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File 14167830128.jpg - (35.24KB , 400x331 , Still waiting for darius s nerf _3a4cac095bb8e348d.jpg )
75218 No. 75218
Meanwhile on anewhopeee
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>> No. 75219
I miss ANH too, but I know it's gonna come back and I'm happy with the content she's doing now. All I can do is support her
>> No. 75220
Does it really matter which channel, show or account that we our dose of catie from?
I'm with this fanon:
but I get the sentiment.

She's juggling work, family, friends, school, etc like a boss.
If she had to take a year off or even just wanted to quit it all I'd understand (although I'd be disappointed).
She's a trooper and a entertainer though, so I don't think that will happen.
>> No. 75221
>> No. 75222
I'll wait forever for Catie
>> No. 75236
File 141738420071.png - (804.72KB , 1280x800 , 683.png )
This was a year when Catie worked with other professional people. I think is a huge step forward toward her goals, and it's made her a better performer.

Catie made that one video where she took apart her wall, and wasn't that a sad, sweet, brave moment?

A newhopeee is all Catie, and that makes it personal and powerful, and still a place where you can find a shitload of great videos, an amazing record of an amazing person's amazing self education. "I had a car once" still moves me in ways that i can't explain. Such vulnerability and such power. I want to hold her with one arm, and protect my face with the other. Defiantly proving that she doesn't have an ass, and then she turns around and DEM EYES!

I guess I'm just happy with the way it's all unfolding. She's smarter than she is cute, she knows what to do, and she's doing it. I look at the footage from the Rick Roll preprepreproduction party, and you can see how much smarter and more mature she is than just a couple of years ago.

In the future, I look forward to seeing Catie combine the raw power and presence of the homemade anewhopeee channel with the polish and professionalism of the Discovery material, and it's going to be really something.
>> No. 75237
>and it's going to be really something.

I really excited to see that :)
>> No. 75239
File 14175554191.jpg - (154.11KB , 560x373 , 20090923_mika_560x373.jpg )
Can't we just love Catie?
Is'wat'ima'gonna do.
No expectations.
>> No. 75240
of course <3 we are just excited for the future
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