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Boxxosphere SpreadShirt Store

File 140752151082.jpg - (850.51KB , 2448x2448 , IMG_20140715_194204.jpg )
74425 No. 74425
Hello! I shall be posting at 12:30 p.m. today! Spread the word! See you soon! <3
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>> No. 74426
normal hour for europeans
>> No. 74427
>> No. 74428
Mostly this.
>> No. 74429
Hey :)
awesome for the europeans :D
And awesome pic xD
>> No. 74430

CATIE! very please to watch this video by charming & talented vocal group Pomplamoose: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1fg3mcwUIc8

>> No. 74431
Dat pic doe and hey!
>> No. 74432

very soon
>> No. 74433
Sweet, just in time
>> No. 74434
heyheyhey everyone~
how are you all doing?
I'm doing well, just wolfed down lunch and stuff. :3
My week was pretty good, just work. Next week I'll be in Minneapolis for Cat Vid Fest if anyone happens to be going. I just found out like yesterday, lol. :p
>> No. 74435
Hi Catie
>> No. 74436
I recommend milk, lots of it.

Also heloo, Catie
>> No. 74437
I hope you had a good week, I enjoyed this weeks videos. The one regarding the big cats was pretty sad for me. When I was rather young, guessing around 7, I got my picture taken with a white tiger cub at a mall. Its always been a very fond memory for me, unfortunately I've lost the picture.

Saw an interesting story in the news as well you may enjoy.

I hope everyone is doing well.
>> No. 74438
>>74434 hey hey
I'm happy that your doing well :)
Can't say the same I'm very ill D:

Cat Vid Fest ? :O
what is this ?
>> No. 74439
>I'll be in Minneapolis for Cat Vid Fest
FML I don't live in Minneapolis :|
What you had on lunch?
>> No. 74440
Hey there!I'm doing well thank you! How's the weather over the dam? AND btw looking forward to Dumb & Dumber To?
>> No. 74441
hey, catie! dat sounds awesome!!! XD <3!!!

I'm all thinking about a lot of heavy stuff recently, but idk if you want to hear about any of that... especially here. blah... <3

I'd ask "how U been?" but you already said... :p

Gee, I think I'm doing alright considering I haven't really typed much in the past 5 months! :p
>> No. 74442
Hi Catie. I'm doing good. I actually just woke up. I've never have heard of Cat Vid Fest. What is it?
>> No. 74443
Hey Catie, I'm sorry I haven't been around much lately. I sent you a pm with the details.
>> No. 74444
Hi Catie. I'm doing well. I also just had lunch. Taco Bell actually. I haven't eaten Taco Bell in quite a while. Had a couple Ranch Dorito Tacos. What did you have for lunch?

Cat Vid Fest? So you watch cat videos with a large group of people?
>> No. 74445
<3 hello

also most cats are lactose intolerant silly.

Believe me, when I was researching the story I was just silently reading and crying for hours. So absolutely horrible.
Thanks for the link to the story! I'll give it a read when I'm finished posting. :3

Aww, hope you get better soon. <3
Cat Vid Fest is like VidCon for Cats, but without the you tubers. So there is no cats there. It's a gathering of cat people, to watch cat videos. It's pretty bizarre.
>> No. 74446
My week has been tiring again, but gotta keep my head up and know it's only temporary :)
I start work next week so that will help.
Minneapolis isn't that far away from me but I will be working that day :(
Omaha is closer to me, so that would be cool if the cat vid fest was there, then I would totally go.
>> No. 74447
File 140752676019.jpg - (69.37KB , 499x640 , 6vUL1C1l.jpg )
Hay Catie! Glad to hear you've been well.

I'm currently sitting in a Disney resort & I'm about to go and ride coasters & shtuff :P

Have a fun time next week at cat vid fest! :3
I will be waiting for my exams results to decide if I go to university :S


P.S. I'll say hai frum Chewie because he does for me when I'm nawt around. :3
>> No. 74448
Catie, Guardians of the Galaxy! Go see that shit!
>> No. 74449
Shame, shame. Ah, but then you should drink the milk yourself, it's good for bones.
>> No. 74450
Man, I'm doing great.

I reached 2,000 posts on the forum and I think I'm going places.
>> No. 74451
TIL Mikachu is Ariana. Damn, I love Problem so much.
>> No. 74452
Ohai there Catie!
I feel like i haven't talked to you in a loong time.
I'm so glad you're going to Minneapolis. I hopeee you have sooo much fun! :)
>> No. 74453
Cat vid Fest... no cats


Also I saw that you did get tanner from Mexico, it looks nice and even :p
>> No. 74454
>but without the you tubers
Not anymore.
>> No. 74455
A salad with black beans, avocado, and shrimp. :3

It's nice and sunny today. :3
I am, actually. It's a little bit crazy that they're making one after all this time. But movies like that tend to be pretty good, except Anchorman 2.

How have you been posting on Fridays? With your phone?

I'll read it when i can. <3

shrimp salad. :3
yeah man. I don't really know what to expect. :p
>> No. 74456

Sssh ;)

There are other great songs as well as Problem :3
>> No. 74457
As Drakonymous said, I also recommend Guardians of the Galaxy. There's many on the forum that would agree.
>> No. 74458
the fact that there are humans who aren't lactose intolerant is because of evolution... like, people who had the gene that allowed them to break up lactose were more "successful" in, um, breeding for whatever reason... blah...

oh! hey! Catie! I was thinking: Did you ever get Zoobooks when you were a kid? I got, um, the one on elephants, I think... it was pretty interesting... it talked about how they evolved, but I didn't "believe in" evolution back then, blah... XD
>> No. 74459
Catie you should visit the IRC channel sometime!
>> No. 74460
File 14075272081.png - (356.19KB , 504x768 , soon.png )
Sounds delicious. I haven't eaten shrimp or sushi or any sea food :/ I would try it one day.
Also black beans. I like normal beans tho.
>> No. 74461
File 140752722038.jpg - (1.60MB , 2592x1728 , RIMG0579.jpg )
sounds interesting :p would be nice to be there.
instead here is a pic of my cat.
>> No. 74462
Unfortunately I will porbably miss most of posting as I am going to go make feeble attempts at having a social life here in a bit
>> No. 74463
omg have fun! That's amazing!
Hello to chewie. :3

I already saw it! It's pretty great. :D

you give 'em hell kid.

I'm sure it'll be a grand 'ol time. :3

thankyuh. I'm hoping to keep it up. I like my skin much more when it's tan.

>> No. 74464
yeah, in March, I was using a tablet my mom's sister had given her, then I got the phone at the end of April and I was using that... I sometimes used my previous phone, actually. It wasn't a smartphone, but I could still access basic internet features with it... ha.

(I'm sure I've mentioned this before, but my current phone is the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. it's pretty awesome... still not *quite* the same functionality as a computer, but, I mean, for a phone, yeah. kind of amazing. XD)
>> No. 74465
Probably. I'm new to Ariana's songs. What can you suggest for a newbie like me?
>> No. 74466
I know! Movie sequels tend to be some dangerous stuff >> But this movie is supposed to be dumb..! xD
>> No. 74467
Ohs my goodness Guardians of the Galaxy was amazing. I cried for Groot :')
>> No. 74468
ohshit i haven't thought about zoo books in fucking years. no, i don't think i ever got one, but I remember really loving the commercials and wanting one. gud marketing.

noooooe i don't liek it, it's too overwhelming. ;____;

you've never had ANY seafood?!
boi, you're missing out.

awww, he's so cute. he looks very much like my old kitty.

have fun with that. :3 social lives are great.
>> No. 74469
oh and thank you <3 it's so shitty to be ill in my vacation. this was my last week and i was ill the full time.
>> No. 74470
File 140752750994.jpg - (77.88KB , 1024x768 , Bt1n1R2CQAAEJjG_jpg large.jpg )
I meant to ask about this picture last week, but forgot to. Were you trying to kiss him and he rejected you? Your answer may make good material for my Catie x Anthony fanfic.
>> No. 74471
Oh, I don't know about that

sometimes social lives are mean and sad
>> No. 74472
Have you ever been in the Midwest?
>> No. 74473
Among other things <.<
>> No. 74474
hey cateboxx are you still on the adderall or were you able to stop after your grades improved? I have the ADHD too. ;(
>> No. 74475
I thought he was trying to bless her ;)
>> No. 74476
:O! You didn't like Anchorman 2!? (actually, I haven't seen it, I mean, I heard mixed reviews, but I think the *majority* were positive...)
>> No. 74477
Hi Catie
I'm doing very well just started on my internship week, so I'm excited to see what will happen these next couple of months.
Hob to see videos from Cat Vid Fest
>> No. 74478
You say you exercise everyday but what exactly do you do? Run a couple miles?
>> No. 74479
Yusss! I was hoping you would like GotG, you just made my day.
>> No. 74480
Last time Catie visited the IRC she called us 'Gays' lol

Also, I've never had much seafood either. It doesn't help that I'm a picky eater, wat do?
>> No. 74481
i know! so great. and rocket was super funny, against all my expectations.
but... like, also... did you see chris pratt being a slice of hunky cake? *w*

hahahaha, uhm, i think i made a joke that i had made previously, and he started lecturing me about repeating jokes, only to accidentally repeat a joke, so i reached over to him like "hey! how come YOU can repeat jokes!?" and he put his hand on my face and told me to "shhhhhhhut your face"
so like
pritty romantik
>> No. 74482
hey, Catie! I entered a karaoke contest last night. I think they're bullshit, because I've never won one--if they were fair, I would have won every one I'd entered! XP
>> No. 74483
File 140752787851.png - (1.62MB , 1072x2288 , look.png )
>> No. 74484
File 14075279136.jpg - (1.63MB , 2592x1728 , RIMG1123.jpg )
yes he is :3 his name is anton
>> No. 74485
That's not a very fair way to think
>> No. 74486
I'm 99% sure I haven't. Except fish. No shrimps, lobsters, seaweed. Maybe because I live in part od Europe where it's now very popular.
>boi, you're missing out.
I know :c I REALLY want to try sushi. Like NOW.
Do you like sushi? What would you eat first while beign on my place?
>> No. 74487
btw, idk abt u, but, as for me, after I switched to almond milk, I find cow milk kind of gross. :p

but what do you think? XD
>> No. 74488
Did you see that youtube video with Chris Pratt rapping along to "Forget about Dre" during that one radio interview? That was pretty sweet.
>> No. 74489
Well, I'm off

Turrah, Catie, Turrah all others

Have a lovely day
>> No. 74490
File 140752812712.jpg - (35.06KB , 400x439 , Dfy90EX.jpg )
>> No. 74491
bye! Have fun with your social life
>> No. 74492
If only I was into guys. :P
>> No. 74493
i think you're confusing social life with life.
but that's okay, because life is also sometimes happy. :3

oh god i seriously disliked it D:

there will be some on Animalist. :3 <3
have fun with your new internship!

I don't exercise every day, but I try to exercise most days.
Sometimes I run, on Thursdays I do yoga. Generally I do high intensity interval training.

you should always try something once. if you don't like it, you never have to try it again, but don't rule something out just because you THINK you won't like it. Also, try not to judge anything before you actually eat it.

oh? so you think you're a pretty good singer, huh? :p
>> No. 74494
yeah, that was the first thing i thought about when I saw this pic.
>> No. 74495
Your brother came by the forum recently. You should be careful next time you see him. He wants to merry you it seems.

>> No. 74496
Does "M.I.A - Paper planes" ring a bell xD
>> No. 74497
Thanks for the advice, I will do that. Apparently I've been a picky eater since I was a baby, gagging on baby food I didn't like. I wasn't/am not normal
>> No. 74498
i knew i wouldn't regret posting that picture

I would probably start with general seafood first, like shrimp or crab. It's something that most people really like, so it'll get you used to the idea of seafood. sushi is GREAT, but i imagine it'd be pretty intense the first time if you don't really know what seafood tastes like. But then maybe because you don't have any preconceived notions of what it should taste like you'll really like it. hm. who knows?

I agree with you. o:

I did not. O:

Have fuuun! <3
>> No. 74499
>> No. 74500
File 140752859950.gif - (314.50KB , 600x338 , 199778__safe_pinkie-pie_animated_image-macro_moust.gif )
>so like
>pritty romantik
>> No. 74501
Videos of cat videos? Who doesn't love the idea?
>> No. 74502
Yes I saw that, Catie why diden't you tell us lol
>> No. 74503
Do people even try anymore with trolling? smh
>> No. 74504
Catie I wanted to ask this for a long time: You like star wars, but have you ever watched any star trek series or movies ?
>> No. 74505
>> No. 74506
Infidels! I will teach you the ways of milk! this will be a great adventure of daring and monsters!
>> No. 74507
Hunky cake isn't the words I'd use, but he does look pretty good. He's my favorite part of Parks and Recreations. This past season there was mention on the show that his character Andy was getting in better shape.
>> No. 74508
Bez przesady w Polsce nie jest to aż tak popularne.Btw nie jestem kasią ale mozesz sobie spróbowac krewetki.
>Po prostu chciałem sobie cos napisac po polsku na tym czanie ze zrozumieniem.Nie bij cebulą.
>usseless post don't mind
>> No. 74509
Here is the original video

Here is Chris rapping in sync with the song

>> No. 74510
i was so very confused when i read your post.
but cool, good to know i have a biological brother that i was separated from. i wonder how he figured that out. but i got to meet him at an anime con in flori HAY WAIT I DIDN'T GO TO ANY ANIME CONVENTION GUYS I THINK HE MIGHT BE LYING ;_;
>> No. 74511
>sushi is GREAT, but i imagine it'd be pretty intense the first time if you don't really know what seafood tastes like
I don't understand why it would be intense.
>maybe because you don't have any preconceived notions of what it should taste like you'll really like it
I like to eat mostly everything, from veggies to livers. So I guess it would be easy for me.
>who knows?
No one :P
>> No. 74512
>you should always try something once. if you don't like it, you never have to try it again, but don't rule something out just because you THINK you won't like it.

HEY! That's what I always used to tell my girlfriend about--um, never mind... XP
>> No. 74513
>sushi is great

Thanks! :D
>> No. 74514
Jakiś nowy Polfag?
>Bez przesady w Polsce nie jest to aż tak popularne
O tym przecież napisałem :D
>Po prostu chciałem sobie cos napisac po polsku na tym czanie ze zrozumieniem.Nie bij cebulą.
Mamy demokrację i wolność słowa, nie mam zamiaru nikogo bić.
>> No. 74515
>> No. 74516
Yoga is so much fun. It's really hard for me though. Talk about a work out.
>> No. 74517
I saw the two new ones. Wasn't really a fan. D:

That is very true. :3

I've only seen what's on Netflix. O:
love that show though.

Oh! Well then try sushi, maybe you'll like it. :3
>> No. 74518
Cos mi się pomyliło w takim razie. Dużo jest polfagów?Bo tylko ciebie znam.
>> No. 74519
Now I have to find good place with sushi. Probably closest one is ~50km from home. Dat sucks.
>> No. 74520
I hate that I don't understand this. ;__;
>> No. 74521
Polish :D You don't have to understand, it's not important.
Wiem o czterech, plus ja. Nie wiem jaki masz nick na forum, o ile masz tam konto, więc nie za bardzo wiem ktoś ty jest.
>> No. 74522
Catie The church of boxxy is being rebooted as a charity, what are your thoughts?
>> No. 74523
Sushi is like my life. It can get kind of expensive though, but i love it so much it's ok(:
Well if I was in to guys I would be all over him, but you know, to each his own. :P
>> No. 74524
Yeah man! My yoga instructor is really great too! I'm always sore the next day. :D

omg stahp
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