very sorry to those who won't be able to make it because of time differences. <33
Last week was amazing, so I'm not that sad about this one. Also, is that gif related to something?
>> No. 75456
10 minutes now :o
>> No. 75457
Waitin' for the Shirley Temple of the 21st century, The one the only Catie Wayne!
>> No. 75458
F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5
>> No. 75459
Did I time that right?
>> No. 75460
is this you hydra? :o
>> No. 75461
oh yea I was right. ^^
>> No. 75462
helloooooooo mah babies
how you?

Addressing this now, so I hopefully won't have to later ;3

I am still working on finding/creating a set so I can get back to weekly videos. I have a TON of ideas for videos that I want to get done sosososo badly. x3 I even have a new show concept, and some show concepts that you've seen before. So good things are coming, I promise. <3
>> No. 75463
Yes, it is. Hello!
>> No. 75464
That's great.
>> No. 75465
That's great Catie <3 I'm cheering for you
>> No. 75466
Hey Catie,

How are you? Hope you had a nice week.

Mine was good. Next Monday I have my final exam. :O
I'm a bit nervous. But everything should work fine. ^^
After that I'm ready with my education YAY!
>> No. 75467
Hi Catie
>> No. 75468
And so then, everything was right in the world.
>> No. 75469
I'm sure they'll be TKO's
>> No. 75470
hey :)
>> No. 75471
YAAAYYYYYYYYY!!!! Heya, Catie! It's been, like, 7 weeks since I was last able to be present when you've been posting. Feels like forever! I missed you!

Feels a bit weird asking towards the end of January, but how was your Christmas? Did you get my card?

New show ideas, eh? Sounds pretty exciting!
>> No. 75472
Hi Catie.Im glad you finally got to make some new content :)
Do you have time in the future to make more.What should we expect?
>> No. 75473
So you're not going back to discovery? You're going to focus on ANH again? Or are you working some where else now?
>> No. 75474
A set? Cool, that will be amazing!

Even if anything coming from you is also gonna be cool, such as, like, talking to the camera while walking to the bus stop or something.

But whatever skits/videos you have planned that you can use a set for, I'm really looking forward to seeing that when it does happen.
>> No. 75475
Don't bombard her with questions people :P
>> No. 75476
Hey Catie, good to hear you have ideas for ANewHopeee, sorry to hear that you still have a set issue.
How has your week been? I have been fine, I am currently hanging out with my brother and cousin watching Cowboy Bebop :D
Have you ever watched Cowboy Bebop?
>> No. 75477
Catie how is Todd doing?
>> No. 75478
Have to say, your videos with Brizzy was some of the funniest/best youtube videos i have seen in a while.
And nice to see you posting videos on ANH again.
>> No. 75479
Catie! that is so awesome to hear! And you're so awesome! XD

Hey... I know I've mentioned this before and you didn't respond, but, idk, it's, like, starting to bug me. Lol... What happened with that movie you were supposed to be in, "The Art of Storytelling"? (and, if course, it's alright if you CAN'T tell us... I just wanted to know something about it, for sure...) THANKS! <33333333333
>> No. 75480
Dude, I've so gotta agree with you! The funny faces video had me crying with laughter, even the 10th time around! XD
>> No. 75481
Its been a rough week, thursday I have two three hour labs...pretty overwhelming. I hope things are going well for you.
>> No. 75482
I don't know if you got that tweet I sent, the tweets must be scrolling on your end at high speed. I'm offering animation services if you have any ideas that you would need animated (FOC)
Such as if you wanted to do a character voice , I would provide the animation as long as it's not insanely labor intensive. You might remember I animated you for the manatee fan episode.
>> No. 75483
Catie can we give you video suggestions?
>> No. 75484
I have indeed had a nice week. (: Ran some errands, worked out every day, got to take a nice bath at one point. It's been chill.
Congrats and good luck on your final exam! You'll be great!

herro <3


Aww! I've missed you too! Sorry it's been so long! <33
My christmas was lovely and I DID get your card! Thank you so much. <33
How was your christmas?


I don't think I am. I MIGHT make special guest appearances here and there. But overall it just seems like the company is going in a direction that isn't in anyone's best interest if I follow.
For now, I'll be focusing on ANH, and one day I might get another job somewhere.
The only constant in life is change, after all. x3

hahahah, yeeeeeeh the blessing/curse of working with discovery is my standards are much higher now.
like, i didn't like walk&talk vlogs to begin with but NOW... blegh.
>> No. 75485
Hey Catie, my brother and cousin barely know you other than that you make YouTube videos, how would you describe yourself to them? :o
>> No. 75486
>I don't think I am

welp it's time to unsub form all the discovery channels
>> No. 75487
>Aww! I've missed you too! Sorry it's been so long! <33
My christmas was lovely and I DID get your card! Thank you so much. <33
How was your christmas?

Ah, well it ain't your fault. Was just back luck.
Oh, I'm glad my card got there ok!
My Christmas was pretty good, thanks. I got a new camera!
Unfortunately, though, my mum had the misfortune to break her ankle the Monday before New Year's Eve. She went out for a walk with my dad and slipped on some black ice. She's ok, but her leg's in plaster and is off her feet for at least 6 weeks :/
>> No. 75488
>hahahah, yeeeeeeh the blessing/curse of working with discovery is my standards are much higher now.
Setting yourself to higher standards. I totally respect that!

Oh! Those collabs with Brizzy looked like such fun! I really enjoyed watching you two girls having a fun time together. Brought a smile to my face.
>> No. 75489

O Didnt see that. Cant wait.
>> No. 75490
"Was just back luck."
How the hell did I say 'back' instead of 'bad'?? lol
>> No. 75491
Your Miranda impression was brilliant even with marshmallow filling
>> No. 75492
I know it freaked me out too
>> No. 75493
I take it you're new. ;3 Welcome! This happens every week. Your concern is sweet though. <3

YES! I'm actually in the process of re-watching it right now! OOOOO:

He's doing great! He and Pips are best buds, they like to snuggle and play together. (:

Aww! Thanks!
Good chemistry makes for good content, typically. (:

Well, they haven't told me anything so that's why I can't really say. But I'd say it's a safe assumption it's not coming out.

My week has been great. I'm sorry to hear your labs are overwhelming. Have you thought about trying to get one of the labs on a different day? Hang in there! You'll be great!

Well goodness! That's quite the offer! If I ever need anything relatively simple (aka not too labor intensive ;3) I'll be sure to send a tweet your way.

If you feel like it. :p can't promise i'll take them, but then again, I may.
>> No. 75494
>I know it freaked me out too

You're tellin' me! XD
>> No. 75495
>I have indeed had a nice week. (: Ran some errands, worked out every day, got to take a nice bath at one point. It's been chill.
Sound nice! :)

>Congrats and good luck on your final exam! You'll be great!
Thank you very much. I'm sure it will help, like last time. :D

So my new years resolution is to spend more time with you. :) If it's ok for you.
>> No. 75496
Do you want something from us? I mean anything. We have got here few people with diffrent skills and in long-term perspective we can do almost everthing.Especially in software and internet.
>> No. 75497
Hi Catie if you're looking for a film then I've dropped you an email on your business inquiries address - it's a long one but I think it might be the kind of project you're looking for.
>> No. 75498
>If you feel like it. :p can't promise i'll take them, but then again, I may.

a remake of amble in powell park. That would be amazing. Sorry I know you've said before that you don't want to do that, but it would be amazing
>> No. 75499
> I'm actually in the process of re-watching it right now!

is it on netflix? :o
>> No. 75500
Hum, I'm afraid I'm not very good at describing myself.
Spunky brunette that believes in treating others the way you'd want to be treated? :D'

Oh nooo! That's too bad! I hope she is feeling better soon. :c

I am so glad! :3
We had such a blast.

Thanks very much. I'm rather proud of my Miranda impression. It was rather hindered by the marshmallows, though. :p
>> No. 75501
ilu catie <3 ur the best<333
>> No. 75502
dork :p
I must admit I have not watched much anime but my brother is a BIG anime freak. What would you recommend for animes for new-comers?
>> No. 75503
hai catie
>> No. 75504
>Oh nooo! That's too bad! I hope she is feeling better soon. :c

She's on the mend, and she's got me to look after her. I just have to put up with her watching Miss Marple on the tv all the time :P
>> No. 75505
Actually the Marshmallows might've enhanced the Miranda effect.
>> No. 75506
1 type your name in google
2 look at People also search for (4'th pic)
3 ??????
>> No. 75507
Sorry if you answered ths before, but are you going any events this year?

Also loved your new video :)
>> No. 75508
Catie I told my brother that you've already watched Cowboy Bebop and he said, "DAMN!" since he is a big anime fan and never expected you to watch anime.
>> No. 75509
Hi Catie. I missed your posting last week so I wanted to say that I thought the Chubby Bunny video was awesome. How are things? Excited for the Super Bowl I bet.

You have any interesting stories to share? I don't know if this is interesting or not, but I went to an ice cream shop where they freeze the ice cream right in front of you. You choose the type of cream you want (regular, low-fat, yogurt, custard), the type of flavor, and what things you want mixed in. The cream is liquid and so are the flavors. A gigantic tank (almost to the ceiling) of liquid nitrogen is next to the counter. They place the ingredients under something that looks like a shower head that is shooting out white smoke. They mix it up with gloved hands and 2 minutes later, your ice cream is done. It tasted good, but all 4 of us complained later on that we had a weird sensation in your stomach and 2 of my friends felt sick.
>> No. 75510
I love Miranda. Maybe you could show us an impression without marshmallows sometime? what Colleen did with Miranda is cool, but I'm glad you didn't do that to boxxy.
>> No. 75511
>He's doing great! He and Pips are best buds, they like to snuggle and play together. (:
Awwww eventually we need pics of it some time haha :D
>> No. 75512
Referring to the Chubby Bunnies vid, I honestly don't know how either you or Brizzy managed to do those impressions and actually do them quite well. I'd have just been 'Mmmfff Rrrmmmfff!'
>> No. 75513
Your hard work is what is helping! You're doing great!
I think you spend as much time with me as anyone else. o:
You're here most Fridays, and you tweet me every day. <33

That's lovely but you all do so much for me already. If I ever really need anything I'll be sure to let you know. Typically that comes in the form of "please share this video" xDDD

Thank yuh, I'll be sure to check that out. (:

I'm not entirely sure, but a friend of mine has it on blu-ray so that's how we're watching it.

hahah, i'm afraid I just don't see the point. The video is out there: on the internet. I already made it. xD
>> No. 75514
File 142206328320.jpg - (34.00KB , 600x800 , IVCGfAj_png.jpg )
On a scale of 1-10 how cool am I? On a scale of 1-2 how cool are you out of 10?
>> No. 75515
Well, shit, man. I guess you "shouldn't" have answered that question, because now I just have a bunch more questions about it, like, did you read the whole script and did they film all the scenes, and how did you hear about the project—was it people you knew? And [blah, blah, blah, blah, blah...... XP sry! :/ <33333333333333333
>> No. 75516
Does all the attention you get freak you out, is it something you get used to or is it fuel for your fire?
>> No. 75517
>I already made it. xD

but it would be a remake xD it would be better. Sorry I wouldn't say anything more about it. I just really love that video a lot.
>> No. 75518
>If you feel like it. :p can't promise i'll take them, but then again, I may.

what about Foar Maus Frum Svetlana?
>> No. 75519
1 is the coolest and 10 is not cool
>> No. 75520
First of all nice dubs
What ever happened to the Internet Goddess Award? you should take a picture of it
>> No. 75521
>My week has been great. I'm sorry to hear your labs are overwhelming. Have you thought about trying to get one of the labs on a different day? Hang in there! You'll be great!

Yeah kind of got stuck with the labs, at least they're bio and chems so its pretty fun. Not enough people in my major to have them offering much flexibility in time. I'm a little worried about the instructor for the chem, they've been pretty dismissive and referred to us as kindergarteners a few times. Just got to keep positive. I'm very happy to see you making videos again, Brizzy and you were great together.
>> No. 75522
I believe the film is all done. It just isn't getting released. idk why
>> No. 75523
That would make Maus's decade for sure, she loves Svetlana.
>> No. 75524
When you ran into Tay 2 weeks ago, did he recognize you this time? You said in the Vidcon forum meet up that you had gone up to him and he didn't know who you were.
>> No. 75525
Catie is it okay if I keep tweeting you goodnight? Sometimes it feels awkward for me. like I shouldn't do that
>> No. 75526
Not >>75498 but:
What about a "Catie reacts to her old(er) videos" video?
IIRC there are a few old videos of yours floating around the intertubes that some "casual" fans might not even know about.
>> No. 75527
ily2 fanon <33

oh jeez i don't know. I don't really like anime. But Cowboy Bebop is a classic, and it's really good. Fooly Cooly is really good too, and short. So I guess that's a good one.

hai fanon

meh, the marshmallows were fucking up a lot of my voices because they were preventing me from using the back of my mouth and throat. TONS of what Miranda does is use her throat.

>Miss Marple
who dat


So far, I'll definitely be attending BABScon and VIDcon

lol I used to be pretty big into the animus

>excited for the super bowl i bet
lol ur funni

I don't really have any stories worth sharing recently. I usually tell you about them. :p
That's too bad about your ice cream. I'm not entirely surprised that you guys felt sick though. That just doesn't sound very good for you. :/

If the opportunity arises, certainly.

Well we practice voices regularly, and have big cheeks.
>> No. 75528
Hey, Catie. Guess what time of year it is...

It's Burns Night, this weekend

That means haggis

Lots of haggis

>> No. 75529
Thank you! :D
Don't worry if you don't have time to answer this one but can you give us a general indication of when the next ANewHopeee video is going to be? I imagine you get asked this a lot but that's because you're so very bewitching! It's difficult not to fall under your spell of intrigue and comedy; even for me, the studying psychologist!
>> No. 75530
>Your hard work is what is helping! You're doing great!
Thanks again! It just helps when people believe in me.

>You're here most Fridays, and you tweet me every day. <33
I try to :D <3
And I wanted to ask you if you like this kind of music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HRAkjXqrxv8
I love it and it makes me feel better.
Not only this song, I mean the entire genre.
>> No. 75531
Hm... well, thanks for that info... Whoever you are... XP <3
>> No. 75532
Have you watched Parks and Rec season 6 yet. The show will be ending next month.

I've been rewatching The Office on Netflix. It's my favorite TV show. Do you like it?
>> No. 75533
Catie I liked your videos with Brizzy, and I liked the video on your channel a lot better. I didn't like that filter thing you guys used for Brizzys video.
>> No. 75534
>You're here most Fridays, and you tweet me every day. <33
by the way those Fridays are the best! :) <3
>> No. 75535
>Miss Marple
who dat

Who is Miss Marple!? Have you ever heard of the well-known crime writer Agatha Christie? Miss Marple is one of her characters, an old woman in the late 1940s/early 1950s, who solves crimes. Agatha Christie also did Poirot, the fat Belgian private detective with the suit and immacculate moustache. He 'uses ze leetle grey cells'
>> No. 75536
I'm just a nobody
>> No. 75537
So, Catie. One time, you said that you'd never heard any Björk. :O! I was like, "What!? Next you're gonna tell me you haven't heard any Portishead either! :O!" XP XP XP
>> No. 75538
Last year, she hadn't heard of haggis. Not this time, though XD
>> No. 75539
we are learning so much from Catie, and she is learning things from us too :o
>> No. 75540
I like the 60's Miss Marple movies. She was an awesome character. a bit the same way I feel about Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce as the definitive Holmes and Watson.
>> No. 75541
Talking of haggis, I recently heard it's actually illegal in the US! Go figure.
>> No. 75542
Hey, Catie. Would you ever consider going back to school? Lol... (college didn't quite work out for me. I didn't graduate, even though I went for 4 and a half years, but, then again, I was majoring in Electrical Engineering. :/)
>> No. 75543
My mum prefers the BBC drama series that was on not too long ago. Personally, not that I really like crime dramas, I do think Poirot is pretty good as a tv series. David Suchet is amazing as that character. Did you know, he created the character's walk by trying to walk while keeping a coin between his buttocks!
>> No. 75544
Aye Haggis is guid fur whit ails ye noo.
S'ony a wee totty bit o sausage 'n 'at, nae borra.
>> No. 75545
Always liked Hercule Poirot more.

Heloo Catie!
>> No. 75546
you have been so fussy lately! always trying to pick fights!

Well that's what you get, silly. I always try to answer the questions that I can. If I ignore you it either means I can't answer, or you're being rude. If you're not being rude, then I can't answer. ;p

I've gotten rather used to it, over time.

I mean, I don't think Svetlana is the kind of girl who makes videos for people. But I have certainly thought about svetlana videos with Maus in mind. ;p

I know, I'm just the worst.

Yes, he remembered me this time. :3

of course you can, it doesn't bother me in the slightest.

Mm, maybe. Seems a little boring. Most of my "old" videos are only two or three years old.

ur groz

Ask anyone here: you must have patience. I sometimes take my time, but I always do my best.

I shall wait until it is all done before I watch it.
I've not watched the office much, but what little I had seen I didn't really care for.

Oh? How come?

that's awesome! :D

i will absolutely tell you that.

>> No. 75547
What are some things you want to do this year Catie?
>> No. 75548
Hoots, mon! Ye speak tha trooth!
>> No. 75549
Alright guys, time for me to run some errands and then dinner time! Love you very much! See you next week! <33
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