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No. 74408
  Hi guys! I hope that you will please look at this Animalist video, as it is very important to me. It talks about some pretty heavy stuff I came across in Mexico and, well, yknow. Please check it out. <3 I wouldn't post it here if it didn't matter. I love you guys.
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>> No. 74409
that's really sad. I hope something gets done about it <3
>> No. 74410
someone please give a quick rundown of the vid for those of
us living under sharia law with no access to youtube.
>> No. 74411
Youtube doesn't work over proxies either?
Or you can't listen the audio?
>> No. 74412
Catie went to an animal sanctuary when she was in Mexico for her vacation, and the animals were being treated very bad and being abused.
>> No. 74413
File 14073556246.jpg - (43.93KB , 620x465 , IsraHell-Killing-Innocents.jpg )
What? No plea for sympathy for the innocent children of Gaza?

I am very disappointed in you.

You should all seriously re-examine your humanity.

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>> No. 74414
  At least this guy gets it...

"UNRWA spokesperson Christopher Gunness breaks down in tears on live TV after the 19 killed in attack on UN school in Gaza."
>> No. 74415
  Video VERY Related

"Gaza's Real-Life Apocolypto!"
>> No. 74416
omg she didn't make a video for everything wrong with the world. She obviously doesn't care :/
>> No. 74417
that sounds awful.
>> No. 74420
I've always known those exotic petting zoos were sketchy. I think Animalist did a video about it too. Good on you Catie for stepping out and leaving the place
>> No. 74424
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