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File 141841604341.jpg - (62.60KB , 472x568 , 1371618308502.jpg )
75258 No. 75258
Posting at 3:30 <3
See you then!
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>> No. 75324
I did indeed. B)
I have everything.

I did listen to the song, I believe. But no I didn't get a chance to watch the star wars thing. Did you? Is it any good? O:

lav :3
>> No. 75325
I'm always looking forward to seeing your sweet lil face on a video, is there a new one on the way anytime soon?
>> No. 75326
By whom? That's interesting. Unless it was Billboard, my pick for woman of the year would be Malala Yousafzai... Catie would be up there, though. XD
>> No. 75327
Catie are you still excited for mlp season 5?
>> No. 75328
>lav :3
love? then shieeeeeeettttt I have enough to give to you for the next million Christmas's

Captcha: icrum ... I think apple is invading the chan :o
>> No. 75329
File 141842936736.gif - (849.49KB , 245x245 , tumblr_ndlsfyL3HG1rshsako2_250_zpsldzwvuie.gif )
All Too Well, right? Did you liek? I know it's a lot of fans' favorite.

And I did watch the Start Wars thing dood. I told you that. You just ignore me cuz ur mean.
>> No. 75330
>remind me on the twitter, and I'll see if I can figure it out. I'm really sorry!
I will do later :)
>And no, no special reason. :p
oh ok it seemed so. ^^

Have you ever played or tried Star Wars games like Star Wars: Battlefront or something like that?
>> No. 75331
I gotta get but I'll see ya next time, I terterly lerve yer!
>> No. 75332
The anyhoo video where you address anyone in a motel room while talking about bodies stuffed in matresses cracks me up "mwahahahahaha"
Just thought I'd say.
>> No. 75333
Catie do you still draw? I wish you had the time to draw for us sometime again.
>> No. 75334
I've seen on twitter that you and the Fine Bros. occasionally tweet each other about missing each other. What has prevented you from appearing on the show?
>> No. 75335
I cant't wait for your new video. I know its going to be so awesome. :)
>> No. 75336
oh yeah Catie are you going to be in that fine bros movie?
>> No. 75337

erm… i don't believe… so o________o


oh yes yes yes, it's all coming back to me.
Ehmm, it was uh, not my favorite. .___. i'm sowee.
i don't ignore u on purpose ;___;

>> No. 75338
  Oh. Hey. Catie! Ya know, if you have time, I think I've been trying to get you to listen to this song for over a year... XP
It's so beautiful it makes me sick. Lol... XD
>> No. 75339
I'm gonna guess time and the ~400 miles between them
>> No. 75340
what are you more excited for mlp season 5 or the new star wars movie?
>> No. 75341
File 141842981155.jpg - (541.30KB , 1280x1291 , 0iE5s0i.jpg )
u suck tbh
>> No. 75342
I must admit. I'm kind of excited about a new a new hopeee video coming out in the near future.
>> No. 75343
I'm more excited for your new ANH video than I am for Christmas.
>> No. 75344
yeah, but i'm not particularly keen on video games. .__.


i don't know that i recall that joke o__o
but good, I'm glad you like it, lol. :p

I'm sure that I shall someday. I do still draw, occasionally.

aaahm, I've just been really busy this past year, that's all. :p

Uhh, not as far as I know. :p

Listening. It's very pretty so far. Thank you for sharing it. (: <3
>> No. 75345
I must say that I'm looking forward to the new ANH video you keep teasing us with :p
>> No. 75346
When I watch a bit of animation i worked on in one of the movies or tv series. I instantly remember what i was dong at the time. Is it the same for you and your videos?
>> No. 75347
Shit, I ran out of things to ask or mention, wat do?
>> No. 75348
Catie have you tried breakfast at taco bell yet?
>> No. 75349
Lol. So glad you finally got to hear it! XD definitely something about how the vocal melody in the chorus deviates from the scale... It just gets to me every time... X'D
I'm glad you like it! XD
>> No. 75350
Any idea how many Animalist videos are left? We think it's over and then a new video appears the following week.
>> No. 75351
we have a winner

probably the new star wars.

;___; i kno

u gais pls
don't get too excited
you might not even like it
>> No. 75352
>yeah, but i'm not particularly keen on video games. .__.
Too bad. There is a new one coming out someday 2015 or something and I'm super excited for it. ^^
The Trailer was so nice! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2yKv45X_OIo
>> No. 75353
Oh yeah I was going to ask...What do you think about the Red Hot Chili Peppers, do you like their music or is it something you would skip if they were on your playlist?
>> No. 75354
Where do you think we are mostly going to see you in 2015?
Can you tell at this point?
>> No. 75355
>you might not even like it

I'm sure I'll love it :D don't worry. you worry too much sometimes
>> No. 75356
File 14184305001.jpg - (404.45KB , 2408x3448 , KAGzx.jpg )
So how have you been keeping yourself busy the past week anyway? Any plans for the immediate future, so long as you're not at discovery? Getting another job, finding somewhere to act, youtubing full time, going back to school?
>> No. 75357
yes indeed! Most of the time anyway. There were definitely times when I was filming so much that it's all kind of a blur.

give hugs x3 /hug

i tried it like once.
not really a fan

(: <3 yeah man, thank you for sharing. sorry it took so long for me to listen to it.

lol i have no clue. :p
>> No. 75358
You are not a person that disappoints, stop talking such nonsense :p
>> No. 75359
Odds are pretty slim with this bunch of NOT liking a video you've done.
You're poopin' out gold Ma'am.
>> No. 75360
>don't worry. you worry too much sometimes
^especially this. XD
>> No. 75361
Aight guys, I'm gonna go get ready for din din now. <33
I love youu!
see you soon. x3
>> No. 75362
is this new video a christmas themed video?
>> No. 75363
>give hugs x3 /hug

Great idea! Thanks for the hug :3 /hug to you and /hug to everyone else here <3
>> No. 75364
I hopeee you have a nice dinner and have fun <3 ilu too
>> No. 75365
well now i have to like it whether i want to or not... >:|
>> No. 75366
Bye Catie, have a nice dinner and a great weekend <3 lav ya
>> No. 75367
yea I don't thing that is possible Catie. Or at least very hard.
>> No. 75368
bye o/
>> No. 75369
Bye Catie. Take care and have fun with your friends.
>> No. 75370
Bye Catie,

Have a wonderful evening!
>> No. 75371
love you too <3
See ya next time!
>> No. 75373
Damn it.
>> No. 75374
What the hell is wrong with me!!?!? I forgot!! I FORGOT!! I EFFING FORGOT!!

Ah, shit.
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