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File 141360398617.jpg - (50.39KB , 370x464 , vic.jpg )
75006 No. 75006
Y Catie no post today? Did I miss something?
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>> No. 75007
There was a war in space, and she had to settle it.
Something about the Intergalactic Squrrel Federation over using the Star-Studded Space Rainbow Bridge to the point that it was causing congestion around Serious B Major and Galactic Central Point.
A fight broke out and (non-earth) persons (unnamed) started throwing transdimensional ice cream scoops at each other (which appear as hodukens in our simplistic 3D space) which ended in a solar confetti bath.
Anyhoo, she'll be back when she's back.
I suggest holding tight and watching more of DDN associates and their affiliated channels.
>> No. 75008
It was forum week.
She'll post here next week.
>> No. 75009
Oh ok, I thought last week was forum week, but I don't go on there so I guess I wouldn't know.
>> No. 75010
Yeah, last week was originally forum week, but Catie was too busy to post, so this week was changed into forum week instead :\
>> No. 75011
File 141365775812.gif - (169.78KB , 180x180 , 25.gif )
>Anyhoo, she'll be back
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