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Boxxosphere SpreadShirt Store

File 141114821925.jpg - (428.52KB , 960x1280 , image.jpg )
74725 No. 74725
Hoping to post at 12 pm. <3 here's a picture from when I went to Mexico :p
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>> No. 74790
The inner working of rappers minds are an enigma...
>> No. 74791
>you should try to train for the whole thing! :D I believe in you.
eh. I'll try. well, i had fun talking with you! i'm going to go do whatever i can find. have a great weekend! :) and thanks for the support!
>> No. 74792
Lisa is here!!
>> No. 74794
Wild Boxxmom appears! Good morning?
>> No. 74795
>Eeeh, maybe.

I love seeing OC of you, and you almost never post pictures of you anymore
>> No. 74796
File 141115580496.jpg - (173.29KB , 1252x1252 , ariana3.jpg )
Hay Catie & peoples.

I was wondering if yew leik Ariana Grande Catie? :3 (pic related)

Hope you have a great week next week & you aren't too busy!<3

P.S Foars is sleeping so she says hai ^_^
>> No. 74797
Wear a mask and use voice-altering, um, whatever. XD
>> No. 74798
File 141115583560.jpg - (541.96KB , 1280x1920 , image.jpg )
But catie, cameras are scary.
Who's this newfag?

Also you can't handle how cute this pic is.
>> No. 74799
I have been okay, I really just need to know how many costumes I have to make….
>> No. 74800
I hope you don't have to make any with a hurt foot D:
>> No. 74801
Lisa is here!? Wow!
Hi :D
>> No. 74802
ohai jelly
>> No. 74803
Were you a guest at BABScon because of Boxxy or because of your upcoming channel/shows? Like if FiM didn't come back, would BABScon still want you back as a guest next year?
>> No. 74804
Halloo Catie! How are you?
I'm feeling a bit sad... the strange part is that idk why since nothing "sad" happened to me recently o_o
>> No. 74805
that's sweet of you to say, haha.
uhm, i usually feel very flattered, I suppose. :p

It was! I saw deer and squirrels mostly. :3

I am, but work is good. (:


you can say it in your own words if you want. (: they don't have to be exact.

Hi mawm.
I'm gonna be short hair Rapunzel. Have a ball with that corset. ;D love u mwamwamwa

Salaaaad. :3
The deadline is this upcoming Monday. (:
>> No. 74806
hi everyone I am not trying to derail Catie's thread…
Just wanted to stop by.
Have a good weekend!
>> No. 74807
>Halloo Catie! How are you?
I'm feeling a bit sad... the strange part is that idk why since nothing "sad" happened to me recently o_o

Dude, I know exactly what you mean. I'm feeling dead depressed at the moment, and I have absolutely no idea why. Nice to know I'm not the only one.
>> No. 74808
bye Lisa. I hope you would stop by in more Catie threads too. I hope you feel better soon <3
>> No. 74809
Actually I do have a question what's the due date for the Manatee video admissions and can I send in multiple videos doing different facts to increase my chances of making it into the soupah cut?
>> No. 74810
>you can say it in your own words if you want. (: they don't have to be exact.
yay, that's nice :D I will try it :)

Do you have lunch right now?
If so hope it tastes well <3
>> No. 74811
the deadline is Monday
>> No. 74812
Euh, yeah, because new videos come out every day. :p
or do videos not count as OC anymore?

i don't really have an opinion on her. o:

FiR is gonna come back, but yeah, they'll have me back regardless. They aren't having me BECAUSE of boxxy, exactly, I'm a member of the community that happens to have a little bit of a name for myself.

Meh, sometimes you just feel like being sad.
>> No. 74813
Have a nice weekend yourself!
>> No. 74814
What happened with shark week? Were you too busy to do something for it? Animalists made it seem like you were going to do something for it.
>> No. 74815
Thank you, sorry if it was already asked I couldn't go through the thread yet.
>> No. 74816
Bye Caties mom! <3
>> No. 74817
>Salaaaad. :3

Is it even possible to get full on salad??

>The deadline is this upcoming Monday. (:

Oh, buggery! I was hoping I'd be able to film when the house is empty. That's not likely to happen until Tuesday! I feel really self-conscious when recording stuff while there's other people in the house. I really intend to do this, though. Need to think of a way around it, hmmm...
>> No. 74818
the weather is changing, perhaps?

byeee mommy. :3

due date is Monday, and the best way to get into the super cut is to say it in your own words with a silly twist. :3 but if you'd like, you can do multiple facts, i don't see why not.

I had lunch, it was a salad, and it was yummy. :3
>> No. 74819
of course videos count as OC, but I wanna see high resolution, high quality pictures of you.
>> No. 74820
>the weather is changing, perhaps?

:( it's getting cold out, and my feet are always freezing ;__;
>> No. 74821
Bye guys! I gotta get going. I loves ya! <333

if i recall correctly, that was the week we were going to CatVidFest. I don't think they meant to make it seem like they were gonna do something with me for shark week, nothing was ever planned. :p

Of course it is, if the salad has enough stuff in it. <3
>> No. 74822
Hello Catie! stopping by before you get off to say hi and hope you have a wonderful weekend. I am ready for this weekend even though this week seemed to go by fast.
>> No. 74823
>I'm gonna be short hair Rapunzel

I can't wait to see that. I bet you're going to look amazing.
>> No. 74824
Thanks for answering my questions. Have an awesome weekend hanging out with your friends. I'll consider participating in the WGB video. Take care. <3
>> No. 74825
I love rainy days and cold weather after a long summer. But that's probably because summer here is the worst...like...all bad.
>> No. 74826
bye Catie <3 I hope you have a great rest of your day and have fun this weekend.
>> No. 74827
>Of course it is, if the salad has enough stuff in it. <3

But it's just leaves...
Bye, Catie & have a lovely weekend!
I wish I hadn't turned up late to this thread, but some Catie is better than no Catie :) See ya! <3
>> No. 74828
>it was yummy. :3
Nice :D hmm I will eat after this too..
How long is your lunch break actually? Hope you have enough time to rest a bit from work and the chan posting don't take to much of it. <3
>> No. 74829
Bye Catie, don't forget to be awesome.
See ya!
>> No. 74830
bye <3
>> No. 74831
Hey! I finally heard some Marina and the Diamonds! One of the songs I heard was, um, the one with "bitch" in the title. I forget, lol, but they're pretty cool! XD

Have you seen "Girl Meets World"? I have a lot of problems with it. On the other hand, it is a kinda adorable show... so there's that. Heh.
>> No. 74832
ikr I was having freaking chest pain and I have no idea why.
>> No. 74833
>> No. 74834
oh-ok bye catie :3 hope to see yo next week!
until than have an awesome week! ilu <3
>> No. 74835
Catie, what do you do when thing that had to work are fucked up and you can do nothing about it? I'm so pissed of now... :(
>> No. 74836
Everyone demand that she let me take pics.
>> No. 74837
>> No. 74838
Hello there! Long time no seen.
>> No. 74839
Ahh, didn't check on this page before now :c
>> No. 74842
File 141141094938.jpg - (93.44KB , 500x362 , tumblr_lww05wP8jz1r36lsoo1_500.jpg )
i meant to post this before i left,i thawt i did.
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