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File 140933828173.jpg - (30.72KB , 450x522 , Keefers_Animals4.jpg )
74563 No. 74563
omg i need this animal in my life.
I'm shooting for a 3:30 p.m. posting today. (:

I love you guys!
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>> No. 74661
>> No. 74662
Hello Catie, just dropping by really quick to wish you have a great labor day weekend. I hope you get lotsa rest and enjoy yourself.

I also wanted to let you know that I bought Pikmin 3 and I suck really bad at it, any tips for someone who has never played before?
>> No. 74663
Aww :3 glad you got your wish. Still waiting for mine, and the others.

>> No. 74664
i feel the same .. oh yes.

and yea i have to wake up at 5, did i win ? ^^
>> No. 74665
>Ermmm, not especially.

I was gonna ask if the secret ingredient is love :P
>> No. 74666
I mean, mostly they got food, maybe painted their face like a cat, and waited for the videos to start. :3

you silly. <3

lol! I didn't want very big ones. Just big enough to be like "i has gauges." but yeah, i'm REALLY glad I didn't do it. xD

I'll definitely let you know. (: you're so talented!

lol go to the Lorde one. (:

Aww, you should give them a fair chance. :3 You should try to appreciate them for who they are. I bet youtube as a whole would be much more enjoyable for you. <3
>> No. 74667
>Yeaaah, fandom beat is my favorite. :p
I would have guessed, haha. You're lucky that it doesn't get cold in California, it's going to get colder here soon.
>> No. 74668
File 140942293057.jpg - (111.97KB , 639x640 , image.jpg )
Check out this painting Hydra made of Porphy.
>> No. 74669

I know you're a busy gal, but if you have the time, could you listen to this please? It's a demo recording of one of my band's songs. :3 Not sure if you like harsh vocals, the song is half sung, half screamed with a purpose.


Tell me what you think of it. (: I'm doing guitar and backup vocals.
>> No. 74670
Oh btw I'm not sure if you mentioned it but are you with friends or family on the trip in which you are currently partaking?
>> No. 74671
Gauges are pretty cool.
>> No. 74672
Rev3 Games had said in the chat for the Mario
Kart 8 stream that the video would be put on YouTube. Any idea if this is happening? They have yet to do so. Are you and Nick still friends after that?

Do you always play Peach? Peach used to be my main character choice since Mario Golf for GameCube. Though now I pick Rosalina if she's available in the game.
>> No. 74673
Your Angler Fish impression was wonderful. That really got me laughing.
>> No. 74674
>mostly they got food
very expensive food probably ? like on .. every festival ^^
>> No. 74675
>I bet youtube as a whole would be much more enjoyable for you

i try liking other youtubers, and sometimes I'll find one I like like Miranda / Colleen but I lose interest after a while. There just isn't anyone else like you Catie. You're so amazing <3
>> No. 74676
I used to have my lip pierced, I still have the hole where the piercing was.
>> No. 74677
yeah man, the big ones are not my thing. but it's whatevs. :p

it's been said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome.
also, when your perception of reality is so skewed, that you're convinced that the only SANE person is you. .___.

lol congratulations. :3

lul don't hold your breath. :p


heyhey! feel like i haven't seen you in forever! :3
whoa! you've never played any Pikmin before? wow. If I was you, I'd cheat. aka, find a walk through. Because it's a video game and who cares and you're just trying to figure out how to play.


the secret ingredient is always love
B| <3
>> No. 74678
>Yes. One hundred percent yes all of my yes.

I was hoping this would be your answer, your personal dreams and goals are very important I wish with all my heart that you can achieve them one day <3
>> No. 74679
Alright you guys, I have to get going. I'm starting to feel a little sick from the bouncing screen. <3
I loves you all, I'm sorry I can't stay longer. <33
Have a good three day weekend. (:
>> No. 74680
Catie the book of mormon is coming to syracuse. I really want to see it, but idk if I'm going to. What do you think?
>> No. 74681
CATIE!!!!!! I must have thought you said 11:30 instead of 10:30!!! Ack!!! Anyway, how's it going or w/e? Goddammit!!!!! XP <33333333333!!!!!!!
>> No. 74682
Alright! Have a nice road trip!
>> No. 74683
bye Catie <3 thank you so much for doing this on your road trip. I hopeee you have a good weekend too! :)
>> No. 74684
But do you want to get tattoo? I want to, many of them, but I have no moneyz :(
>> No. 74685
Bye Catie. Have an awesome time.

For anyone still around, want to play some Cards Against Humanity online?
>> No. 74686
have a nice time.
Bye Catie <3
>> No. 74687
File 140942362944.jpg - (20.62KB , 256x267 , 1353012503665.jpg )
Cya next week Catie , have fun ! we luv you <3
>> No. 74688
I'll play.
>> No. 74689

i'll stop now. :P
>> No. 74690
Have a good weekend Catie
>> No. 74691
I understand your acomodations are like living in a shoe box. Is there no way you can make a video at home anymore?
>> No. 74692
Aweh, hope you feel better! Bye, Catie! Have a good trip. (:
>> No. 74693
Have a nice trip Catie <33 hope the ride is not to boring. until next time! :) I miss u already

I'm sorry for you, i hate when that happens D:
>> No. 74694
To play Cards Against Humanity, go here: http://pyz.socialgamer.net/index.php
Click on The biggest, blackest dick. Agree to terms, choose name, and look for AmuroGabe's game. password is wayne.
>> No. 74695
Bye Catie have a safe trip; hope you can sleep on the ride makes em much more bearable, ilu2 <33333!!!!!!
>> No. 74696
there is an online version ?
>> No. 74697
bye <3
>> No. 74698
oh yea, i won't this time, but next time i'm in! :) ahhh maybe
>> No. 74699
Dang have I've never played b4 an it sounds fun but I got some errands to run, is it something I can just jump in l8er?
>> No. 74700
yeah if we are still playing and theres room. if not, you could always just play with other people on there.
>> No. 74701
Hi and bye!
>> No. 74702
when ur unemployed everyday is a 3 day weekend.
>> No. 74703
Where is this picture from?
>> No. 74704
it's a screen shot from this video
>> No. 74716
File 141083168698.jpg - (222.91KB , 1280x1811 , 10484623_813172308693402_634643547092011206_o.jpg )
is it Friday yet?
>> No. 74717
no D: still have a few days to go :(
>> No. 74721
File 141098847962.png - (50.23KB , 774x1032 , marceline_by_lustchivi-d60u1h8.png )
how about nao,is it Friday nao?
>> No. 74722
n-no :(
but we getting closer
>> No. 74723
File 141111013161.gif - (3.57MB , 600x470 , Celebrate.gif )
>Mfw finally Friday
>> No. 74732
File 141115279088.jpg - (13.71KB , 480x360 , 1389215242549.jpg )
yay,fukn finally.
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