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No. 75411
  Catie and crew, I hope you got all your holiday dreams to come true. And make 2015 another wonderful year for us blessed and all. (And to more cute reindeer pictures LOL)

From a horrid winter storm area here in Montana. Expecting well over 5 inches of the white powdery stuffs.
Your one and only, "MontanaFan"

http://youtu.be/w7uB9YhWkQE (reminds me of you)
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>> No. 75422
>Expecting well over 5 inches of the white powdery stuffs.

Don't OD there, bro. Sounds like it'll be a wild night though.
>> No. 75424
File 14201825352.jpg - (17.73KB , 556x417 , snowcar.jpg )
Would do is freeze and break off my nose!!
Besides this snow/ice white stuff is much worse than "Colombian Powders" LOL

Now if we get get Flutter Shy to try some "Colombian Dancing Aide" THAT would be the sight!

From everyone's,
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