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File 140570712062.jpg - (20.76KB , 500x333 , No-stop-touching-me-I-am-the-night.jpg )
74110 No. 74110
Hi guys! I'm currently not entirely sure what time I'll be posting. It'll be later in the day/evening for sure. So sorry to all my babies in other countries. Dx <3
In any case, I'll try to keep you as updated as I can. Loves ya! <3
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>> No. 74242
I used to play Munchkin almost daily for a while with a couple of friends. I have many decks and expansions.

Cards Against Humanity is fun, but I think once you play it a few times, the charm wears off. What I don't get is why haven't they done an app/pc version of the game.
>> No. 74243
Also is it true you don't mind WGB reminder tweets? I've asked twice n don't want to bother you again, unless you don't mind of coarse <3
>> No. 74244
If you could make any video what would it be? The video could be about anything, and you wouldn't have to worry about copyright claims or anything.
>> No. 74245
oooooh. yeeeeh, i've given a fair try to games like that. they just aren't my cup of tea. :p

he didn't! o:

I'd love to learn to play the piano. :3

hahahah, I felt so bad because I felt like everyone was holding back because they didn't want to offend me or something. But I'd be totally down to do cards against humanity again. :3

haha, i hadn't listened to them in a while either, but they just happened to pop up on my iTunes.
>> No. 74246

AN AWESOME handshake *gives handshake*
>> No. 74247

I really should get into card games I just lack the patience to learn all the rules, nevermind master them o.o

Even as a kid when I used to spend a ton on Yugioh and Pokemon cards I dont think I ever actually bothered learning the official rules D;
>> No. 74248
an ehug
/hug <3

I'm not sure off the top of my head.
>> No. 74249
Nothing official, but there are both online and smartphone versions of the games with the full decks

>I'd love to learn to play the piano. :3
Piano is next on my list of instruments to learn, as soon as I get back into guitar

>hahahah, I felt so bad because I felt like everyone was holding back because they didn't want to offend me or something. But I'd be totally down to do cards against humanity again. :3

It was pretty funny. I'll be sure to let Thien know of this, I'm sure he's excited to bring his cards again next year
>> No. 74250
Oh. Btw. Catie. I sent you a pm on the forum. Just fyi. XD <333333
>> No. 74251
>I'd love to learn to play the piano. :3
I played piano and keyboard as a child but stopped like 5 years ago
>> No. 74252
Catie ur gay. I haven't been to cc for many moons. Say hi to Trep for me.
>> No. 74253
that is very true. (:
>> No. 74254
File 14057399483.gif - (967.93KB , 245x245 , tumblr_n62i7kGVOb1tcsto1o1_250.gif )
>> No. 74255
are you going to do a WGB on Tapirs?
>> No. 74256
did someone know the originally russian cardgame durak ? its very funny ^^
>> No. 74257
alright my loves, I'm gonna get going now! I love you very much! <3 see you in a while! (:
>> No. 74258
See you in 2025!
>> No. 74259
>gonna get going now
Have a great vacation!
>> No. 74260
goodnight Catie <3 I hope you have a great vacation.
>> No. 74261
Bye, Catie! Hsve a good vacation time!
>> No. 74262
>> No. 74263
Bye Catie. You will be missed next week, but take care and have fun. <3
>> No. 74264
Bye, Catie! Have lots of rest on your holiday and enjoy it to the max. As always, thanks for posting with us! <3
>> No. 74265
hope to chat with you again as soon as possible! have a nice night <3
>> No. 74266
>I'd love to learn to play the piano. :3

Do you play any instruments? :3 I know you sing, you have an entrancing voice, (which is a good thing). :) I'd probably die from excitement if you did vocals in one of my bands' songs. xD
>> No. 74267
I hope the haha was directed towards me calling you awesome and not my music taste as a teen ;)

I was strange as a teen when it came to music. Rather than try out new things and branch out like most teens I would just latch onto a few albums or even just individual songs and overplay the hell out of them until I got sick of them :S

I guess the good part is I get a huge wave of nostalgia from them now because they were so ingrained in my head back then :)
>> No. 74268
Later Catie, have an awesome weekend!
>> No. 74269
>almost 4:30am

They just don't appreciate the commitment.
>> No. 74270

Hey! I've been playing piano almost all my life. It's pretty awesome. then I got into guitar as a teenager... then, since about the beginning of 2013, I've been playing classical guitar, and you kinda have to grow out the fingernails in your right hand, but, like, you need really short nails to play piano, so I haven't really done that for the last year and a half... I guess I have mixed feelings about that. Lol.
>> No. 74271

Alright, its been nice chatting, goodnight and have a great vacation! :) <3
>> No. 74272
Have a great day and vacation.
>> No. 74273
The Allure of the Seas.
>> No. 74274
this is the longest time before she posts again :(
>> No. 74275
Hmm? Who doesn't?

But yeah.. Dayumm I didn't realize it was that time already D:
>> No. 74276
>> No. 74277
>Piano is next on my list of instruments to learn, as soon as I get back into guitar

I don't think I could ever put down the axe. I just don't have it in me. ;p

>alright my loves, I'm gonna get going now! I love you very much! <3 see you in a while! (:

Goodbye, Catie! It was wonderful talking to you. :D <3 Have a great vacation, I hope you get all the sleep you want. :3
>> No. 74278
>Hmm? Who doesn't?

Trep! (of course)

Did Catie answer the query yet?
>> No. 74279
>> No. 74280
sorry.. Im confus. My message was for Catie now Trep.. Am I missing something? :s im out of the loop with the sphere for the most part..

If you mean the PM then no she hasn't responded yet. But as you probably saw in this thread she's acknowledged it and says she'll check as soon as she can :)
>> No. 74281
*not Trep
>> No. 74282
just go to bed dood
>> No. 74283
Hmm.. I think I'll be going to bed myself now (its almost 5am here).

Goodnight everyone! (again! ;)
>> No. 74284

Agreed. Good advice :)
>> No. 74285
Have fun on vacation love you Catie
>> No. 74286
I know man, I was just joking about Trep. I meant people in general don't appreciate the commitment of being here until the early hours.

Yes, I did mean the pm and cool :)
>> No. 74287
*sigh* when ur job gets in between you and Catie, quit the job
>> No. 74288
bye catie. have a good time at wherever :P <3
>> No. 74289
File 140579252835.png - (118.52KB , 287x260 , 1353008441849.png )
Am I late ? Hope not. Hai Catie !
>> No. 74290
File 140579267616.jpg - (73.04KB , 645x405 , 1353008039769.jpg )
And ofcorse this whole thing was yesterday ....
>> No. 74291

ah, okay :)
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