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File 140442117453.gif - (653.12KB , 260x146 , IeRQA6a.gif )
73913 No. 73913
So does anyone care if we post tonight at 5:00 p.m. instead of tomorrow? I intend to hang out with friends for fourth of july. :3
lemme knowww, i just don't wanna leave you guys by your lonesome since I didn't post for the last two weeks. :p
loves ya.
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>> No. 74058
Hiya, Maus!
>> No. 74059
>I'm sure Dave already has ideas, and he's got my footage already
PM me if you want my ideas about this.
I'd love to help.
>> No. 74060
Is Catherine any good?
>> No. 74061
>sounds like a gurgle-yell to me... :P
catie, would you please tell chewie that i'm right? no? ok...

Catie, I'm sure you'd agree it's Wookiee roar. Correct?
>> No. 74062
lol are you posting from a train again Catie?
>> No. 74063
alright guys, i'm gonna get going now.
i love you all, as i'm sure you know by now. x3 <3


it was loads of fun, i had played it before, though not terribly often. :3

aw, really? D: das dumb.

hi punkin. ;___;
i'm sorry i'm leaving right as you're arriving. i miss you~

lol you do that. :p <3
>> No. 74064
apparently i'm a sloth and not a pony, but howdy anyway. :P
>> No. 74065
I like it a lot. It's a fun puzzle game with an interesting story (many thought so too until the big reveal at the end that angered many) that can be very frustrating on higher difficulties.
>> No. 74066
Hi Catie! Sorry I'm late, I will be at VidCon next year. I swear it!
>> No. 74067
Goodbye Catie,
have a great independence day weekend!
>> No. 74068
bye catie. <3
>> No. 74069
bye Catie <3 I hopeee you have a great 4th and a nice relaxing weekend. thanks for posting
>> No. 74070
See ya, Catie!
Enjoy 4th July!
Thanks for posting with us, and stay awesome! <3
>> No. 74071
Bye Catie. Have a pleasant weekend. Thank you for coming today.
>> No. 74072
File 140443809297.jpg - (38.73KB , 720x960 , 1506042_721205621223405_1179328434_n.jpg )
im goin to vidcon next year n bringing mai acoustic guitar to serenade Catie with a song i wrote foar her.
also,i drew da pic of me,shameless self plugs ftw.
>> No. 74073
Hells yeah <3

See you later Catie! Have fun tomorrow
>> No. 74074
dammit,i cant even remember when i even got to tawk to her last.
>> No. 74075

I'll bring mine too. We'll make it a duet
>> No. 74076
Bye catie thanks for chatting with us!
>> No. 74077
Bye Catie! Have a great Independence Day!!
>> No. 74078
Bai, bai.
Have a fun Murica Day.
>> No. 74079
Bye Catie! Have a great Independence Day!!
>> No. 74080
bye catie (and everyone else), have a nice holiday weekend.
>> No. 74081
Screen cap it and tweet it to her, followed with a 2nd tweet of the picture.
>> No. 74082
very cute picture
>> No. 74083
its ok Catie,i hopeee u come back later n read wat i posted tho.
@deshi ur fukn on brosevich.
>> No. 74084
i cant screenycap on mai tablet and i can only come here with mai tablet foar watever reason.
she will just be surprised then next year,sumpony bring bongos tho.
>> No. 74085
thank u n_n
>> No. 74086
do you need to remove catiewayne.com from your hosts file to fix that?

That is how Jelly was able to return to the forum and chan.
>> No. 74087
File 140443869890.jpg - (73.77KB , 1351x671 , 1614030_734778719866095_1754430369_o.jpg )
3 post in a row,yeya.
>> No. 74088
Somebodeh should play guitar for me so I can serenade her too, tfw can sing but can't play an instrument
>> No. 74089
prolly but i dont mind,makes me nawt come as often.
i came here too often and was only bringing harm.
>> No. 74090
to me,harm to me,it made me depressed.
>> No. 74091
am i too late? what time is it waaaaah
>> No. 74092
count me in
>> No. 74093
sorry, she just left
>> No. 74094
>am i too late?
>> No. 74095
What about comin here made you depressed?
>> No. 74098
no comment.
>> No. 74099
Everybody's invited
>> No. 74100
Sounds like a lot of fun I can't wait, why does it have to be a full year,
>>74098 sorry didn't mean to pry
>> No. 74102
It seems like every time I find out Catie is posting, I don't know about it until it's too late.
>> No. 74103
>> No. 74104
this place gets pretty quiet when Catie isn't around
>> No. 74105
yeah. Not really much to talk about these days I guess.
>> No. 74106
and everyone is on twitter now instead
>> No. 74116
Or the forum
>> No. 74319
ayo i thought catie posted at this time on friday
>> No. 74322
She's on vacation, and it's not chan week either.
>> No. 74323
Ohh yea, forgot about that, thanks mate.
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