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Boxxosphere SpreadShirt Store

File 141114821925.jpg - (428.52KB , 960x1280 , image.jpg )
74725 No. 74725
Hoping to post at 12 pm. <3 here's a picture from when I went to Mexico :p
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>> No. 74726
:D omg you look gorgeous <3 see you at 12 hopefully
>> No. 74727
i love that picture <4
did you met someone from the cartel ?
>> No. 74728
Noice! Sounds good!
>> No. 74729
File 141115248984.png - (1.59MB , 1440x810 , 2x7_Tortuga_2[1].png )
I bet she would love too meet this kewt turtle :D

Hi Catie <3
>> No. 74730
File 141115266332.jpg - (10.36KB , 244x260 , IMG_20140713_234405.jpg )
ur pic is very adorable Catie,like an old Hollywood movie star.
>> No. 74731
File 141115271490.jpg - (24.25KB , 498x283 , breaking-bad-season-finale.jpg )
>> No. 74733
I loled.
>> No. 74734
Beyond beautiful.<3 Did you travel there on a yacht? That would be way cooler than going over the border, I hate coming back and having to tell them your life story. Them border patrol people are crazy :P
>> No. 74735
I love you Catie <3
>> No. 74736
Totes agree! Much glam!
>> No. 74737
Heyheyhey everyone! How's life?
I'm fine, pretty stoked for the weekend. :3
I hope everyone who can will participate in the WGB community vidya. x3
>> No. 74738
heyheyhey kiddo :)
I participated. I hope my video makes it in
>> No. 74739
you look so pretty in your picture. You always look pretty.
>> No. 74740
Hey. Were u srs abt "not feeling like" doing wgb next week, or was that just, like, a "joke"? Lol XD <3
>> No. 74741
life is always poop for me
not literal poop, obviously, but yeah. how was your week?
>> No. 74742
lol yeah when I heard that I was like wtf? but then she said about us making videos for it, and I thought that was really cool
>> No. 74743
Haihaihai Catie!
It's good to catch you right on time. I hope you are having a good time!
Where did you exactly go in Mexico? (maybe you said it somewhere, and if you did, i'm sure i did not see it :sad:)
>> No. 74744
>I hope everyone who can will participate in the WGB community vidya. x3
If only my face would be as beautiful as yours I would film something. But I won't, since I'm ugly.
>> No. 74745
File 141115397120.jpg - (36.86KB , 450x360 , 6EctS.jpg )
i would be lying if i said im good.
mom is in poor shape and nobody seems to care,friends or family.
everytime i think this is da worst month,next month tops it.
ur friday visits make it nawt suck so much if only foar just da hour u hang around.
i want u to know how much i appreciate n look forward to them,Catie.
>> No. 74746
hey catie :D
any news on whether or not discovery will let you film ANH videos on their sets?
>> No. 74748
As long as you used the hashtag "#animalists" it should make it in there. (:

daw thanks. i don'y look very nice in the morning. I look like I stuck a fork in an electrical socket.

of course it was a joke, silly.

nooeee :c
hope your weekend is great.
my week has been fine. (: jusssst working.
>> No. 74749
hey, I'm ugly too and I sent in a video

<3 ilu maus. and Catie I really appreciate and look forward to fridays too. You're really busy these days and don't have time for twitter anymore, and that makes fridays extra special too.
>> No. 74750
Hi Catie Wayne Catie Wayne Catie Wayne. Life is okay. Nothing special going on at the moment. Are you stoked just because it's the weekend or because you have something cool going on?

The last time you posted on here, you were on a road trip and you said you'd tell us about it when you got back. Due to the week you didn't post and the Streamys, everyone I gues forgot because I don't think anyone asked about it last week. Could you tell us a bit about it?
>> No. 74751
>in the morning
...i look like i stuck a fork in the electrical socket all day long :P
>> No. 74752
it's wasn't that bad, i just skipped school twice this week and i feel like an idiot for it. this is one of those weeks where everything i do and say is stupid :p how did you like mexico?
>> No. 74753
>As long as you used the hashtag "#animalists" it should make it in there

I never used instagram before and only got it to do this. I think I sent it just to animalists instagram and I did use the hash tag, but I'm not sure if they got it. Was I supposed to send them the link to the video on twitter?
>> No. 74754
On second thought I'm not even sure you can travel to Mexico by sea...hhmmm. Yea mornings are not my thing either.
>> No. 74755
Ensenada. Very tourist-y.

Oh come on, I bet you look great. You shouldn't be so down on yourself. <3

I'm so sorry to hear that your mom isn't doing well. :c I'm wishing the best for her. <3 I'm glad I can help, in any minuscule way. I love you. <3

if there was any news that I could share, I promise I would tell you guys.
but unfortunately, when you're working with a huge company, these things take time.
>> No. 74756
im just gonna sit n observe da tred,i dont wanna make it too depressing with mai posting,so this will be mai last.
>> No. 74757
Hey Catie my week was good, I spend the whole week on an army base. I liked it cuz I learned a lot of new things. There where also a lot of American, British and German soldiers there cuz this weekend there will be a big memorial skydiving jump because Operation Market Garden started 70 years ago. How was your week?
>> No. 74758
your posting never depresses me.
>> No. 74759
Aww! Sry things are going so badly 4u, maus! :( <3
>> No. 74760
Catie, I was hoping to see you in Ross's video about food hacks, but you weren't. So do you know any food hacks?
>> No. 74761
Am I too late ? Just woke up.
Hey Catie :)
Hey all others :)
Hope everyone is fine.
Nice picture from Mexico! Will we see more ? :D
>> No. 74762
Hey, Catie! You've been consistently making 2 boxxy videos/year. Were you planning on making another one by the end of this year? XD
>> No. 74763
Never heard about it (never went to Mexico though)
A friend is currently studying in Guadalajara. She'll stay there until December. As far as i've seen, Mexico is a beautiful place :D
>> No. 74764
just stoked cause it's the weekend. (: probably gonna hang out with some frands.
Oh jes! I was on a road trip to Yosemite with my mother and sister. It was lots of fun, although we did learn that you shouldn't go to Yosemite on labor day weekend. ;p
very crowded.

it was great! lots of sunshine and great food. very relaxing. x3

No, I'll check with them to see if they got it. (:

lol you can. :p
>> No. 74765
GAAAAHHHH!!! I'm late!!
How are you, Catie?
>> No. 74766
I'm sorry for you.
I hope it gets better for you <3
>> No. 74767
File 141115485394.jpg - (1.96MB , 4052x1164 , FiR Advertisement v3.jpg )
Until there is news of it's rebirth, this is the new MLP Advertisement picture.

If for some reason it doesn't come through, I request that you tweet a picture of yourself as Cheese Sandwich.
>> No. 74768
i'm jealous. the weather is sucky now. getting colder, the only thing i like about the cold weather is wearing nice clothing without dying of heat stroke. i'm supposed to go to florida for like, the 4th time (and i'm still excited, i love flordia) in january for a triathlon. i might be in it, idk. if i am i'm just going to do the 5k run because i suck with the bikes.
>> No. 74769
>No, I'll check with them to see if they got it. (:

whoa omg thank you <3
>> No. 74770
do what you would like to, but I don't think anyone finds your posts depressing. <3

Wow, that's really cool. o: I'm glad you had a cool week. My week was pretty standard, just werk. :p

I don't believe so. :p
but I was in his last video.

Eeeh, maybe.

boxxy isn't usually planned. she just sort of sneaks up on me.

indeed. :3
>> No. 74771
File 141115508142.jpg - (653.07KB , 1280x1804 , image.jpg )
Catie you keep doing things for fan interaction where I need to get in front of a camera. But I hate doing that. wat do?
>> No. 74772
File 14111550991.gif - (475.82KB , 350x188 , 242[1].gif )
>hey, I'm ugly too and I sent in a video
But you're not shy like I am.

>Oh come on, I bet you look great.
gif related
I had too many situations proving my point. #VirginForever
>> No. 74773
I wish I was a star like you :( also how do you feel about people saying they wish they were you?
>> No. 74774
i know you can't rush it, i was just wondering if anything happened recently(that you could share)
>> No. 74775
I'm really shy and awkward too. Just stop this bullshit and do it for Catie. I did

that goes for >>74771 too
>> No. 74776
Was that your first time at Yosemite? What kind of wildlife did you see?
>> No. 74777
I'm great, thank you. (: very full.


you should try to train for the whole thing! :D I believe in you.

get over yourself and step in front of the camera. ;D <3
uhmm, idk man. D:
>> No. 74778
I need to wake up earlier on Fridays, newayz I don't have a lot of time to posts right now so I'm just stopping by to say ilu and have fun this weekend!!! See ya next week <3
>> No. 74780
how is work? You seem really busy lately.
>> No. 74781
How many flames could a waka flocka flock if a waka flocka could flock flames? xD
>> No. 74782
I think she's been before.
>> No. 74783
>Eeeh, maybe.
I'll take that as a hopefully yes.

Hope your week was great <3
I'm a bit nervous for the manatee video xD
Those sentences are a bit "hard" for non english persons, I have a hard accent. :S
>> No. 74784
what are you going to be for Halloween? Is Boxxy going to dress up again?
>> No. 74785
>I'm great, thank you. (: very full.

What have you been eating?
Oh, regarding the community WGB episode: What is the deadline for video entries? I intend on participating :D
>> No. 74786
>Ensenada. Very tourist-y.

Hey! Fun fact! "Ensenada" means "cove," but "enseñada" means "taught" (as in the past tense of "teach")

Yeah, that place is closer to the border than I had expected. Lol. Did you fly there or drive? I'm reminded that I still need to get a passport! Haha!
>> No. 74787
Hey Lisa :)
Wanted to ask the same qestion :o (without the boxxy)
Get out of my head!
>> No. 74788
:O hi. how have you been? I also wanna know what Catie is gonna be
>> No. 74790
The inner working of rappers minds are an enigma...
>> No. 74791
>you should try to train for the whole thing! :D I believe in you.
eh. I'll try. well, i had fun talking with you! i'm going to go do whatever i can find. have a great weekend! :) and thanks for the support!
>> No. 74792
Lisa is here!!
>> No. 74794
Wild Boxxmom appears! Good morning?
>> No. 74795
>Eeeh, maybe.

I love seeing OC of you, and you almost never post pictures of you anymore
>> No. 74796
File 141115580496.jpg - (173.29KB , 1252x1252 , ariana3.jpg )
Hay Catie & peoples.

I was wondering if yew leik Ariana Grande Catie? :3 (pic related)

Hope you have a great week next week & you aren't too busy!<3

P.S Foars is sleeping so she says hai ^_^
>> No. 74797
Wear a mask and use voice-altering, um, whatever. XD
>> No. 74798
File 141115583560.jpg - (541.96KB , 1280x1920 , image.jpg )
But catie, cameras are scary.
Who's this newfag?

Also you can't handle how cute this pic is.
>> No. 74799
I have been okay, I really just need to know how many costumes I have to make….
>> No. 74800
I hope you don't have to make any with a hurt foot D:
>> No. 74801
Lisa is here!? Wow!
Hi :D
>> No. 74802
ohai jelly
>> No. 74803
Were you a guest at BABScon because of Boxxy or because of your upcoming channel/shows? Like if FiM didn't come back, would BABScon still want you back as a guest next year?
>> No. 74804
Halloo Catie! How are you?
I'm feeling a bit sad... the strange part is that idk why since nothing "sad" happened to me recently o_o
>> No. 74805
that's sweet of you to say, haha.
uhm, i usually feel very flattered, I suppose. :p

It was! I saw deer and squirrels mostly. :3

I am, but work is good. (:


you can say it in your own words if you want. (: they don't have to be exact.

Hi mawm.
I'm gonna be short hair Rapunzel. Have a ball with that corset. ;D love u mwamwamwa

Salaaaad. :3
The deadline is this upcoming Monday. (:
>> No. 74806
hi everyone I am not trying to derail Catie's thread…
Just wanted to stop by.
Have a good weekend!
>> No. 74807
>Halloo Catie! How are you?
I'm feeling a bit sad... the strange part is that idk why since nothing "sad" happened to me recently o_o

Dude, I know exactly what you mean. I'm feeling dead depressed at the moment, and I have absolutely no idea why. Nice to know I'm not the only one.
>> No. 74808
bye Lisa. I hope you would stop by in more Catie threads too. I hope you feel better soon <3
>> No. 74809
Actually I do have a question what's the due date for the Manatee video admissions and can I send in multiple videos doing different facts to increase my chances of making it into the soupah cut?
>> No. 74810
>you can say it in your own words if you want. (: they don't have to be exact.
yay, that's nice :D I will try it :)

Do you have lunch right now?
If so hope it tastes well <3
>> No. 74811
the deadline is Monday
>> No. 74812
Euh, yeah, because new videos come out every day. :p
or do videos not count as OC anymore?

i don't really have an opinion on her. o:

FiR is gonna come back, but yeah, they'll have me back regardless. They aren't having me BECAUSE of boxxy, exactly, I'm a member of the community that happens to have a little bit of a name for myself.

Meh, sometimes you just feel like being sad.
>> No. 74813
Have a nice weekend yourself!
>> No. 74814
What happened with shark week? Were you too busy to do something for it? Animalists made it seem like you were going to do something for it.
>> No. 74815
Thank you, sorry if it was already asked I couldn't go through the thread yet.
>> No. 74816
Bye Caties mom! <3
>> No. 74817
>Salaaaad. :3

Is it even possible to get full on salad??

>The deadline is this upcoming Monday. (:

Oh, buggery! I was hoping I'd be able to film when the house is empty. That's not likely to happen until Tuesday! I feel really self-conscious when recording stuff while there's other people in the house. I really intend to do this, though. Need to think of a way around it, hmmm...
>> No. 74818
the weather is changing, perhaps?

byeee mommy. :3

due date is Monday, and the best way to get into the super cut is to say it in your own words with a silly twist. :3 but if you'd like, you can do multiple facts, i don't see why not.

I had lunch, it was a salad, and it was yummy. :3
>> No. 74819
of course videos count as OC, but I wanna see high resolution, high quality pictures of you.
>> No. 74820
>the weather is changing, perhaps?

:( it's getting cold out, and my feet are always freezing ;__;
>> No. 74821
Bye guys! I gotta get going. I loves ya! <333

if i recall correctly, that was the week we were going to CatVidFest. I don't think they meant to make it seem like they were gonna do something with me for shark week, nothing was ever planned. :p

Of course it is, if the salad has enough stuff in it. <3
>> No. 74822
Hello Catie! stopping by before you get off to say hi and hope you have a wonderful weekend. I am ready for this weekend even though this week seemed to go by fast.
>> No. 74823
>I'm gonna be short hair Rapunzel

I can't wait to see that. I bet you're going to look amazing.
>> No. 74824
Thanks for answering my questions. Have an awesome weekend hanging out with your friends. I'll consider participating in the WGB video. Take care. <3
>> No. 74825
I love rainy days and cold weather after a long summer. But that's probably because summer here is the worst...like...all bad.
>> No. 74826
bye Catie <3 I hope you have a great rest of your day and have fun this weekend.
>> No. 74827
>Of course it is, if the salad has enough stuff in it. <3

But it's just leaves...
Bye, Catie & have a lovely weekend!
I wish I hadn't turned up late to this thread, but some Catie is better than no Catie :) See ya! <3
>> No. 74828
>it was yummy. :3
Nice :D hmm I will eat after this too..
How long is your lunch break actually? Hope you have enough time to rest a bit from work and the chan posting don't take to much of it. <3
>> No. 74829
Bye Catie, don't forget to be awesome.
See ya!
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