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No. 75413
Thank you for all you have done here in Montana this past year. You have time and time again, my daughter so happy and laughing tis something so special.
And you have taught this grumpy OLD man to see the spark of talent and givingness that you show in all your work.
From my whole family's heart to a blessed 2015 we wish you the best and can't wait to see you again!

Your one and only "MontanaFan"

(These are my 2 last 2014 Youtube posts, I would be so honored if you would take a moment from your hectic schedule to take a peek)

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>> No. 75416
He's not going anywhere...
>> No. 75419
I done goofed
>> No. 75421
I read someone else's post about leaving, then I saw the words 'last posts'
*slow clap* Good job me, good job
>> No. 75425
File 142018297477.jpg - (32.30KB , 685x514 , xmas2014.jpg )
Nope "MontanaFan" is stuck here. Yes I'm some what greedy and selfish wishing Catie would post more, but then I remind myself she is and Has done a ton for us. So I'll just lurk around and pester you all hahahaha.

Those Youtube videos aren't me leaving just trying to make great WebLogs like Catie. Take a peek and *suggest* how I can improve *GRIN*

All of yours,
>> No. 75426
File 142019890954.jpg - (16.29KB , 235x253 , image.jpg )
You keep the chan alive d00d
Belated happy new year!
>> No. 75427
  It is all of us fans who keep this alive. Not speaking of the "challenged" ones who want to date/marry "ooyeygooyey" with Catie. But us, who understand how hard AT 22!!! she is working!
The Greeks had over 100 definitions of the word "LOVE". So yes in a Geeky Greeky way I love Catie, her talent is amazing, she always (be it slightly delayed from time/time) focuses on her fans. And to me the most amazing most wonderful thing about Catie and her "Crew hehehe" is she can make my 8 year old daughter smile and laugh!

Always and forever yours and Hers,

PS-Embedded video is just a quick drop I forgot to add for the end of 2014 please watch and enjoy, and let the blessings in ALL of our cups overflow in the 1-5!
>> No. 75428
Says it isn't me who keeps this alive it is all of us true fans....

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