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File 140442117453.gif - (653.12KB , 260x146 , IeRQA6a.gif )
73913 No. 73913
So does anyone care if we post tonight at 5:00 p.m. instead of tomorrow? I intend to hang out with friends for fourth of july. :3
lemme knowww, i just don't wanna leave you guys by your lonesome since I didn't post for the last two weeks. :p
loves ya.
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>> No. 73914
I never come here unless you are posting. I had a feeling it was going to happen today so I came to check. I'm okay with today.
>> No. 73915
It's all right to me. Happy fourth of july to you and all that celebrate it.
>> No. 73916
sounds good to me.
I bet a lot of us in the US will want to go out on the 4th anyway
>> No. 73917
Yeah, cool with me.
>> No. 73918
Sounds good!
>> No. 73919
c u in 2 & 1/2 hours ;)<3
>> No. 73920
Hi Catie!

That works for me im gonna be getting beat up in Iowa all weekend. :facepalm:
>> No. 73921
I'm down with that.
>> No. 73922
nee bother Catie, do what you want!
>> No. 73923
today is a great day :)
love you Catie.

I can't wait to hear all about vidcon
>> No. 73924
I had feeling today would be a good day
>> No. 73925
Ooh yeah, I'm perfectly happy for you to post today, Catie!
>> No. 73926
Ohai Catie!
Glad you spend the 4th of July with friends!
>> No. 73928
File 140443039795.jpg - (185.00KB , 459x591 , 390993.jpg )
>> No. 73929
o hallo.
thanks for being so sweet you guys.
I know that it's pretty short notice, but I did my best. I just realized right before I initially posted that I'd be preoccupied pretty much all day. :/ So sowee for the short notice. <3

howsa going with everyone? you muricans have special plans for the fourth?
>> No. 73930
File 140443197120.jpg - (90.78KB , 1920x1080 , 0EP6ags.jpg )
Hi Catie. No plans. What are you up to tomorrow?
>> No. 73931

I'm nawt a Murican but I hope all of those celebrating have a great time!

I'm full of hayfever right noaw which sucks, how are you Catie & how has your time after VidCon been? :3
>> No. 73932
hi Catie. I got a steak and some mashed potatoes to eat for the 4th, but I'm going to eat them later tonight instead. I hopeee you have fun tomorrow with your friends.
>> No. 73933
Hey Catie. I have no idea on what I'm doing for the fourth. How are you?
>> No. 73934
tell us all about vidcon :/
>> No. 73935
Hiya, Catie! How are you?

I take it you had a blast at Vidcon? I really wish I could have gone this year. Hopefully, I will, next year.
>> No. 73936
Hi Catie! I'm fine you posting today. Some people will probably be busy tomorrow so I'm okay with.
>> No. 73937
File 140443229374.jpg - (159.99KB , 2048x1151 , catie_vidcon2014_AznNerdNation_fb4.jpg )
Hi Catie!
It was lovely seeing you last week. I had a wonderful time.
Pic related... you were in the sun at least as much as I was, did you get burned? By Sunday my face was bright red.
I won't be out during daylight too much for the 4th but will go to a friend's house and I'm sure we'll shoot off fireworks and have a good time.
>> No. 73938
hi catie
> you muricans have special plans for the fourth?
just gonna hang out with my family and eat. no fireworks this year ;_;
>> No. 73939
Hi Catie. I don't have any plans for the 4th but my sister's husband invited me to a BBQ his family is having on the 5th. I myself have no interest in fireworks, but many in Boston are pissed. They have a huge event every year, but due to a storm that's coming, the event was moved to tonight, which inconvienced many travelers I guess. Nearby cities have moved their fireworks display to Saturday or Sunday so if you really loved watching fireworks, you could do so 3 out of 4 days.
>> No. 73940
Hi there Catie. I have some plans to meet up with my hometown friends. Were all driving six plus hours to meet in Iowa for the weekend.

I should really get a job where i get paid to drive, i do it enough. haha

What are you and your friends up to tomorrow?
>> No. 73941
just hanging out with friends, fireworks, bbq, you know: standard fourth of july.
no plans at all? ;___;

aww, I hope you feel better soon. D:
UGH my time after vidcon is so boooooring. I wish it could be vidcon all the time.
actually no i don't, because it's exhausting. BUT IT'S SO FUNNN.

i have stuff for a nummy grilled shrimp salad. :3
i hope you enjoy your fuds! do you have a bbq?

i'm doing very well. I'm pretty tired (still not fully recovered from vidcon), but excited that the weekend has started. :D

why the :/ face? D:


good! I'm glad it works out okay for you. :3
>> No. 73942
File 140443268358.jpg - (525.17KB , 1280x1112 , NLi3fmY.jpg )
>no plans at all?
Nope. You wanna invite me over to your 4th plans? Make up for the fact that you never invited me to vidcon, like ever.
>> No. 73943
Hey Catie I'm just having a regular blow shit up 4th, I was wondering though if you plan on having another souper sekret meetup next year for vidcon, sucks a lot of people missed this one, <3 you!
>> No. 73944
>i hope you enjoy your fuds! do you have a bbq?

thanks. N-no I don't have a bbq. Have to cook the steak on the stove, and heat up the mashed potatoes in the microwave.
>> No. 73945
I'm pretty tired too. Watched videos all day, talked with friends. Vidcon must have been a blast! Wish I could have been there! You have anything else going on this weekend?
>> No. 73946
>why the :/ face? D:

I didn't know if you were sick of talking about vidcon by now.
>> No. 73947
Do you think you'll do that type of meet up again on the grass outside for the chan+forum?
>> No. 73948
Talking about vidcon is 2% as fun as the actualy vidcon. So it's really fun to talk about vidcon :)
>> No. 73949
File 140443290427.jpg - (210.61KB , 500x667 , tumblr_n5g16rtL8P1qixslso1_500.jpg )
Hi Catie :3
>> No. 73950
That's so rad! I'm definitely coming next year! :D

Tiem foar bed noaw, it's late here! o:

Goodnight Catie & peoples, have a great week!<3
>> No. 73951

I'm gonna do my level best, Catie!

In other news, I found an actual Taco Bell in Manchester, on Tuesday! I didn't even know there were any in the UK. Sadly, there was NO BAJA BLAST!
>> No. 73952
next year i'm gonna have a full plan of stuff for us to do so it isn't so awkward for the first few minutes. xD
i got a little bit crispy, but because i'm greek when i get burned it turns into a tan pretty quickly. i got more "burned" from the animalist meet up. my shoulders are like five shades darker than the rest of my body. xD

but i bet it'll be nummy food? :D

that is really interesting. though it does make sense. if there was a huge event that i wanted to go to and it got cancelled i'd be pretty mad too.
I hope you have fun at your fifth of july party though. :p

consider getting a job with uber or lyft or something. :p
i hope you have all the funs tomorrow. x3
>> No. 73953
File 140443295853.jpg - (146.00KB , 852x1136 , BrMxiyXCMAATzQG_jpg large.jpg )
I sure do love this picture. You look lovely even when you are going to murder someone.
>> No. 73954
my plan for tomorrow is sleeping. i have classes and work like all day every weekday, so doing nothing sounds pretty nice to me.

cool. i think i can make it next year, since i graduate in may and don't start graduate school until september-ish.
>> No. 73955
Hallo, how you doin' guuurl?
Hopeee you have fun with your friends tomorrow!
Here in Arg we celebrate "Independence Day" (yeah like the movie) and is in 5 days from now, the 9th. But we don't go fireworks, that's only in Christmas and New Year... or when we win a football (soccer) match :P
>> No. 73956
I got sunburned on the back of my neck.
>> No. 73957
Catie what was the best thing that happened at vidcon?
>> No. 73958
I think a few people will be even more excited to go meet you. Myself included.
>> No. 73959
>because i'm greek
It's because you're fucking magic, dude!
You almost sound like you were more excited to meet me. Impossible. You can't imagine how much I was fangirling on the inside when I met you but mostly keeping calm and collected on the outside :)
>> No. 73960
so where is animalist going to send you next Catie? Where would you want to go?
>> No. 73961
>so where is animalist going to send you next Catie? Where would you want to go?

Somewhere in the UK would be cool
>> No. 73962
Which YouTubers did you get to meet for the first time at Vidcon?
In the following hypothetical question, do not take the meetups into account. Pretend they didn't happen. Vidcon or Babscon?
>> No. 73963

yes i intend to. :3

onoes. you should get a little baby bbq from target or something and boil the potatoes instead. unless they're instant. :3

oh, haha. no worries. :p
it was absolutely wonderful. My favorite part was the souper sekret meet up cause it was just nice and fun and it felt like meeting old friends you hadn't seen for a long time. So it was awkward at first but then once we got into the swing of things it was a load of fun. :3
I got to meet both of the you tubers i wanted to meet this year and then some! I wanted to meet Jacksfilms and Brock Baker, both are super sweethearts. My panel was awesome, and my signing was really bad at first (cause of the system) but once my people started getting pulled from the long ass line, it was a lot of fun. Especially cause I didn't pay attention to the vidcon rules and took pictures and talked with people as opposed to just signing stuff and being like "next" like they wanted me to.

tl;dr vidcon is amazing and everyone should always go

hallo. :D

YAAAAY can't wait to meet you! x3

unacceptable. tell them catie wayne does not approve.

lol! I've pondered that picture quite a bit, and it truly bothers me that I don't remember it at all. I sure do look mad, don't I? xD

doing nothing can be quite fun. :3
have all the funs doing nothing. <3
i can't wait to meet you. x3 that would be awesome.

interesting, fireworks on christmas.
well i hope you have fun anyway. :D

i've heard sunburns are painful. I've only ever experienced one true sunburn in my whole life, and I wouldn't wish it on anyone. So i'm sorry to hear that.

meeting people from the chan+forum. :3
>> No. 73964
I agree, vidcon was so very tiring. Did I tell you the story of when I saw Tobuscus? There was a horde of girls behind him while he was vlogging. He had one of them tie his shoe.....
>> No. 73965
I really want to go to the next vidcon, but I probably won't go to any of the other ones after that.
>> No. 73966
Well, I'm going to go. I have to keep alt+tabbing out of my game to go on here, haha. Have an awesome day!
>> No. 73967
>but i bet it'll be nummy food? :D
there will be an unsafe amount of hotdogs, so yes. :P
>> No. 73968
File 140443407564.gif - (2.05MB , 203x400 , 9s0Qs8l.gif )
Nah, that never happened.

Any other conventions you plan on/hope to be going to?
>> No. 73969
I don't have any room for a bbq. Not even outside.
>> No. 73970
unacceptable. tell them catie wayne does not approve.

I know, right! Such a let down. Next time I'm there, I'll pass on the message XD
The burrito I had was nice, though. (Veggie bean. I'm not a veggie, though - it was just the only one I recognised)
>> No. 73971
I loved that gif someone made of that with the luigi death stare. so funny
>> No. 73972
but Catie told us how to make our own baja blast
>> No. 73973
VidCon was really fun. The souper secret meet up only had about 10 people so it felt very exclusive and everyone got to hug and talk to Catie. The next one will probably be bigger, one of my friends already said they want to go now. To the chan+forum meet at least.

>I've pondered that picture quite a bit
You look great in it, too. I would like to see you play a more villain kind of character one day. Sort of like svetlana was but a more serious role.

>> No. 73974
i was SO excited to meet all of you. most of you did really well as far as keeping cool, which made me happy, because we're fwends and we've known each other forever. :D

lol uhh i don't know. i didn't even know i wanted to go to costa rica until they suggested it. :D

well it's really hard to not take that into account, because meeting all of you guys is really special for me. but overall i guess i'd say vidcon was better. but that's just because babscon is a baby con. last year was the first one ever! :D

lol, maybe one day i'll be popular like tyler oakley and get to go to ALL of the basically vidcons all around the world. :3
that'd be cool.

omg that is something i truly do not understand. that fangirl mentality. that high pitched "AAAAAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAA" every time they see someone they like. i do. not. get it. like what is the end goal? "MAYBE IF I SCREAM THE LOUDEST, HE'LL REMEMBER ME AND REALIZE THAT I'M THE ONE FOR HIM OMG TOBUSCUS AAAAAAAAAAAH"

aww, why not? :3

haha! enjoy the game! <3
>> No. 73975
Yeah I'm happy I can be here :D. My sister and I were going to go bake some of these velvet cupcakes. Today for tomorrow. We're just afraid we'll eat them all before tomorrow lol. How was your day?
>> No. 73976
Catie what was Laina like at vidcon?
>> No. 73977
Ill have all the funs that i can after working foar eleven hours then driving foar six. :facepalm:

Which reminds me, i should be going to sleep.. But Jackies making some brownies right now and that seems more important than sleep. Cuz brownies.
>> No. 73978
Catie it was so amazing to see you at vidcon. Sorry I didn't really say much. I'll try and say more next year.
>> No. 73979
>> No. 73980
Interesting that you find it interesting haha.
I'll have fun like any other normal day (?
So, how are doing Boxxmom and Boxxsis?
>> No. 73981
>lol uhh i don't know.

maybe they could send you someplace close like a zoo, and let you film all the animals? and talk about them? Are you ever going to go back to that cat cafe place?
>> No. 73982
I think I'm gonna go as well, I shall talk to you another time. Ilu.
>> No. 73983
hi Catie! I hope you had an awesome time at vidcon. After watching deshi's videos I think I have to go next year
>> No. 73984

I just got home from work, good timing on my part I guess
>> No. 73985
what do you like to put on your hotdogs?
i once met a little girl who put mayonnaise on her hotdogs.
it was gross.
it was me.
the little girl was me and i am ashamed.

i hope to go to the nightmare nights pony con in dallas, but that's REAAAALLY flimsy. I also really hope to go to this years playlist live! :D

really? not even a little baby portable one?

veggie bean? what's that? i've never seen that on a menu.

'twas funny.

...does your friend post on the forum or chan?
cause if not HE CAN'T FUCKING COME

and thank you, villains are the most fun to play. :3

i believe in you and your sister's ability to not eat the cupcakes before tomorrow. <3
my day was pretty swell actually. got all my filming done, even though the week was short. :3
>> No. 73986
Haven't seen a single vid from catie in about 8 months due to hella slow internet here in iran. And the fact YouTube is blocked. Feels batman.

Oh well, I can still be part of the fandom, r-right guys?
>> No. 73987
no. I'm just some nobody

>i once met a little girl who put mayonnaise on her hotdogs.

but putting mayonnaise on hot dogs is a common thing in other places around the world.
>> No. 73988
oh when did you film that video at vidcon? the one about Celebrity Inventions?
>> No. 73989
I don't think they have Baja Blast in Canada either. If they do I haven't seen it yet.

>meeting people from the chan+forum. :3


You should come to Calgary for the Stampede
>> No. 73990
File 14044350313.jpg - (494.25KB , 1278x1920 , mXLlNGK.jpg )
>I also really hope to go to this years playlist live!
This year? All I saw was the one in FEB of next year, is that what you mean or is there one I am unaware of?
>> No. 73991
File 140443505660.jpg - (31.37KB , 487x650 , feels.jpg )
>Tfw there probably won't be a collab video with Brizzy or Laina this year
>> No. 73992
>i've heard sunburns are painful. I've only ever experienced one true sunburn in my whole life, and I wouldn't wish it on anyone. So i'm sorry to hear that.

I'm sunburned right now. Shit sucks yo.

That's what I get for working out in the sun for 10 hours every day
>> No. 73993
She was very funny and nice, just like last year. :3
we had a fun bonding moment where we both laughed until we almost peed, i don't even remember what we were laughing about, but it was fun.

brownies are pretty important.
brownies and then sleep.

it was wonderful to see you too. that's okay that you didn't say much, i understand that you're an introvert. :3 but there's nothing wrong with that. you've got a heart of gold, and that's all that really matters.

they are doing very well, thank you for asking. :3

eeeeeh, i'm a little iffy on zoos. they tend to bum me out.
but i'll talk to them. :p
but YES i totally will go the cat cafe, once it's up and running.



hallo. :3
how was work?
>> No. 73994
>omg that is something i truly do not understand. that fangirl mentality. that high pitched "AAAAAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAA" every time they see someone they like. i do. not. get it. like what is the end goal? "MAYBE IF I SCREAM THE LOUDEST, HE'LL REMEMBER ME AND REALIZE THAT I'M THE ONE FOR HIM OMG TOBUSCUS AAAAAAAAAAAH"

Haha. Hilarious. I've only been to anime cons and a few small comic book conventions. You see it on a very small scale at anime cons. It must be quite a sight (and very annoying) to see.

Concerning your answer to my Dear Everypony question during yesterday's hangout, I definately vote for it to make a return. I do however like the idea of using it to cover other things than the episodes themselves like you mentioned. I'd like to see a Discord analysis and maybe his parallels to John de Lancie's character Q on Star Trek. Maybe that last part is too much of an analysis. I'd also like to see a Dear Everypony on Equestria Girls even if it's brief.
>> No. 73995

Interesting. My boss is training me for a foreman position, so I was pretty much running my own crew of workers today.
>> No. 73996
>veggie bean? what's that? i've never seen that on a menu.

Really...? I thought it was mentioned in one of your videos. (I think the CETWC where you make your own version of one of Taco Bell's burritos). Maybe it's a different one you made, and I'm mistaken?

Btw guys (& Catie), I'm thinking of getting a custom rank on the forum, but my mind's a blank. Anybody got any ideas? (Nothing too ridiculous)
>> No. 73997
Laina's hand was cold when she shook my hand. How come a lot of girls have cold hands?
>> No. 73998
oh jesus christ i was trying to figure out who this was and i realized up until that post i was thinking slothymous was just some really persistent/schizophrenic poster. i'm so infrequently here that i didn't get it until then.
i'm slower than catie


did you guys at the meetup ever end up going to taco bell? i know it was mentioned briefly in the video. i haven't been to one in so many years, but i'd go in honor of catie at vidcon.
>> No. 73999
>it was wonderful to see you too

thanks Catie <3 #bff
>> No. 74000
A lot of girls have really bad circulation to their hands and feet I've noticed.
>> No. 74001
>I don't think they have Baja Blast in Canada either. If they do I haven't seen it yet.

What is this world coming to?
>> No. 74002
Haha thank you. We probably won't eat all of it but there will be a couple gone for sure. For that past year or so my family havent really done anything for Independence day. Not even sparklers. I feel as if it will be the same this year. Both my parents have work and we have no fireworks. I hope yours will be so much better :)
>> No. 74003
you certainly can be; ilu. <3

is grozz. Dx

on the first day, right after my signing. :3

the wot?

yes, that is what I meant. :3

there def will be one with brizzy. laina isn't for sure, but if i go to texas for nightmare nights i'll definitely try!

but you would think that your skin would be tanned by now. ;___;
>> No. 74004
i like mustard, relish, onions and hot sauce on mine(which might seem more gross than mayo. not sure...)
why did you stop eating them that way?
>> No. 74005
Catie tell animalist we want to see you interacting with real animals :3
>> No. 74006
Silly mason. too smart for his own good.
>> No. 74007
>what do you like to put on your hotdogs?
i once met a little girl who put mayonnaise on her hotdogs.
it was gross.
it was me.
the little girl was me and i am ashamed.

I don't like hot dogs unless I fry them. If I fry them, I put a little bit of mayo on the bread/bun and I put ketchup, mustard, relish on the hotdog. If they are grilled, definately no mayo. If boiled, I wont touch them. If microwaved, like my friend does, disgusting.
>> No. 74008
I like ketchup, mustard, baked beans and cheese sauce on my hot dogs.
>> No. 74009
Catie did you get to see any of the footage that people recorded of your panel? Are you going to do anything with the footage? Like cut together a video for ANH with it or anything?
>> No. 74010
File 14044357796.gif - (12.43KB , 165x115 , My Face When Pony Abomination.gif )
Hi, Catie. Seems like it's been ages since we've talked. I work Friday nights now so I'm usually like FUCK.

Since you've had your little fun now over in California, when are you going to get your ass over to the East coast so we can have a PROPER Sphere meetup? Huh? >:V

It's where all the cool kids live!
>> No. 74011
>the wot?

The Calgary Stampede, aka "The Greatest Outdoor Show On Earth"

It's a big citywide festival with parades, a rodeo, dog shows, horse-riding competitions, fairgrounds, carnival rides, big-name live bands everyday on an outdoor stage, various industry events.
Basically the whole city stops for a week to party.

>but you would think that your skin would be tanned by now. ;___;

Comparing my arm to my leg, I'm tan as hell. Still burn when you're in the sun for that long.
>> No. 74012
Catie, what is up with that ironmanaustralia always commenting in your various fandom beat and animalist videos in a very troll-like manner? Who is he and why does your mom have him in her google plus circles?
You seemed to be trying to avoid looking super annoyed when answering his question about sloths falling out of trees on the g+ hangout the other day.
>> No. 74013
get "gurgle-yell"
>> No. 74014
>but YES i totally will go the cat cafe, once it's up and running.

I thought they were already open. I hope everything goes well for them. It seems to be taking a long time.
>> No. 74015
Oh yeah I still gotta send her my footage.

Hey Catie! Got an idea of what the best way for me to send my footage would be?
>> No. 74016
well, the Q vs. Discord thing has been absolutely done to death, so i'm not sure I'll be doing that. I have plans for Equestria Girls, but whether or not they happen is another story entirely.

das asiting. :D thats a promotion? yeah?

what >>74000 said. I also think it has to do with the pressure to be thin, so a lot of girls don't eat very well. Although with Laina I think it's just she has bad circulation, as she didn't order a crouton for dinner. I don't know though. :p

hahaha, in all fairness, sloth week is over, so that should be gone by now. :p
and we did not get taco bell, cause there wasn't one close by enough. so we just went to the food trucks. maybe next year we'll get taco bell BEFORE the meet up.

fuck awla dat go get your own fireworks.
unless you're underage. then don't do that. enjoy the sparklers.

because one day i realized it was disgusting.
(lol i actually don't know why, i think i just stopped having hot dogs altogether and then when i had another one i just naturally put ketchup and mustard on it)

i've told them plenty of times. xD
they think i'm just trying to get to the animals.
>> No. 74017
>get "gurgle-yell"

LOL! It's Wookiee roar, dammit! How many times do I have to tell you? XD
>> No. 74018
Great to hear/read that! I hopeee you are getting things ok in your new place. I'm having dinner now, see you next week! ilysm
>> No. 74019
>das asiting. :D thats a promotion? yeah?
Yup. Going from laborer to supervisor basically. Lots more money too.
>> No. 74020

I love yogurt sometimes maybe :o
>> No. 74021
>really? not even a little baby portable one?

nope, but it's ok
>> No. 74022
>> No. 74023
>> No. 74024

Did... Did you seriously just try to Forum emote on the chan?

>> No. 74025
File 14044368162.jpg - (591.79KB , 1920x1080 , Road Trip with Cap'n Crunch.jpg )
>well, the Q vs. Discord thing has been absolutely done to death

I see. While I do watch pony videos, I don't watch any analysis videos other than Dear Everypony so I was not aware.

I sent you this picture a little while ago, but I don't know if you saw it so here it is again.
>> No. 74026
I did! I hope to cut some stuff together, but since I didn't get to film anything else besides what you guys gave me, it might be a bit redundant. .___.
so we'll see.

why hello i saw your name before i read your post and was about to be like "and where THE FUCK HAVE YOU BEEN?"
well, like i said to jelly I hope to go to playlist. :3 it's in florida.

hmmmm, doesn't sound quite up my alley but i shall consider. if there are animals, maybe animalist can send me.

lol i was just annoyed at the question. :p it wasn't nice to the sloths.

businesses take a lot of time to build up. (:

errrrrr, nope. :p
but i bet others do.

that is so awesome i'm so proud of you. :D

well, i hope it turns out good. :3

enjoy your food! <3
>> No. 74027
it's something people do on twitter and IRC
>> No. 74028
hey catie have you been to a concert yet??
>> No. 74029
Ahh I hate being at work when Catie's posting I feel like ima get in trouble but dis is moar important
>> No. 74030
what's that? i don't speak gurgle-yell...
>> No. 74031
File 140443692484.jpg - (643.92KB , 1920x1080 , Catherine.jpg )
I know you already saw this one. I just wanted to ask if you were aware there was an actual game called Catherine?
>> No. 74032
Great job on reaching 200,000 subs on animalist :O we should celebrate
>> No. 74033
>> No. 74034
haha, i did see. :3 <3

i have not. o:

lol well no worries, i'm gonna get going soon anyway. :p

yes, i was aware. (:
>> No. 74035
>what's that? i don't speak gurgle-yell...

No, it's Wookiee roar INSTEAD of gurgle-yell XD
>> No. 74036
File 140443710180.jpg - (236.15KB , 900x1200 , d986d03cfc9da6c52631548951683742.jpg )
Hi Shrimp
>> No. 74037
i was pretty sure who it actually was before reading the name, which is what confused me.

aren't all hot dogs disgusting?
>> No. 74038

>errrrrr, nope. :p
>but i bet others do.
I'm sure Dave already has ideas, and he's got my footage already

>that is so awesome i'm so proud of you. :D
Thanks! :3
>> No. 74039
File 140443721274.jpg - (33.12KB , 500x667 , cards-against30.jpg )
>tfw Catie picks your card, but you're banned from playing because you already won
>> No. 74040
Yeah I'm underage, and we don't have any sparklers. I've been treating independence day like a regular day for a while now.
>> No. 74041
>I did! I hope to cut some stuff together

lol idk if you saw or not, but that blurry pic of you at your panel was because I pressed the picture button instead of the record button. Did you watch the panel with your mom and sister?
>> No. 74042
you're correct

that is also correct, but i didn't want to make anyone who enjoys them feel bad. .__.

>> No. 74043
I really want some hot dogs now. I guess I can force down steak instead :/
>> No. 74044

Why would you even make this? Why would you put Catie's smiling face on something as grimdark and existentially terrifying as Catherine? XD


That isn't even a shrimp Jelly that's some kind of crayfish or something. Fuck we've been over this like fifteen times.


>> No. 74045
Did you like Cards Against Humanity? HAd you played it before?
>> No. 74046
and everyone just stopped playing after Catie left
>> No. 74047
Oh gawd I wasn't rushin you off that's cray, bsides if I get fired I'm moving to Cali newayz to live da dream
>> No. 74048
File 140443752768.png - (1.12MB , 1024x768 , 1402320303832.png )
>you're correct

yay :D
>> No. 74049
Christopher told me to come here n say hai Maus,so hai Maus.
JK,howdy Catie n everypony else.
>> No. 74050
you're correct

I'm already making plans for next year. Me and Thien (The dude that brought Cards Against Humanity) are totally getting a suite at the Hilton and throwing the best afterparties.
We're gonna make all the big Youtubers jealous :P
>> No. 74051
hi :) it's good to see you
>> No. 74052
Hopefully I go to Vidcon next year. So jealous of everyone who went. It would be so awesome to meet you and everyone from the sphere!
>> No. 74053

HI MAUS!!! <3
>> No. 74054
Really?? Well if you're ever in Atlanta you can have a free ticket to any pheeno concert!
>> No. 74055
Cause it's a game called Catherine which happens to be Catie's name. This is a different game than the one you are thinking of. That one came out in 2011. This one comes out this month. You can see the date in the picture.
>> No. 74056
sounds like a gurgle-yell to me... :P
catie, would you please tell chewie that i'm right? no? ok...
>> No. 74057
That was funny though. Next VidCon can't come soon enough.

@hotdog discussion. I think they're one of those things you eat when nothing else is being served. Like at your neighbor's 4th of july party when you're starving and someone just hands you a hotdog.
>> No. 74058
Hiya, Maus!
>> No. 74059
>I'm sure Dave already has ideas, and he's got my footage already
PM me if you want my ideas about this.
I'd love to help.
>> No. 74060
Is Catherine any good?
>> No. 74061
>sounds like a gurgle-yell to me... :P
catie, would you please tell chewie that i'm right? no? ok...

Catie, I'm sure you'd agree it's Wookiee roar. Correct?
>> No. 74062
lol are you posting from a train again Catie?
>> No. 74063
alright guys, i'm gonna get going now.
i love you all, as i'm sure you know by now. x3 <3


it was loads of fun, i had played it before, though not terribly often. :3

aw, really? D: das dumb.

hi punkin. ;___;
i'm sorry i'm leaving right as you're arriving. i miss you~

lol you do that. :p <3
>> No. 74064
apparently i'm a sloth and not a pony, but howdy anyway. :P
>> No. 74065
I like it a lot. It's a fun puzzle game with an interesting story (many thought so too until the big reveal at the end that angered many) that can be very frustrating on higher difficulties.
>> No. 74066
Hi Catie! Sorry I'm late, I will be at VidCon next year. I swear it!
>> No. 74067
Goodbye Catie,
have a great independence day weekend!
>> No. 74068
bye catie. <3
>> No. 74069
bye Catie <3 I hopeee you have a great 4th and a nice relaxing weekend. thanks for posting
>> No. 74070
See ya, Catie!
Enjoy 4th July!
Thanks for posting with us, and stay awesome! <3
>> No. 74071
Bye Catie. Have a pleasant weekend. Thank you for coming today.
>> No. 74072
File 140443809297.jpg - (38.73KB , 720x960 , 1506042_721205621223405_1179328434_n.jpg )
im goin to vidcon next year n bringing mai acoustic guitar to serenade Catie with a song i wrote foar her.
also,i drew da pic of me,shameless self plugs ftw.
>> No. 74073
Hells yeah <3

See you later Catie! Have fun tomorrow
>> No. 74074
dammit,i cant even remember when i even got to tawk to her last.
>> No. 74075

I'll bring mine too. We'll make it a duet
>> No. 74076
Bye catie thanks for chatting with us!
>> No. 74077
Bye Catie! Have a great Independence Day!!
>> No. 74078
Bai, bai.
Have a fun Murica Day.
>> No. 74079
Bye Catie! Have a great Independence Day!!
>> No. 74080
bye catie (and everyone else), have a nice holiday weekend.
>> No. 74081
Screen cap it and tweet it to her, followed with a 2nd tweet of the picture.
>> No. 74082
very cute picture
>> No. 74083
its ok Catie,i hopeee u come back later n read wat i posted tho.
@deshi ur fukn on brosevich.
>> No. 74084
i cant screenycap on mai tablet and i can only come here with mai tablet foar watever reason.
she will just be surprised then next year,sumpony bring bongos tho.
>> No. 74085
thank u n_n
>> No. 74086
do you need to remove catiewayne.com from your hosts file to fix that?

That is how Jelly was able to return to the forum and chan.
>> No. 74087
File 140443869890.jpg - (73.77KB , 1351x671 , 1614030_734778719866095_1754430369_o.jpg )
3 post in a row,yeya.
>> No. 74088
Somebodeh should play guitar for me so I can serenade her too, tfw can sing but can't play an instrument
>> No. 74089
prolly but i dont mind,makes me nawt come as often.
i came here too often and was only bringing harm.
>> No. 74090
to me,harm to me,it made me depressed.
>> No. 74091
am i too late? what time is it waaaaah
>> No. 74092
count me in
>> No. 74093
sorry, she just left
>> No. 74094
>am i too late?
>> No. 74095
What about comin here made you depressed?
>> No. 74098
no comment.
>> No. 74099
Everybody's invited
>> No. 74100
Sounds like a lot of fun I can't wait, why does it have to be a full year,
>>74098 sorry didn't mean to pry
>> No. 74102
It seems like every time I find out Catie is posting, I don't know about it until it's too late.
>> No. 74103
>> No. 74104
this place gets pretty quiet when Catie isn't around
>> No. 74105
yeah. Not really much to talk about these days I guess.
>> No. 74106
and everyone is on twitter now instead
>> No. 74116
Or the forum
>> No. 74319
ayo i thought catie posted at this time on friday
>> No. 74322
She's on vacation, and it's not chan week either.
>> No. 74323
Ohh yea, forgot about that, thanks mate.
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