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File 140804572785.png - (542.95KB , 1279x718 , screen-shot-2013-04-02-at-2-07-06-pm.png )
74553 No. 74553
Hey guys! I'm sorry I didn't tell you this sooner, but since I'll be working/travelling all day tomorrow I can't post this week. D:
I love you guys. <3
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>> No. 74554
don't worry about it Catie. I figured you weren't going to post this Friday anyway. I hope you have fun at cat fest :3
>> No. 74555
It's all good. You're not obligated to do this for us. Stay fresh Catie
>> No. 74556
No worries, Catie. You shouldn't feel obligated to post, as things do come up. Hope you have a good time at Cat Vid Fest. (:
>captcha bmoreenf afterward
>> No. 74557
File 140819709985.jpg - (26.84KB , 400x566 , 1623663_363535740452766_53475966_n.jpg )
see u next friday,at da forum then.
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