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File 142083269938.jpg - (17.22KB , 500x209 , image.jpg )
75431 No. 75431
Hi guys!
So I have good news and I have bad news.
The bad news is that I am unable to post today. :c
The good news is that I can't post because I'm driving to LA to do some collabs! :D

I know I've been missing a lot of Friday visits lately. But don't worry! We shall return to our regularly scheduled visits soon enough.

I love you all so much! Thank you for your patience!

Pic unrelated but isn't it the spookiest thing you've ever seen?
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>> No. 75432
File 142083569366.png - (186.71KB , 640x480 , Happy 6th Anniversary!.png )
See you around, punk.
>> No. 75433
Yay collabs! :D Sounds great have a lot of fun! See you next week then. <3

And yea. He really looks like a fish now. A very muscular fish.
>> No. 75434
I like the shaven version.

Salut Catie!
>> No. 75435
Don't worry Catie, just hope you have fun!
>> No. 75436
That's great Catie :D I can't wait to see them and have fun. Don't worry about not posting lately <3
>> No. 75437
pic is 2spooky4me
>> No. 75438
Have fun Catie :3
>> No. 75439
catie should collab with postmodern jukebox
>> No. 75440

Your new collaboration deserves a new banner! Prepare for incoming BrizzyVoices and CatieCuteness.
>> No. 75441
whoa :D
>> No. 75442
>> No. 75443
Catie should collab with Tabby.
>> No. 75565
He looks like a thumb. He IS a thumb. *Couluvugcatieh*
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