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File 140625138714.png - (1.02MB , 624x831 , 1406249138416.png )
74298 No. 74298
Is this Catie?
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>> No. 74299
>> No. 74300
I think that's her.
>> No. 74301
I disagree
>> No. 74302
>> No. 74303
>> No. 74304
Can anyone prove or disprove rather than a yes or no?
>> No. 74305
>> No. 74306
funny guy
>> No. 74307
File 140626055642.jpg - (48.80KB , 400x300 , 1406259998822.jpg )
>> No. 74308
how about it doesn't look anything like her?
>> No. 74309
looks like her to me, going to have to do better than that
>> No. 74311
There's not much to disprove, as it has been common knowledge that this picture isn't of her for years. If >>74308 doesn't cover it I'm not sure what to tell you.
>> No. 74312
So who's the girl in the picture?
>> No. 74313
File 140628515543.jpg - (52.73KB , 960x719 , 869696.jpg )
Don't know; don't care.
Some no-name lookalike like pic related.
There have been dozens in the past.
>> No. 74314
>Is this Catie?

I love how it's still constantly 2011 here. And that's a compliment, 2011 in the sphere was a good year.
>> No. 74316
How can you guys not see that this is Catie?

It's exactly her face.
>> No. 74317
I can't wait when Catie posts itt and says it's not her
>> No. 74318
>> No. 74320
Her thumb is weird like Catie's, so yes is Catie.
>> No. 74321
Le sigh.
>> No. 74324
They both have eyes and a nose too.
>> No. 74325
double jointed hands is much less common than eyes and a nose
>> No. 74326
Guys, I don't want to offend anyone but this photo among with countless others were already found and and found not to be Catie years ago. You are just wasting your time.

I'm sure there were other photos when this was originally posted but it's been so long I forget the actual source.

I'm sure someone like Dave or others that were here from the beginning of cc could answer the questions.
>> No. 74327
File 140639282025.jpg - (30.67KB , 438x428 , image.jpg )
jesus it's like the real slim shady in here.
>> No. 74328
i know this whole site is anti-uni, but that's where it was posted. it's in the long ass cate thread
>> No. 74329
Jelly found it when Catie did that OC treasure hunt thing.
>> No. 74332
File 140650995384.gif - (840.92KB , 360x360 , disappoint.gif )
>> No. 74335
i know this whole site is anti-uni, but that's where it was posted. it's in the long ass cate thread

No, really? On Unichan, you say?
>> No. 74336
This is a cute girl, and a pretty good resmeblence, even though she looks part asian. Not Catie, though, unless Catie's gotten a new haircut. The hair is a lot shorter in the front, with no cowlick, with the hair parted in another direction. If you blow up the paper in her hand, you can make out a series of numbers, followed by commas, and this confirms that the image hasn't been reversed, which might account for the hair being different, but there's really no other possibility.

I also think the nose is different. Catie's nose is longer, but the paint gives this girl's rounder, more bulbous nose an illusion of length. Hair is lighter.

Unless she's changed her hair, absolutely not. Otherwise, a 90 per cent no.
>> No. 74338
Maybe it's because I see my face every day, but sometimes when you guys come up with lookalikes i'm like "she doesn't look anything like me."
but noe, that is not me. I'm pretty sure that picture was found a looooong time ago and I'd already said as much. :p
>> No. 74339
Well,that seems pretty authoritative. I still think it's a pretty good resemblance, but without the paint splatter, no one would ever mistake this girl for catie.
>> No. 74340
I don't get it either. I knew it wasn't you, but thanks for answering.
>> No. 74341
Mission accomplished.
>> No. 74357
File 140677750936.jpg - (219.04KB , 843x638 , wayne.jpg )
Is this Catie?
>> No. 74360
>> No. 74361
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