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File 140374321446.jpg - (512.75KB , 960x1280 , soups secret.jpg )
73819 No. 73819
Hi guys!
So I'm sorry for those of you who aren't at vidcon this year, but fortunately some of you are! and I cannot wait to meet you :3 this year, instead of posting, we're doing a chan+forum meet up. Deets are in the pictuuuh.

If you see me before/after then OBVIOUSLY come say hi, but this is when we shall all gather together for some love and fun. <3
Can't wait to see you! <3

I love you all, even if I don't get to meet you this year. :3 Maybe next year! <33
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>> No. 73820
Gah, I'm so jealous of the people attending. I would love to go, but it's so darn expensive to get there! Oh well, hopefully I'll be able to make the ~5400 mile trip from Europe next year!

Have a great time, lucky ones! (ノ^ω^)ノ゚
You too, Catie ^ω^
>> No. 73821
This is great for people who don't know what else to do at vidcon but to meet with Catie. Hoping to see some fun footage so I can see what I missed

so jelly rn
>> No. 73822
come to brazil
>> No. 73823
>tfw i'm on the other side of the country
feelsbadman. maybe one year i'll be able to go

have fun for me tho, everyone else!
>> No. 73824
omg this is so cool <3
>> No. 73825
I might be there. Anyone else?
>> No. 73826
I wish I lived on the west coast :(
>> No. 73827
I'm gonna be there :O
>> No. 73828
>tfw only 4 hours drive away from Anaheim
>tfw debilitating social anxiety
Well, have fun everyone. I hope there are lots of vids and pics to share with us. :D
>> No. 73829
It will be next year for me but please do something like this again it sounds so kewl
>> No. 73830
File 14037832702.jpg - (8.12KB , 473x341 , 132276515738.jpg )
I can't be there (too far away from me) but all my heart will be there, I hope to see some photos.

>> No. 73831
>> No. 73834
I wish I lived in the northern hemisphere
>> No. 73838
File 140381047194.jpg - (1.29MB , 3072x1728 , 100_0003.jpg )
i met catie. She is looking super pretty today.
>> No. 73839
File 140381190812.png - (551.13KB , 979x1044 , I can't handle this.png )
Bah, super pretty indeed! You and Max are so lucky! Too bad the picture turned out a bit blurry, but you got to meet her in person, so who cares about that!

It looks great either way
way, and I'm sure you'll have more chances to take pictures at the meet up anyway!

Have fun!
>> No. 73841
>> No. 73847
File 14039067408.png - (158.66KB , 510x510 , thesefeels.png )
Aaaaaaand it's 3:00p.m.
>Tfw not there
>> No. 73850
File 140396633264.jpg - (170.55KB , 1024x768 , BrLEgEfCQAAg9Zw_jpg large.jpg )
>> No. 73851
File 140396647326.jpg - (194.37KB , 1024x768 , BrLMj-ACAAINGRD_jpg large.jpg )
>> No. 73852
File 140397143163.jpg - (338.52KB , 1024x768 , meetup.jpg )
Anyone recognize the last two?
>> No. 73853
Vidcon pictures should go in the sticky.
>> No. 73854
Crissa is cuter than ever.
Is that really Trep? He looks scary-creepy
>> No. 73855
Aww Catie's not that short. It's those heels she's wearing probably
>> No. 73856
she wasn't wearing heels D:
but I think she might be standing on her toes a bit, she is pretty small. Smaller than I imagined. (in a cute way)
But she is pretty much perfect height :3
>> No. 73857
Yeah, that's him.

>He looks scary-creepy
The hand on Crissa's shoulder made the look on his face extra creepy at first glance. Thank God it turned out to be Catie's...but hey, let's be nice.

She's pretty short, Crissa makes her seem taller though cause she's like 5'0"...

I wonder how tall Trep is though.
Must be like 5'5" tops.
>> No. 73858
Uni Anon is pretty attractive.

f-full homo
>> No. 73859
He looks scary-creepy in the other pictures too
>> No. 73860
Trep was nice though, everyone was nice and friendly even though they might have been nervous. which is understandable.
>> No. 73865
Deshi be up there swagged out tho

I swear those looked like heels in the picture
>> No. 73866
nah maybe trep just missed the countdown and wasn't ready for the pic
>> No. 73868
No it wasn't just that one. Look at him in the other pictures. *shudder*
>> No. 73873
VidCon pics in random order: http://imgur.com/a/5Xs6D
>> No. 73875
dammit Catie how do u smile like that

perfect every time
>> No. 73877
File 140414864455.gif - (397.14KB , 360x480 , catiedeathstare.gif )
lol @ Catie mean muggin the camera
>> No. 73880
Yeah I don't think she's a fan of creepshots.
>> No. 73881
That was tweeted to her a few hours after she was just telling us how rude it is when people come up to her and put a camera in her face without asking first.

Can't imaging why she didn't retweet that one.
>> No. 73883
So Catie is trying to gain some fame in a sense but expects people to ask her permission to take a photo?
You do not need anyone's permission to take a photo in a public place and if you are some kind of star nobody ever is going to ask for your permission and they will take as many intrusive photos as they please.
You are in the wrong business if you don't want that Catie.
>> No. 73884
File 140418990112.png - (828.88KB , 957x1080 , Dolan.png )
>> No. 73885
You have a point but still at a convention like that why wouldn't you just go ask her for a pic? I mean if you somewhat know who she is enough for you to want a picture then you should know she would be nice enough to take one with you or maybe pose for one. Just aiming a camera at someone and taking shots is almost intentionally being rude.
>> No. 73886
She later said on twitter that she didn't remember that moment and maybe it was just that the photographer didn't say hi or anything, just snapped a photo of her walking by.
>> No. 73888
the fact you chose "mean muggin" makes you automatically cool
>> No. 73895
any vidyas frum friday?
>> No. 73898
Catie and Alex
>> No. 73899
pic's fucking CHERRY bro, nice job

lol was Alex out of place over there or nah? was it supposed to be an animalist thing?
>> No. 73903
Animalist had a meetup thing on Saturday.
>> No. 73904
her hair look so soft :3
>> No. 74421
How do these things work? I imagine almost everyone there wants to talk to Catie, so was there like a line for Catie or something? I picture people constantly fighting for her attention over there
>> No. 74422
This particular meetup was meant for Catie's 'superfans', so only the people who saw this post (or the post on the forum) knew it even existed. There were only about a dozen of guys who showed up, so it wasn't really that crowded and everyone got their chance to talk to her.

If you're referring to VidCon in general, then yes, she held a signing event where everyone lined up to get her autograph and their picture taken. There was also a pretty big Animalist meetup that she organized along with Alex. Other than that she just walked around the area from time to time and met some of her fans at random, she's pretty unknown compared to some of the other YouTubers that attend VidCon, so she said she enjoyed that she was able to walk from point A to point B without getting mobbed, haha.
>> No. 74423
Yeah I was referring to the lawn meetup. I thought it was posted to Twitter too, or maybe that was the Animalist thing.

This was a good thing for Catie to do, it's great that she appreciates her fans so much that she'd be willing to do a personal meetup with them.
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