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File 141898021656.jpg - (969.67KB , 2592x1936 , image.jpg )
75381 No. 75381
Ciao Catie! Just so you know, if you'll ever want to have a cruise, on January 23 you'd be more than welcome to join me in LA!

Also how is everything going? I have no time nor YouTube here to follow anything.
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>> No. 75382

Isn't that the Love Boat?
>> No. 75389
Yup, it is!
>> No. 75392
File 14191042631.png - (967.08KB , 995x779 , 1412316305855.png )
>if you'll ever want to have a cruise

I hear the Allure of the Seas is great fun this time of year..
>> No. 75393
Allure of the Seas is always fun :3
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