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No. 75017
  Hi guys, pretty busy day today so I'm not sure when I'm going to be able to post. Probably a bit later in the day. :3
I'll try to keep you updated as best I can.

In the meantime, check out this adorable video. I'm pretty sure I covered this rhino on Animalist at one point. He saw his mommy get poached and couldn't sleep alone. He made a friend! :3
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>> No. 75093
Since you are in the industry already, where do you see yourself in the next few years?
>> No. 75094
>haha, congratulations! :3
thanks, that means much to me <3

the last week was for me like work work work. super uninteresting boring work.
Do you know those weeks? Good it is friday.
I'm in love with friday, it has only good sites. Weekend, you are posting, time for making videos..
>> No. 75095
Not currently, but both shows are going through a weird transition phase. Nothing that you guys need to be aware of, nothing will be changing to you. Things just tend to get a little wonky during the transition. :p

lol you guys remembered the date omg

OMG i don't even know o____o
that's so exciting
what are good mousie names?
hmmm. I would name them like Forrest and Jenny or Bonnie and Clyde. Some kind of pair name.

oh gotcha. yeah I don't follow that show. I couldn't get into the first episode, it seemed dumb. I've been told if you stick it out it gets better but I don't have time to wait for something to get gud. :p

congratulations! That's really cool that you get to go see your favorite artist! :D
nope, still saving it for Mika. x3

Congratulations that's so awesome! Aww, I miss theatre so much.

I do indeed. :3
>> No. 75096
I know you've been busy but what can I do to see a WGB on Capuchin monkeys? Is it too difficult of an animal to cover? I can always pick a different one D:
>> No. 75097
Catie, since you're into animals a lot, do you watch many wildlife documentaries? Last night was the first episode of David Attenborough's new series Life Story and it was incredible! I was wondering if it's being shown in the US, and if so, did you/are you going to watch it?
>> No. 75098
File 141419397597.png - (50.90KB , 477x715 , walter white.png )
Catie did you see that Walter White was the first to get a comment on one of your videos? I forget what video it was now.

If you could change the ending to breaking bad how would you?
>> No. 75099
Good ol' chicken soup's the ticket for your sniffles and vitamin C and water and sleep and a nice hot bath and have somebody frighten you suddenly.
>> No. 75100
>Congratulations that's so awesome! Aww, I miss theatre so much.
I'm in "Guys and Dolls" (: and aweh ;^; you're gonna be there in theatre soon enough, right now is a stepping stone c:
>> No. 75101
Well, we can't all like the same things I guess :P
>> No. 75102
File 141419419175.jpg - (278.42KB , 634x1024 , 140223175717.jpg )
They're both gonna be females though. hmmmm.

Taylor and Ella? :3

What else what else what else?
>> No. 75103
lol well lets just hope that I don't get sick. :p

No, my hair is very fine. :p All kinds of hair has it's issues.

Sleep well! Byee <33

the plants are fake (ᅌᴗᅌ)

punkin spice sumtings
specifically punkin spice muffins
the costumes are coming along nicely. :3

I liked Rainbow Rocks eons more than Equestria Girls. I hated that movie. I can't even go into why, because I hope to do a recapped on both of those one day. but ugh

i love you too fanon :3

I have heard of them, but i've never played. o:
oh dear. idk if I have the time to get addicted to a game. o__o
>> No. 75104
Well I've got to get back to work.
It was nice not missing this.

I hope you aren't getting sick and get to see Pocky this weekend.
>> No. 75105
File 14141943063.jpg - (158.36KB , 1600x1200 , plshalp.jpg )
>congratulations! That's really cool that you get to go see your favorite artist! :D
Thank you, her music is not for everyone, but I'm sure I'll have a great time!

>nope, still saving it for Mika. x3
>> No. 75106
I started reading that book about Dewey the library cat you mentioned in the video 9 Cats That Shouldve Been Internet Famous. I'm not too far in yet, but it's enjoyable so far.

Christopher found an Animalist video a month or 2 ago that was unlisted called Welcome To Animalist News. Do you know why it's unlisted and how does it have so many views?
>> No. 75107
Catie do you remember that draw my life picture thing you did a long time ago? If you were gonna update that today what would you have it say?
>> No. 75108
hahah, just keep tweeting at me. <333

I usually watch them once they're out on Netflix. o: I'd love to watch it. I hope it comes to the US.

Mmm, I don't know that I would. It was so good as it was.

I think those are perfect names for your little mice! :D
>> No. 75109
>> No. 75110
hmm was it not the channel trailer, that you see if you havn't subscribed?
>> No. 75111
well, keep warm and watered anyway and sleep, sleep cures all.
>> No. 75112
this might sound stupid but the majestic screen cap you tweeted this week on wolfs was my favorite one so far.
>> No. 75113
Byee! <3


It's the channel trailer. :p People who aren't subscribed see it when they come to the channel.

mm, dunno. probably just some stuff about how i'm constantly working o_o
>> No. 75114
Catie, do you ever get those moments of random creative burst, like an amazing melody or idea for a drawing?
>> No. 75115
What are you gonna do for Halloween Catie? I'm really excited to see your costume.
>> No. 75116
Oh is that why? If you are subscribed you don't see the video? I guess that would explain the views.
>> No. 75117
>I usually watch them once they're out on Netflix. o: I'd love to watch it. I hope it comes to the US.

Oh, I really hope it comes out on Netflix, then. I was seriously blown away - and that's only the first episode. Have you seen much of Attenborough's other wildlife series? Life on Earth was brilliant/ A couple of my favs are Life in the Freezer (which I used to watch as a kid, when I got sick) and Blue Planet.
>> No. 75118
File 141419487612.jpg - (567.34KB , 1320x736 , dSkzCvdGzhsycn9ZhX0pNsBn7mYRYtWtkzyMo-Dmv4H3zbgGPD.jpg )
The Nightmare Nights MLP convention in Dallas is taking place as we speak, so I guess we can safely say that the Laina collab won't be happening anytime this year :L

Ah well, there's always next year!^^
>> No. 75119
File 141419489040.png - (68.81KB , 412x351 , 1388296256067.png )
>probably just some stuff about how i'm constantly working

;___; why don't they give you a break?
>> No. 75120
This American time zone posting is definitely problematic.
>> No. 75121
haha, why would that be stupid? :p
i'm glad you like it.

I'm going to a friend's party. o:

Yes indeed. :3

yes I have, he's great.
Life and Blue Planet come to mind. o:
>> No. 75122
is it over? is she gone?
>> No. 75123
The hair talk made me think of it all of a sudden that I cut my hair short for the first time in like 8 years last saturday and wow, I didn't realise how much people disliked my long hair untill I cut it off xD
>> No. 75124
Alright you guys! Time for me to get going~
I love you much! <3 Have a good weekend! <3333
>> No. 75125
>> No. 75126
You're prolly going to get off soon so I'll just let you know I hope you have a great weekend, can't wait to see your Halloween costume, and thank you again for everything that you do.
>> No. 75127
>haha, why would that be stupid?

idk :/ I worry about saying stupid things a lot
>> No. 75128
Bye Catie. Hope you feel better and get to hang out with your friend. Thank you for talking to us today. Take care. <3
>> No. 75129
>yes I have, he's great.
>Life and Blue Planet come to mind. o:

You really can't beat David Attenborough. He's a national treasure.
>> No. 75130
>Yes indeed. :3
One of the major perks of having a creative mind indeed. :3 But when there's a million things flooding the mind, it's like a computer with a million tabs open and you still can't find the one playing that damn song stuck in your head xD
>> No. 75131
buy catie <3
>> No. 75132
bye Catie <3 I hopeee you feel better and get to hang out with Pocky
>> No. 75133
Now when it comes to series.
I'm still watching star trek over again.
this, braking bad and stargate are the only good series i know. i think ^^ i just can't find any other series that is that awesome. what do you think is good catie ? :)
>> No. 75134
Bye! D:
>Have a good weekend!
Right back atcha!
>> No. 75135
This is the longest time before Catie posts again
>> No. 75136
Bye, Catie! Have a lovely, relaxing weekend & I hope you'll be well enough to see Pocky! <3
>> No. 75137
Hey Catie. It's been a while since I've been able to post here or the forum. Life gets crazy sometimes, I'm sure you know that. What are your plans for Halloween?
>> No. 75138
too bad for us, byyyyyeeeeee <3
love you and can't wait for next week :)
>> No. 75139
Bye, Catie! Have an amazing weekend, hope your sniffles go away! (: <3
>> No. 75140
Every second that ticks by brings you a second closer to the next time she posts :)
>> No. 75141
Yup missed it oh wellz see ya next Catie ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
>> No. 75142
File 141419711367.png - (84.41KB , 257x291 , 1413933621668.png )
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