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No. 74879
  Hi gais. <3 I'm hoping to post at 4pm. I'll keep you as updated as I can.

In the meantime, I hope that you'll check out and share this video. I'm rather proud of it, and you guys know I wouldn't share it if I didn't think you'd like it-- or at the very least is good information to know.

I love you all soo much! <3 Thank you for everything that you've done for me!
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>> No. 74926
hi catie. i had something i wanted to ask you/talk about but i can't remember it right now... >:|
>> No. 74927
>Thank you for everything that you've done for me!

we should all be thanking you Catie. You've done so much for us <3
>> No. 74928
Sometimes I watch it on my phone through the curtain... it's hanging on, um, a clotheshanger...

Darn it, chewie! By "tea," did you mean what we yanks would call "dinner"? Lol. I believe you've mentioned that before. Lol...
>> No. 74929
Hi Catie,
Weren't you going to take a picture holding the Internet Goddess Award trophey?
>> No. 74930
>That's phenomenal! I'm so glad to hear you've had a good night. :3

Ikr! I can't believe it was just meant as a thank you for when me and my parents had looked after my brother's dog Freddie, when he's gone on holiday/days out.

Oh, I tried to ask this last week, but you left just as I posted the question: have you seen any of the new Doctor Who, yet? And if so, what do you think of it?
>> No. 74931
>Darn it, chewie! By "tea," did you mean what we yanks would call "dinner"? Lol. I believe you've mentioned that before. Lol...

Lol! In this context, I'm referring to the food version of tea :P
>> No. 74932
Catie me and my mom have been watching breaking bad together, and this weekend we are finally going to watch the last few episodes :O
>> No. 74933
File 141237902237.jpg - (68.89KB , 553x432 , paa_147b.jpg )
Forget Gilmore Girls or watever anyone else recommends from Netflix. You need to watch Parks and Rec season 6. It was added a little while ago. The season overall was good, but I thought the season finale was awesome. I for some reason didn't watch the finale when it originally aired and just watched it a couple days ago. I know that there is a season 7, but after watching the season 6 finale, I had to double check and make sure the series was indeed continuing. It turns out season 7 will be the final season and it's been shortened to 13 episodes. Very sad about that.

Li'l Sebastian we miss you!
>> No. 74934
"bbq" nice name
I have had a hamster named purina
>> No. 74935
For a second I thought catie's OP was ANH video. My heart D:
>> No. 74936
I hope everything works out for you. But yeah, I'm sure you know to be respectful of her relationship. :p

No inside scoop yet. (:
I love you too! <3

I suppose so. :p

...in the shower? do people do that?

Aww, i'm sorry to hear that. :c I hope things get better for you.
Aagh, it sucks so much when you wants a kitty but can't have one. ;__;

she is very cute. Aww, her name is Kitty? ;___;
I miss my Kitty.

Lol I know the feeling.
I feel so distracted. I'm just sitting next to them, but like, still.

Sort of. I've gone fabric shopping. o:
>> No. 74937
File 141237959231.jpg - (1.19MB , 3472x2604 , 100_2102.jpg )
He was named that because my mom found him as a kitten in front of a BBQ restaurant. He probably would have died there if she hadn't picked him up. It was extremely hot (this was in Puerto Rico during the summer) and he couldn't walk. He was born with a back problem. He got better but his back/spine has a curve to it.
>> No. 74938
where did you come from? xD It's like you fell out of the sky, with shoops of my head on animal bodies.
well, I told you guys that I could post at four, I didn't know we were going to have kittens in the office. But this is really the only time I have to post. So I'd rather post now than not at all.

Very close to then. o:

Oh yeah.

I haven't seen any of the new Doctor Who. O:

I know! I super want to watch it! It's soooo guuuud.
>> No. 74939
>Lol I know the feeling.
>I feel so distracted. I'm just sitting next to them, but like still.
Yeah, it'd be difficult for me to just not look over at them. Planning to get some sleep this weekend? I sure am lol :p The video you posted for your OP is very informational, you're very passionate about it in the clip itself. I'd be like that too if I was trying to get a major point across. On an unrelated note, I'm pretty stoked that my band's new song is almost done. :D
>> No. 74940
you could watch regular show on netflix
>> No. 74941
Why of course! Lol. That's what I meant by "the right thing"! XD [One thing I forgot to mention is that she has star wars bedsheets. Lol! Eh... I want to assure you that the way I found that out was completely innocent. Lol. But you can see how I would become attracted to her. Lol]


yeah, I thought season 6 was pretty great. XD
>> No. 74942

Gee, I wonder who this is.
>> No. 74943
Catie what do you think of the breaking bad spin off with Saul? I think it takes place before breaking bad. I wish it took place after instead.
>> No. 74944
I'm not Jelly :P
>> No. 74945
>I haven't seen any of the new Doctor Who. O:

o.O Waaat?? Now I can't ask your opinion of Peter Capaldi!
Talking of sci-fi tv series, are you gonna be watching Star Wars: Rebels? It premiered this evening & I recorded it, just in case it's any good - even though it's technically a kid's show.
>> No. 74946
>> No. 74947
File 141238035167.jpg - (102.66KB , 640x640 , 10598668_705447799544123_1482712955_n.jpg )
I'm going to occasionally ask you if you've watched it yet because I want to know what you think of the season finale.

Amberly posted this photo on Instagram. She tagged Aaron in the picture (which one is Arron by the way?) and I saw that his last name is Zaragoza. Is he related to Steve Zaragoza?

Did you love the finale? I was so surprised when the show did what it did. That's why I had to double check to see if there was another season.
>> No. 74948
Catie have you heard that season 4 of adventure time is out on dvd now? since you don't have cable? Is there any reason you don't have cable?
>> No. 74949
That's fantastic! Hope you share it with us when you're done. (:

lol if I had time I would.
But recently work and the internet ware really all I have time for. I've been trying to get more sleep.

Hahaha, yeah she sounds pretty great. :p

I haven't seen it yet. O:

Probably not, honestly. I didn't watch Clone Wars, even though I've heard it's good.
>> No. 74950
Hi, Catie.
Your life since school, how do you like this wild ride so far?

And do you have plans to do theater in the future?
>> No. 74951
Well I already knew there was gonna be a time jump, but, yeah, I guess I was surprised that they kept that department in Pawnee. Lol. It was a great episode! XD

>> No. 74952
>I haven't seen it yet.

lol I know. It doesn't air until next year. But do you have any opinions on it?
>> No. 74953
It might be a weird question but do you know a song I can play on repeat for the rest of the night? Cuz I'm getting kinda bored of the songs I know now :/
>> No. 74954
Aaron is the one holding the chipmunk picture. He is not related to Steve, though I'm sure you can imagine he gets that all the time. :p

I know what I shall be purchasing at some point.
I don't have cable because it's too expensive and Netflix essentially renders it obsolete. I prefer to wait until I can binge watch something anyway.
>> No. 74955
I know your not posting yet but I don't think I will make your posting time. I am on my iphone and I'm on the Edge network so the pages will be loading ridiculously slow for me so that's why I will be missing your posting time. Hope you have a great weekend and get lotsa rest :3
I have been fine but I'm ready for the weekend and sleeping in :D
>> No. 74956
>That's fantastic! Hope you share it with us when you're done. (:
I will. :D The song is drawing lyrical inspiration from "Masquerade" in Phantom of the Opera, and instrumentally it is something you can dance to, headbang to, or both, whichever one you prefer. (: Once it's finished, we'll record it, and I'll share the SoundCloud link. Would you want me to tweet it to you when it's done? :3
>> No. 74957
it looks like your work as a nice kitchen. You could make a CETWC video at work :P
>> No. 74958
>Probably not, honestly. I didn't watch Clone Wars, even though I've heard it's good.

I saw a few episodes of Clone Wars & I hated it. It was really cringeworthy. I mean, yeah, it's a kid's show, but it really was shi...not very good. So I just hope Rebels isn't more of the same.
>> No. 74959
Alright guys, I gotta get going.
Sorry posting was kinda lame this week. I'm a little distracted, and tired. :p I love you all very much! <33
>> No. 74960
Do you still have more work to do after you get done posting? D:
>> No. 74961
File 141238099817.jpg - (46.27KB , 500x352 , __xXgiraffieWayneXx__.jpg )
im from shoops of your head on bodies heaven
glad you have iron will to have kept post at 4 and to not post not at all :^>
>> No. 74962
bye Catie <3 don't worry about it. I'm just glad you stopped by today. ilu and I hope you get lots of rest this weekend
>> No. 74963
Cringeworthy? That series is highly regarded. It's the best thing (not counting books) to come out of Star Wars since Return of the Jedi.
>> No. 74964
Bye, Catie! Have a great weekend, get plenty of sleep. :3 I will certainly share my band's song when it's finished. Bye! (:
>> No. 74965
See ya, Catie! Play with them kittehs some more, and make sure you get plenty of rest over the weekend.
Once again, thanks so much for taking the time to chat with us. Have a lovely weekend <3
>> No. 74966
Yeah, I agree that cable is obsolete with Netflix [in addition to Hulu and possibly amazon prime... lol] unless (like my dad) you're super into live sports. BLAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! XP
>> No. 74967
Bye Catie. Thank you for coming today. Take care and have a pleasant weekend.
>> No. 74968
and she's gone. This is the longest time before Catie posts again ;___;
>> No. 74969
Love you too, uh again heh see ya next week!
>> No. 74970
Bye! :c
Have a nice weekend! c:
>> No. 74971
>Cringeworthy? That series is highly regarded. It's the best thing (not counting books) to come out of Star Wars since Return of the Jedi.

I'm sorry, but battle droids shouldn't go 'AAAARRRGGGHHHH!!' when they die and be all hapless and stupid. Just ruins the believability.
Also, you leave ROTJ alone! It's my equal favourite, along with ESB. Sure, the Ewoks are a bit annoying, but I love the scenes on Tatooine, and the space battle against the second Death Star.
>> No. 74972
Bye Catie, have a nice day.

Hulu plus is the worst.
I guess regular Hulu is okay with the ads considering it is free.
And yep, Cable is just plain too expensive. The only reason people still pay for it is for the live sporting events. Besides, who has time to sit and watch TV enough to justify paying for cable?
>> No. 74973
File 141238148428.jpg - (33.73KB , 451x750 , 10345830_770997279637349_393475720442216098_n.jpg )
i had to cook dinner and mom was watching an interesting old moovy,im sorry Catie.
i will watch da vidya tho.
>> No. 74974
purina pecause she got out of the cage
>> No. 74975
You misunderstood what I said. I didn't say anything bad about it. I said that from everything that came out after it, Clone wars has been the best of them, though that's not true if we are including video games because then I'd have to say that Knights of the Old Republic was the best thing.
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