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File 141659531321.jpg - (15.35KB , 236x314 , 65b0c2a7c31650b8e7ba10b9e2f185cb.jpg )
75201 No. 75201
Hi guys,

So I'm not entirely sure what is going on today...
Because we had so much fun with the hangout last week I was kind of planning on doing it again this week, especially because next week is Thanksgiving and so I won't be posting on Friday of next week.

But there's wonky things going on (unrelated to me) that I'm not at liberty to discuss that might prevent us from streaming from Anyhoo (at least for now). Those wonky things also are 100% preventing us from making a new episode today, which is super fucking lame.
Worst case scenario I'll be posting here (or forum, I forget which week it is, just remind me) around 3:00. Maybe I'll live stream from ANewHopeee? We'll see.

In any case, I love you guys so much, thank you for your continued love and support.
Also here is a kitten in a punkin, which is adorable despite Halloween being over.
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>> No. 75202
don't worry about anything Catie <3 I hopeee you're doing good. Also this is forum week :3 but no worries
>> No. 75203
holy shit a live stream on ANH would be epic. Like we could forum post and you could live stream it instead of answering us on the forum. anyway I hope you get to relax this weekend
>> No. 75204
Ooh, that's an interesting idea.

BTW Catie, if you for posting instead of streaming, it's technically forum week.
>> No. 75205
Hey. Look. I don't know what week it is. All I know is that last week was supposed to be forum week, but you did the live show instead. What does that mean? Lol! (OMG! When I first typed "live show," it auto-corrected to "love sore"! Ick! LMAO!)
>> No. 75206
I meant last week was supposed to be CHAN week! Not forum week. Plz excuse error. Thx. XD
>> No. 75207
File 141660154182.jpg - (14.31KB , 212x200 , image.jpg )
You know what's more adorable than a kitten in a pumpkin?
Two kittens in a pumpkin.
>> No. 75208
File 141660174882.jpg - (528.22KB , 956x855 , url.jpg )
>> No. 75209
File 141660589479.gif - (376.03KB , 500x264 , raining_david_tennant[1].gif )
>Worst case scenario I'll be posting here around 3:00
It's midnight in Poland, FUCK. I have so many questions to ask and always it's too late :/ (pic related)
>(or forum, I forget which week it is, just remind me)
Last week should be Chan week, tho there was a livestream, so this week is Chan. I guess.
>> No. 75210
gah, just tough it out and stop complaining. If she does post at 3 it's only an hour away anyway.
>> No. 75211
whoa dat new banner :)
>> No. 75212
I feel for you bro
Damn timezones
>> No. 75213
File 141669460827.jpg - (6.74KB , 133x200 , monte.jpg )
Catie, even if you have to use messenger pigeons We all here support and Love ya!
>> No. 75214
File 141674528744.jpg - (111.46KB , 500x570 , image.jpg )
Messenger pigeons would actually be pretty cool, if they weren't diseased
Messenger crows maybe? GoT style
>> No. 75215
File 141675131916.jpg - (53.53KB , 1280x720 , maxresdefault.jpg )
I find that swallows are better adapted for delivering items.
African swallows at least, but the problem is that they're non-migratory.
>> No. 75216
File 141675327892.jpg - (73.17KB , 600x710 , image.jpg )
What variety of african swallow?
>> No. 75217
File 141675979168.jpg - (99.99KB , 500x333 , tumblr_lpu6xyq6zf1qd0ksjo1_500.jpg )
Coastal of course.
Great natural strength built up.
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