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No. 73870
  This was a session with Catie, Colleen Ballinger, Rebecca Black, GloZell, Laina, and others, telling us what it was like to have their video(s) go viral unexpectedly.
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>> No. 73871
awesome. Thanks Dave
>> No. 73872
File 140413684299.gif - (1.62MB , 558x393 , High five.gif )
Thanks for filming and uploading, appreciate it!
>> No. 73874
dope, how many panels was she on?
>> No. 73878
Panels? Just this one.
Catie had only 2 things listed in the official vidcon schedule: this panel and the autograph signing event.
There were a couple of other unofficial events
>> No. 73879
Glad you all had fun, wish I could've been there!
>> No. 73900
sounds like mud. But I think it would've been like that irl too so it's okay. Appreciate the video man
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