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File 142205366378.gif - (1.93MB , 350x310 , 13809314097.gif )
75450 No. 75450
I believe it is chan week~

I have some stuff to do today so I shall be posting at 5:00 pm. I'm very sorry to those who won't be able to make it because of time differences. <33

I love you all very much, and I'll talk to you soon!
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>> No. 75513
Your hard work is what is helping! You're doing great!
I think you spend as much time with me as anyone else. o:
You're here most Fridays, and you tweet me every day. <33

That's lovely but you all do so much for me already. If I ever really need anything I'll be sure to let you know. Typically that comes in the form of "please share this video" xDDD

Thank yuh, I'll be sure to check that out. (:

I'm not entirely sure, but a friend of mine has it on blu-ray so that's how we're watching it.

hahah, i'm afraid I just don't see the point. The video is out there: on the internet. I already made it. xD
>> No. 75514
File 142206328320.jpg - (34.00KB , 600x800 , IVCGfAj_png.jpg )
On a scale of 1-10 how cool am I? On a scale of 1-2 how cool are you out of 10?
>> No. 75515
Well, shit, man. I guess you "shouldn't" have answered that question, because now I just have a bunch more questions about it, like, did you read the whole script and did they film all the scenes, and how did you hear about the project—was it people you knew? And [blah, blah, blah, blah, blah...... XP sry! :/ <33333333333333333
>> No. 75516
Does all the attention you get freak you out, is it something you get used to or is it fuel for your fire?
>> No. 75517
>I already made it. xD

but it would be a remake xD it would be better. Sorry I wouldn't say anything more about it. I just really love that video a lot.
>> No. 75518
>If you feel like it. :p can't promise i'll take them, but then again, I may.

what about Foar Maus Frum Svetlana?
>> No. 75519
1 is the coolest and 10 is not cool
>> No. 75520
First of all nice dubs
What ever happened to the Internet Goddess Award? you should take a picture of it
>> No. 75521
>My week has been great. I'm sorry to hear your labs are overwhelming. Have you thought about trying to get one of the labs on a different day? Hang in there! You'll be great!

Yeah kind of got stuck with the labs, at least they're bio and chems so its pretty fun. Not enough people in my major to have them offering much flexibility in time. I'm a little worried about the instructor for the chem, they've been pretty dismissive and referred to us as kindergarteners a few times. Just got to keep positive. I'm very happy to see you making videos again, Brizzy and you were great together.
>> No. 75522
I believe the film is all done. It just isn't getting released. idk why
>> No. 75523
That would make Maus's decade for sure, she loves Svetlana.
>> No. 75524
When you ran into Tay 2 weeks ago, did he recognize you this time? You said in the Vidcon forum meet up that you had gone up to him and he didn't know who you were.
>> No. 75525
Catie is it okay if I keep tweeting you goodnight? Sometimes it feels awkward for me. like I shouldn't do that
>> No. 75526
Not >>75498 but:
What about a "Catie reacts to her old(er) videos" video?
IIRC there are a few old videos of yours floating around the intertubes that some "casual" fans might not even know about.
>> No. 75527
ily2 fanon <33

oh jeez i don't know. I don't really like anime. But Cowboy Bebop is a classic, and it's really good. Fooly Cooly is really good too, and short. So I guess that's a good one.

hai fanon

meh, the marshmallows were fucking up a lot of my voices because they were preventing me from using the back of my mouth and throat. TONS of what Miranda does is use her throat.

>Miss Marple
who dat


So far, I'll definitely be attending BABScon and VIDcon

lol I used to be pretty big into the animus

>excited for the super bowl i bet
lol ur funni

I don't really have any stories worth sharing recently. I usually tell you about them. :p
That's too bad about your ice cream. I'm not entirely surprised that you guys felt sick though. That just doesn't sound very good for you. :/

If the opportunity arises, certainly.

Well we practice voices regularly, and have big cheeks.
>> No. 75528
Hey, Catie. Guess what time of year it is...

It's Burns Night, this weekend

That means haggis

Lots of haggis

>> No. 75529
Thank you! :D
Don't worry if you don't have time to answer this one but can you give us a general indication of when the next ANewHopeee video is going to be? I imagine you get asked this a lot but that's because you're so very bewitching! It's difficult not to fall under your spell of intrigue and comedy; even for me, the studying psychologist!
>> No. 75530
>Your hard work is what is helping! You're doing great!
Thanks again! It just helps when people believe in me.

>You're here most Fridays, and you tweet me every day. <33
I try to :D <3
And I wanted to ask you if you like this kind of music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HRAkjXqrxv8
I love it and it makes me feel better.
Not only this song, I mean the entire genre.
>> No. 75531
Hm... well, thanks for that info... Whoever you are... XP <3
>> No. 75532
Have you watched Parks and Rec season 6 yet. The show will be ending next month.

I've been rewatching The Office on Netflix. It's my favorite TV show. Do you like it?
>> No. 75533
Catie I liked your videos with Brizzy, and I liked the video on your channel a lot better. I didn't like that filter thing you guys used for Brizzys video.
>> No. 75534
>You're here most Fridays, and you tweet me every day. <33
by the way those Fridays are the best! :) <3
>> No. 75535
>Miss Marple
who dat

Who is Miss Marple!? Have you ever heard of the well-known crime writer Agatha Christie? Miss Marple is one of her characters, an old woman in the late 1940s/early 1950s, who solves crimes. Agatha Christie also did Poirot, the fat Belgian private detective with the suit and immacculate moustache. He 'uses ze leetle grey cells'
>> No. 75536
I'm just a nobody
>> No. 75537
So, Catie. One time, you said that you'd never heard any Björk. :O! I was like, "What!? Next you're gonna tell me you haven't heard any Portishead either! :O!" XP XP XP
>> No. 75538
Last year, she hadn't heard of haggis. Not this time, though XD
>> No. 75539
we are learning so much from Catie, and she is learning things from us too :o
>> No. 75540
I like the 60's Miss Marple movies. She was an awesome character. a bit the same way I feel about Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce as the definitive Holmes and Watson.
>> No. 75541
Talking of haggis, I recently heard it's actually illegal in the US! Go figure.
>> No. 75542
Hey, Catie. Would you ever consider going back to school? Lol... (college didn't quite work out for me. I didn't graduate, even though I went for 4 and a half years, but, then again, I was majoring in Electrical Engineering. :/)
>> No. 75543
My mum prefers the BBC drama series that was on not too long ago. Personally, not that I really like crime dramas, I do think Poirot is pretty good as a tv series. David Suchet is amazing as that character. Did you know, he created the character's walk by trying to walk while keeping a coin between his buttocks!
>> No. 75544
Aye Haggis is guid fur whit ails ye noo.
S'ony a wee totty bit o sausage 'n 'at, nae borra.
>> No. 75545
Always liked Hercule Poirot more.

Heloo Catie!
>> No. 75546
you have been so fussy lately! always trying to pick fights!

Well that's what you get, silly. I always try to answer the questions that I can. If I ignore you it either means I can't answer, or you're being rude. If you're not being rude, then I can't answer. ;p

I've gotten rather used to it, over time.

I mean, I don't think Svetlana is the kind of girl who makes videos for people. But I have certainly thought about svetlana videos with Maus in mind. ;p

I know, I'm just the worst.

Yes, he remembered me this time. :3

of course you can, it doesn't bother me in the slightest.

Mm, maybe. Seems a little boring. Most of my "old" videos are only two or three years old.

ur groz

Ask anyone here: you must have patience. I sometimes take my time, but I always do my best.

I shall wait until it is all done before I watch it.
I've not watched the office much, but what little I had seen I didn't really care for.

Oh? How come?

that's awesome! :D

i will absolutely tell you that.

>> No. 75547
What are some things you want to do this year Catie?
>> No. 75548
Hoots, mon! Ye speak tha trooth!
>> No. 75549
Alright guys, time for me to run some errands and then dinner time! Love you very much! See you next week! <33
>> No. 75550
File 142206494043.jpg - (889.76KB , 2545x3481 , n1K0SCm.jpg )
your face is fussy
>> No. 75551
>Oh? How come?

I would have loved to see you two making silly faces without that filter. It would have made the video a lot better
>> No. 75552
oh snap

<3 bye Catie. thanks for posting, and good luck on AHN
>> No. 75553
See ya, Catie! Was awesome catching up, and as always, thanks sooo much for posting with us. It really means a lot! :)
Have a great weekend!
I shall be busy tucking into my wonnnderful, wonderful haggis!
>> No. 75554
Bye, good luck.
>> No. 75555
>Mm, maybe. Seems a little boring. Most of my "old" videos are only two or three years old.

That might be true, and would probably be a quite short video too.'
Nevermind ;)
>> No. 75556
Cop yon walkin' carpet kens whit it's aboot.
Good on ye Mister Chew.
>> No. 75557
Bye Catie. Take care and have a nice weekend.
>> No. 75558
Daw, she's bolted
>> No. 75559
Och, ya me wee bestie n' nae mistake!
>> No. 75560
See you then Catie! bb love you!
>> No. 75561
Shit, man. Were you talking about the British office, or the 'Merican? XP. I saw the first 4 episodes of the British version and it didn't quite resonate with me...
>> No. 75563
i liek da Hobbit version.
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