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75151 No. 75151
Hi Catie,

I hurd you might be having troubles with the big corporate working employee worlds. I come from the future to tell you...

Always remember, even that first God given job from Heaven might have a very black lining...

Do what you really love to do. You will never look back or regreat it. There really is a time to walk away, and even run away!

The only reason we evar watched Animalist or Anyhoo is because you where there. Not because they paid you to be there.

I suggest you do you OWN thing! Because no one else does YOUR thing...

It is nice getting a regular paycheck and all. But when the time comes to escape, you need to do that too...

Realize, you are not who your are because of them. You are who you are simply because of YOU!


Your Army.
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Where is this even coming from?
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