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File 141220328734.jpg - (57.78KB , 600x600 , __xXgoosieWayneXx__.jpg )
74865 No. 74865
not much activity on the c8ychans sans Friday;
are their any other, more active ktchans?
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>> No. 74866
well what do you want to talk about?
>> No. 74868
File 141220804576.png - (404.51KB , 991x674 , 1411179941768.png )
The forum has been more active that the chan for a while now.

As far as chans go unichan is faster, but it's hardly about Catie, and most of the people there don't like her anymore.

4chan's /b/ board has daily threads usually from 5pm EST to around 10, but if you're going to go there then you should probably download 4chan x to filter out trolls. You can also download namesync too, so you can post with a trip, and see other namefags.

8chan has a Boxxy board now. It was made like a week ago, and has like 50 posts total, so that's probably more than what this place gets in a week when Catie doesn't post, but it's still not a lot.
>> No. 74871
I started posting on 8chan, but then realized that it wasn't really anonymous at all since the mods can see the IP address on every post. Not for me I guess. Out of curiosity, who founded the Boxxy board?
>> No. 74872
Never mind, just read that they're currently working on fixing these privacy issues.
>> No. 74873
File 141226904676.jpg - (31.76KB , 441x248 , __xXcadieatatXx__.jpg )
oh you kno... cady stuff

oh yeah, forums are a thing that exists. your in the forum; is it a nice place?
I will expand horizons and enter those chans, even the hardly catie one and the trolle one with the namefriends. Thank you for the good advise.

privacy is such a sacred cow issue. put how much privace do you really need?
>> No. 74874
File 141227156170.jpg - (57.31KB , 480x360 , 1393371096087.jpg )
>how much privace do you really need?
Enough privacy to not have hundreds of random volunteering mods see my full IP address every time I post something on their boards?

It would've been different if I knew who the mods were, and could trust them, but on a site where anyone can make their own board and become a mod that isn't the case.
>> No. 74875
File 141227660797.jpg - (127.20KB , 1280x720 , __xXcanimeWayneXx__.jpg )
that's seems like not wanting too much privacy than.
I don't know much about hacking, but knowing peoples ips sounds like something a hacker would do.
I posted a screenpic that had my ip in it recently; am I going to be hacked?
>> No. 74876
I don't know who made the Boxxy board. I only post with a proxy on 8chan, so maybe I'm safe.

I have a forum account, but I never post. You should go there, and find out for yourself if you're going to like it or not.
>> No. 74878
File 141235299313.jpg - (562.33KB , 1600x1069 , __xXracaityXx__.jpg )
I made a forum account and oh i'm sure I could go there until i'd like it but I don't know if I could integrate or if id want to
at least here I could change my name if I said something uncool
>> No. 74980
File 141267262718.jpg - (118.14KB , 620x842 , __xXdoggieWayneXx__.jpg )
theres alot of activity on friday
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