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No. 73862
  Catie and Alex both really shined here, seperately and together.
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>> No. 73863
yes it was very nice.
>> No. 73864
File 140405924752.jpg - (139.09KB , 1920x1080 , 1403739592515.jpg )
That onesie was adorable.
>> No. 73867
File 140406507852.jpg - (106.36KB , 493x307 , rsz_why_we_should_live_like_sloths[14-00-33].jpg )
>> No. 73887
wat wat?
>> No. 73889
File 140420232315.gif - (499.75KB , 500x266 , tumblr_lmwov2QCiD1qh4nf6o1_500.gif )
in the butt
>> No. 73893
guitars upside down
>> No. 73905
File 140428225856.png - (750.81KB , 858x481 , dodewdew.png )
I hope this doesn't come out weird, because it's pure admiration. I don't think there many people who can act out taking a shit on camera and have it come across so completely innocent and adorable. It's such a gift for innocence. Even if catie has some secret dark side, like just about everybody else in the world, she has a gift for innocence, and even her special relationship with the F word is a part of that. It's what makes these silly videos transcend the format.
>> No. 73906
Alex is left handed, so it's strung upside down to suit his needs.
>> No. 73907
I play, and that's upside down. Thicker strings are supposed to be on top and the pickguard should be on the bottom.

No big deal, I just thought it was funny
>> No. 73909
Wait shit, I didn't notice that he's actually holding it upside down. I thought he actually was left handed and had it strung properly

Shit Alex, what are you doing?
>> No. 73910
Animalist passed 200,000 subscribers today, congratulations! :D
>> No. 73911
it's a joke, he's just being a goof. :p
>> No. 73912
Alex is a pretty funny guy.
I thought it had something to do with sloths hanging upside down
>> No. 73927
What a wonderful video :teehee:
>> No. 74096
you're on an imageboard, faggot.
>> No. 74097
>> No. 74101
File 140444278260.jpg - (60.78KB , 480x360 , 1339225129919.jpg )
>Getting this mad over virtually nothing
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