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No. 73901
  sry for short notice
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>> No. 73902
File 140424407679.png - (359.60KB , 635x720 , 75588.png )
Not loading for me, so I guess I'll just have to wait for the upload later today.
>> No. 73908

I like these hangouts, it's like a live video podcast thing where the hosts get to bond with the audience. I feel like Adam is out of place here because he is: he's in another country, and the K-Pop fans on the channel aren't as many as the anime fans or the Catie fans or the bronies. I suppose it'll grow, but you can really tell how far apart they are in their channel videos. I hope they do this as a regular thing cause it was fun. Props to Catie for pushin it to be an hour instead of half,
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