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File 140933828173.jpg - (30.72KB , 450x522 , Keefers_Animals4.jpg )
74563 No. 74563
omg i need this animal in my life.
I'm shooting for a 3:30 p.m. posting today. (:

I love you guys!
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>> No. 74564
Awesome. 3:30 is perfect for me. Love you catie
>> No. 74565
>> No. 74566
Finally not going to miss it, yee.
>> No. 74567
Fanonymous is probably going to miss you posting today.
He wants someone to tell you hi and that he loves you and sorry he missed you.
>> No. 74568
Aaaaand I'm going to miss it. Fuck it. Fuck everything. I'm so fucking mad right now.
Take care Catie, have great weekend etc. I love you <3
>> No. 74570
Yus u might actually make it this time, hurray!
>> No. 74571
I meant I might make it :/
>> No. 74572

someone fucked up and is throwing in an extra unplanned shoot for me, so I don't know when I'm gonna be free to post.
Ugh, I'm so sorry you guys. I'll do my best to keep you up to date, but it looks like the next few hours consist of me running around filming. Lets hope for the best. <3
>> No. 74573
those bastards D:
I hope they aren't working you too hard, and don't worry about us. We can wait
>> No. 74574
Aww! *MEGA HUGS*!!!! <33333333333!!!!!!!!!!!XD
>> No. 74575
Hey <3
I will try to stay awake :)
Hope you are fine and not working to hard.
You said it!
>> No. 74576
Somethings are just beyond our ability to control. Have a good weekend everyone(long weekend in the US). An old saying in reference to war goes something like 'even the best laid plans, do not survive contact with the enemy.' I kind of found it relevant to Catie's situation.
>> No. 74577
Aw busy busy Catie, l8er is always bettah foar me, I feels for the eurofriends though.
>> No. 74578
Alright guys, I'm really sorry for those of you that have been waiting, but I'm gonna try to post tomorrow at 10:30 a.m. I'll be on a road trip and I'll try to use my phone as a hot spot, but it might not work. BUT DAMN IT I'M GONNA TRY.
I love you guys. <3 ;___;
>> No. 74579
you don't have to do that. Just enjoy your road trip and don't post this week. it's alright
>> No. 74580
aw thanks for the info i hope it works tomorrow <3
have a nice rest of teh day!
love you too <3
>> No. 74581
It's no problem! Do what's best for you!
>> No. 74582
Awe, you don't have to do that, Catie! Just enjoy your trip, don't post if you can't. (:
>> No. 74583
I was beginning to worry that you had quit Anamalist in addition to Fandom Beat.
>> No. 74585
When you get a chance, I sent you a pm about next week. <3
>> No. 74586
this c8
>> No. 74587
Hmm, doubt I'll be able to make it for posting. But seriously Catie, we do understand and appreciate that you tend to go out of your way for your fans - but to go to the lengths of using your phone as a hotspot in the middle of a road trip is a bit excessive IMO. I'm sure we can wait 'til next week. Enjoy your road trip! :)
>> No. 74588
>Alright guys, I'm really sorry for those of you that have been waiting, but I'm gonna try to post tomorrow at 10:30 a.m. I'll be on a road trip and I'll try to use my phone as a hot spot, but it might not work. BUT DAMN IT I'M GONNA TRY.
>I love you guys. <3 ;___;
I'm at work now, so I kinda can post, but waiting.

>10:30 a.m.
It's in 165 mins, right?

>ebroake educated
Dat Captcha
>> No. 74589
I can actually make it this time! :D \m/
>> No. 74590
File 140941983938.gif - (464.33KB , 500x338 , 1g0qL6s[1].gif )
>> No. 74591
Best waiting gif ever.
>> No. 74592
Alright. I hope this works out.
So far, it's annoying because the screen keeps bumping up and down and it's hard to read. Dx
But lets give this a try. :3

I'm great, excited to go on my road trip, which I will tell you guys about once I get back. My week was fine, if not a little stressful. Idk if you guys have noticed, but I've been hosting Anyhoo a lot more frequently. It's where they're having me do work while we figure out whether or not to move forward with the ANH vids. But that's been fun. :3

How are all of you?
>> No. 74593
hey! :)
>> No. 74594
So much this.
>> No. 74595
I'm good! Where are you heading for your road trip?
>> No. 74596
Hi Catie! I'm good, how's your trip going?
>> No. 74597
omg hi Catie :) are you going back to Mexico? :P
>> No. 74598
I haven't gotten around to thank your for making the blopfish video yet, so, thank you!
It definitely made my day when I saw it.

I'm fine, btw.
>> No. 74599
>while we figure out whether or not to move forward with the ANH vids

is there anything we can do to help you? What if we all tweet discovery saying we want this?
>> No. 74600
Hey Catie, nice that we can talk finally again :)
Last week I couldn't be here cause I moved and had no Internet for a few days.
I'm so sorry for you that it is time to say goodbye to fandombeat. I know it meant so much to you.
But I'm happy that you will still make recaps.
If you need any help with videoediting, graphics or anything else you can ask me everytime. :)
And I'm sure a lot of other people would like to help too, if you need some.
Oh and I send you a little pm last week, would be awesome if you could answer it! <3
>> No. 74601
Hi, Catie! I think it's pretty rad that you're posting right now. Hope your trip goes well. (: How are ya?
>> No. 74602
File 140942027978.jpg - (306.22KB , 1076x1193 , paintin copy.jpg )
Am I bugging you too much with all the comic pages and drawings?
>> No. 74603
Hello Catie!
I'm good! Wasn't chatting with you for kinda a long time. xD
How was the Cat Video Festival? I would go crazy with all those cute cats. x3
>> No. 74604
lol like I said, I'll tell you when I get back. :p

It's going fine. It JUST started, so not much to report, lul.

hahah, I wish. It's just a weekend trip.

Heyheyhey! I'm glad you liked it! (:
Wish you'd come around more!

No, it's more complicated than that. :p I am perfectly capable of handling it on my own. Thank you though. <3

Thanks for the well wishes. <3 I do hope I can continue recaps, but we'll see. :3 I'll try to answer it as soon as I can.
>> No. 74605
File 140942035791.jpg - (92.40KB , 768x1024 , uTfEADE.jpg )
Hey Catie. SO, Paramore is doing a concert about 3 hours from me tomorrow. Should I go to it?
Lorde is also doign a show next Friday about 2 hours away. Should I go to that? I've been trying to convince my friend to go with me to the Lorde show, but I'm not sure if they're gonna. I'm perfectly cool going to concerts alone though. and you know I absolutely love Paramore and Lorde.

so wat do

Also, I was thinking you should get "INE" Tattoo'd on your wrist or soemthing. Then when people ask, "What does INE stand for?" you can just say "Oh, that's just my tattooine."
>> No. 74606
Hey catie, my week was alright first week back to school. Good to hear that you had a nice week aswell, how is your roadtrip going?
>> No. 74607
>I am perfectly capable of handling it on my own.

We'll help with the marketing :P
>> No. 74608
>screen keeps bumping up and down and it's hard to read

hey, person driving slow down for Catie xD

Catie I'm really sorry about fandom beat ;__; I keep checking it every day and it makes me sad :(
>> No. 74609
lol i'm fine. :p
How are you?

not at all! your style is really unique and it offers me a fresh perspective on my own face. which is, to say the least, intriguing.

The festival was fine. There actually wasn't many cats there at all. xD
>> No. 74610
oh, derp.
well, i've been enjoying a lot of Anyhoo videos, haha. I didn't know about FB, I just seen a post saying it was the end :o
>> No. 74611
Isn't Discovery a great employer? They are willing to let you use their studio space and stuff for your personal channel.
Is there a catch? Will you retain full ownership of your personal channel?
>> No. 74612
Yeah seriously, thank you Catie for taking the time to do this on your trip. It must be a pain in the ass :P
>> No. 74613
thanks :D
to continue our conversation about star trek a few weeks ago I wanted to say:
the new ones from J.J.Abrams detroyed the old Star Trek Universe so much.
It is to much action and to less Star Trek. I would say the true meaning of Star Trek is to discover new thinks and learn something about the characters and even yourself.
In the end of a Series you really know a character and you will miss them all. For me only star trek have done this. I would recommend to try it out :D somethink like "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" or "Star Trek: Yoyager" would be the most interesting for the beginning :)
sorry for the long texts xD I know it's hard to read in a car
>> No. 74614
what happened to the ask me anything video with Ross? The one yesterday was with Reina Scully instead.
>> No. 74615
Hey Catie! My week was about the same as usual. So is word on the ANH videos and FIR about the same as last week or is there any new news on this possible dream come true?
>> No. 74616
>lol i'm fine :P How are you?

I'm good, a bit tired. Had to wake up early to get some yardwork done, but other than that, my Saturday morning is going great. (:
>> No. 74617
ohai catie. i'm fine but super busy with work and classes. nice to get a three-day weekend, though.

>tfw i was literally at the walker art center two days before the cat vid thing but i couldn't extend the trip

>tfw i got home (to ferguson)
>> No. 74618
guys we need to get Catie this animal
>> No. 74619
Sounds weird for a festival named like that. xD I really miss your recaps, I have to say. They were always something I could be excited for week for week. ._.
But it is cool to see you more on Anyhoo still. x]
>> No. 74620
I don't know if you've ever gone to a Lorde concert, but you def have gone to a Paramore one. So you should go to the Lorde one. Or both. Yknow, whatever makes you happy. :3
that is a lovely yet stupid pun. <3

It's going fine, thank you. Do you like all your teachers? :3

lol she's going a normal speed. :p it's just a bumpy road.
and don't check it every day you silly, you know nothing is gonna be there. xDDD
>> No. 74621
File 140942078222.png - (118.52KB , 287x260 , 1353008441849.png )
I hope i am not late foar the party

Hai Catie !
>> No. 74622
I'm doing good. I woke up at 5 this morning because, reasons. I hate staring at my phone when i'm in a car. Do you get car sick?
>> No. 74623
>> No. 74624
Hi catie. Were online at the same time for once. Thank you for making the blue whale video, it made my life!
>> No. 74625
>don't check it every day you silly, you know nothing is gonna be there

y-yeah, it's a habit I guess :/
>> No. 74626
yea I miss them too, like I missed the weekly friday videos ^^
but take your time catie, I'm sure we will see something awesome from you :D
>> No. 74627
i know how you feel , i have to get up foar work at 0530
>> No. 74628
Hi Catie!

How are my cranes doing? Did they bring you a wish? :3
>> No. 74629
you don't have to check it every day. just subscribe to the channel and if a new video shows up it will be in your subscriptions. Or if you don't check that every day, click the gear and have youtube email you.
>> No. 74630
Hi Catie.
I'm doing pretty good. I had a small road trip myself. It was my birthday on thursday and some family members, a couple friends, and myself drove a couple hours to a 3 floor arcade/family game center. It was cool.

I get dizzy when I ride in a car and I try to read. I'm guessing you don't have that problem.

Is Alex on vacation? I haven't seen him do a video for a little while now. Is Amber a permanent host? In her first recent video, she started with "filling in for Catie and Alex." I don't think she says that in the videos she's done after that.
>> No. 74631
get marklar one too...

also hi catie
>> No. 74632
The teachers are alright, it's an army school tho so most of my teachers are sergeants and stuff like that so they're pretty strict but I do get to spend a lot of time outside which is great :D
>> No. 74633
Hi Catie <3
I just wanted to ask quick question from last week, because I'm at work etc.
Catie, how many piercings you want to have? Are you fully enjoyed with those you have now?
>> No. 74634
Catie tell your mom and sister I said hi and I hope they have a nice holiday weekend :)
>> No. 74635
The pictures from the CatVidFest were adorable and the interaction with Elliot was very cute. Hopefully next year WGB Cats will open the video playlist.
>> No. 74636
who is elliot?
>> No. 74637
>road trip
>screen bumping

you didn't know about it!? how did you miss it!? xDDD

Discovery is a great employer, and we're working very hard to ensure there isn't a catch and it's still fair to them. Win-win situation and all that. ;3

lol not gonna lie it kind of sucks. :p but it's worth it. <3

Yeah, I didn't much care for the new Star Trek movies. But I imagine I'd probably hate them if I had any attachment to the original Star Trek.

Haha, he films them ahead of time. :3 Mine should be up next Friday.

It's about the same. Rest assured if there was anything new I could tell you I would. (:

I still don't like getting up early but I always feel really satisfied with myself when I get up early to exercise before work. So I imagine that's how I'd feel if I was you right meow.

D: dude. i'm so sorry.


Yeeh, it was more about the videos themselves than the cats.

hullo <3

Not usually. Sometimes when I read though.
>> No. 74638
wanted to remind you, but forgot it myself xD
*dish dish* I said you should work brain.
>> No. 74639
File 140942163346.png - (2.33MB , 1315x1972 , Page 11 copy.png )
Ah, that's a relief.
I salute you and all your endeavors!
>> No. 74640
i didn't watch fandom beat much, only animalist and anyhoo haha. i'm a dummy. You have any ideas for WGB? Also, what was your favorite channel to do some stuff on? I'm guessing Fandom Beat. :P
>> No. 74641
So I was wondering in a hypothetical scenario; say you were offered a big role in a broadway show, but it would overlap with your time at Discovery. Would you quit your current job to follow your dreams?
>> No. 74642
File 140942175523.jpg - (73.04KB , 645x405 , 1353008039769.jpg )
if Catie get a piercing i will get one on my nip and make a thread , mark my words

once i pierced the lip of one of my classmates hahaha , also i have pierced my ears by myself few times not a big deal

i luv piercings <3
>> No. 74643
>Haha, he films them ahead of time. :3 Mine should be up next Friday

ok cool. Sorry I couldn't ask you a question. I missed it, and I didn't want to making a video asking something anyway.
>> No. 74644
>I still don't like getting up early but I always feel really >satisfied with myself when I get up early to exercise >before work. So I imagine that's how I'd feel if I was you >right meow.

I sure am surprised that I woke up naturally at 6:25 am. I feel very satisfied that I got it done. B) I haz a question foar you :3
>> No. 74645
Catie have you cooked anything cool lately?
>> No. 74646
File 140942199173.jpg - (179.21KB , 1280x720 , 01.jpg )
This is Elliot.
>> No. 74647
You're welcome! I'm so glad you liked it. :3
It's always extra fun filming WGB for you guys.

haha, aww. <3 Well hopefully soon you can check ANH more often. :p

ew groz

They're doing great. :D <3
Yus they did, actually. :3

Alex is indeed on vacation. (:
I think Amber is a new host! But I'm not entirely sure... but isn't she great? :D I love Amber.

hullo. <3

oh goodness. D:
well... at least you get to be outside.

As of right now, I'm really happy with the amount I have. When I was younger I wanted to get my bottom lip, and my nose, and my bellybutton, and I also wanted gauges. But I'm so glad I didn't do any of that. I would have regretted it. But I have six piercings (three on each ear) and I'm really pleased with how they look. :3

lol okay. :3

I'm glad you enjoyed them. (:

I would also like to know who Elliot is.
>> No. 74648
what did all the peolpe did at the cat festival, just talk about the catvideos ? and the cats don't run away from such a crowd ?
btw do you know this video of a cat that opnes doors ? xD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=blSl487coFg
>> No. 74649
>Well hopefully soon you can check ANH more often. :p

I still check that everyday too. I can't help it. Sorry Catie
>> No. 74650
Yea it usually only happens to me when there's no fresh air to breath. :P I've got to take off, but please check out that pm about next week.<3
>> No. 74651
>I also wanted gauges

omg they are so ugly looking.
>> No. 74652
File 14094223529.jpg - (472.57KB , 750x993 , DSC02285 copy s.jpg )
I am also a carver as well as an animator, so if you have any special requests I'm ready to give it a go.
>> No. 74653
Yeaaah, fandom beat is my favorite. :p

Yes. One hundred percent yes all of my yes.

lol i guess ear piercings don't count. xD

haha, that's fine. :3


Ermmm, not especially.

Aww yeah! He was adorable! <3
>> No. 74654
Lol no worries it's not as bad is it sounds cuz they're still pretty reasonable :P
>> No. 74655
File 140942237814.jpg - (79.42KB , 500x500 , image.jpg )
Mmhmm. They're both special shows too. It's Paramore's last show on this tour, and it Lordes first show on her tour.

Paramore is such a long drive. Ugh idk. I need money and a private jet. Wanna go halfsies?

And that Tattooine pun is not stupid. You're stupid!
>> No. 74656
>but isn't she great

Amber does a good job, but seriously I get a little disappointed every time I check out a new video and you're not the host.
>> No. 74657
>When I was younger I wanted to get my bottom lip, and my nose, and my bellybutton, and I also wanted gauges.

>But I'm so glad I didn't do any of that. I would have regretted it.
You would, I'm sure of it. I would spam the shit out of you saying how I hate them.

>But I have six piercings (three on each ear) and I'm really pleased with how they look. :3
They look AMAZING, you're so beautiful with them :3 <3

>ew groz
I have to wake up to work at 05:30 am too :(
>> No. 74658
File 14094224863.jpg - (73.07KB , 580x720 , far-cry-3-savages-vaas-midtcm2165303.jpg )
Catie, What is definition of insanity?
>> No. 74659
>ew groz
you get used to it when you do it for more than 1 year , but i wont have to do it for too long since i will quit my job soon and i will be broke happy mofo :3
>> No. 74660
>When I was younger I wanted to get my bottom lip, and my nose, and my bellybutton, and I also wanted gauges.

Just Saiyan I wouldn't regret you getting any of those ;)
Sooper Saiyan
>> No. 74661
>> No. 74662
Hello Catie, just dropping by really quick to wish you have a great labor day weekend. I hope you get lotsa rest and enjoy yourself.

I also wanted to let you know that I bought Pikmin 3 and I suck really bad at it, any tips for someone who has never played before?
>> No. 74663
Aww :3 glad you got your wish. Still waiting for mine, and the others.

>> No. 74664
i feel the same .. oh yes.

and yea i have to wake up at 5, did i win ? ^^
>> No. 74665
>Ermmm, not especially.

I was gonna ask if the secret ingredient is love :P
>> No. 74666
I mean, mostly they got food, maybe painted their face like a cat, and waited for the videos to start. :3

you silly. <3

lol! I didn't want very big ones. Just big enough to be like "i has gauges." but yeah, i'm REALLY glad I didn't do it. xD

I'll definitely let you know. (: you're so talented!

lol go to the Lorde one. (:

Aww, you should give them a fair chance. :3 You should try to appreciate them for who they are. I bet youtube as a whole would be much more enjoyable for you. <3
>> No. 74667
>Yeaaah, fandom beat is my favorite. :p
I would have guessed, haha. You're lucky that it doesn't get cold in California, it's going to get colder here soon.
>> No. 74668
File 140942293057.jpg - (111.97KB , 639x640 , image.jpg )
Check out this painting Hydra made of Porphy.
>> No. 74669

I know you're a busy gal, but if you have the time, could you listen to this please? It's a demo recording of one of my band's songs. :3 Not sure if you like harsh vocals, the song is half sung, half screamed with a purpose.


Tell me what you think of it. (: I'm doing guitar and backup vocals.
>> No. 74670
Oh btw I'm not sure if you mentioned it but are you with friends or family on the trip in which you are currently partaking?
>> No. 74671
Gauges are pretty cool.
>> No. 74672
Rev3 Games had said in the chat for the Mario
Kart 8 stream that the video would be put on YouTube. Any idea if this is happening? They have yet to do so. Are you and Nick still friends after that?

Do you always play Peach? Peach used to be my main character choice since Mario Golf for GameCube. Though now I pick Rosalina if she's available in the game.
>> No. 74673
Your Angler Fish impression was wonderful. That really got me laughing.
>> No. 74674
>mostly they got food
very expensive food probably ? like on .. every festival ^^
>> No. 74675
>I bet youtube as a whole would be much more enjoyable for you

i try liking other youtubers, and sometimes I'll find one I like like Miranda / Colleen but I lose interest after a while. There just isn't anyone else like you Catie. You're so amazing <3
>> No. 74676
I used to have my lip pierced, I still have the hole where the piercing was.
>> No. 74677
yeah man, the big ones are not my thing. but it's whatevs. :p

it's been said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome.
also, when your perception of reality is so skewed, that you're convinced that the only SANE person is you. .___.

lol congratulations. :3

lul don't hold your breath. :p


heyhey! feel like i haven't seen you in forever! :3
whoa! you've never played any Pikmin before? wow. If I was you, I'd cheat. aka, find a walk through. Because it's a video game and who cares and you're just trying to figure out how to play.


the secret ingredient is always love
B| <3
>> No. 74678
>Yes. One hundred percent yes all of my yes.

I was hoping this would be your answer, your personal dreams and goals are very important I wish with all my heart that you can achieve them one day <3
>> No. 74679
Alright you guys, I have to get going. I'm starting to feel a little sick from the bouncing screen. <3
I loves you all, I'm sorry I can't stay longer. <33
Have a good three day weekend. (:
>> No. 74680
Catie the book of mormon is coming to syracuse. I really want to see it, but idk if I'm going to. What do you think?
>> No. 74681
CATIE!!!!!! I must have thought you said 11:30 instead of 10:30!!! Ack!!! Anyway, how's it going or w/e? Goddammit!!!!! XP <33333333333!!!!!!!
>> No. 74682
Alright! Have a nice road trip!
>> No. 74683
bye Catie <3 thank you so much for doing this on your road trip. I hopeee you have a good weekend too! :)
>> No. 74684
But do you want to get tattoo? I want to, many of them, but I have no moneyz :(
>> No. 74685
Bye Catie. Have an awesome time.

For anyone still around, want to play some Cards Against Humanity online?
>> No. 74686
have a nice time.
Bye Catie <3
>> No. 74687
File 140942362944.jpg - (20.62KB , 256x267 , 1353012503665.jpg )
Cya next week Catie , have fun ! we luv you <3
>> No. 74688
I'll play.
>> No. 74689

i'll stop now. :P
>> No. 74690
Have a good weekend Catie
>> No. 74691
I understand your acomodations are like living in a shoe box. Is there no way you can make a video at home anymore?
>> No. 74692
Aweh, hope you feel better! Bye, Catie! Have a good trip. (:
>> No. 74693
Have a nice trip Catie <33 hope the ride is not to boring. until next time! :) I miss u already

I'm sorry for you, i hate when that happens D:
>> No. 74694
To play Cards Against Humanity, go here: http://pyz.socialgamer.net/index.php
Click on The biggest, blackest dick. Agree to terms, choose name, and look for AmuroGabe's game. password is wayne.
>> No. 74695
Bye Catie have a safe trip; hope you can sleep on the ride makes em much more bearable, ilu2 <33333!!!!!!
>> No. 74696
there is an online version ?
>> No. 74697
bye <3
>> No. 74698
oh yea, i won't this time, but next time i'm in! :) ahhh maybe
>> No. 74699
Dang have I've never played b4 an it sounds fun but I got some errands to run, is it something I can just jump in l8er?
>> No. 74700
yeah if we are still playing and theres room. if not, you could always just play with other people on there.
>> No. 74701
Hi and bye!
>> No. 74702
when ur unemployed everyday is a 3 day weekend.
>> No. 74703
Where is this picture from?
>> No. 74704
it's a screen shot from this video
>> No. 74716
File 141083168698.jpg - (222.91KB , 1280x1811 , 10484623_813172308693402_634643547092011206_o.jpg )
is it Friday yet?
>> No. 74717
no D: still have a few days to go :(
>> No. 74721
File 141098847962.png - (50.23KB , 774x1032 , marceline_by_lustchivi-d60u1h8.png )
how about nao,is it Friday nao?
>> No. 74722
n-no :(
but we getting closer
>> No. 74723
File 141111013161.gif - (3.57MB , 600x470 , Celebrate.gif )
>Mfw finally Friday
>> No. 74732
File 141115279088.jpg - (13.71KB , 480x360 , 1389215242549.jpg )
yay,fukn finally.
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