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No. 73780
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>> No. 73781
excuse u i was gonna post that.

Ohwells, I suppose here is as good a place as any to post. :p
Here is the long awaited babscon video! But in an unexpected turn of events I have some kind of intense stomach bug. So I don't think i'll be able to post today, at least not during the daytime. We'll see how I'm feeling tomorrow, but I might just skip posting this week. I normally wouldn't do that just because I'm sick, but this is kind of crazy.

You know when you get sick and then you'd watch tv and your mom would be all "if you're well enough to watch tv, then you're well enough to do your homework." and you're like "bitch the one upside of being sick is you don't have to go to school" ?
well I'm not even watching tv. just sleeping. ;___;

In any case! I hope you like the video! <3

tl;dr new video, i'm sick, can't post, i love you. <3
>> No. 73783
It's completely fine. I hope you get better soon Catie! Have a good one.
>> No. 73784
Sick again?
Dammit, lady.
Get well.
>> No. 73785
forgot my trip..
that post is by me.
>> No. 73786
I'm sorry to hear that you're sick, Catie. Try to take as much rest as you can and I hope you feel better quick. :)
>> No. 73787
Get well soon <3

Also, I have no idea what it's like to be sick and watching tv cuz everytime I got sick and told my mom she said, "Don't overreact just go to school" :(
>> No. 73788
don't worry about posting, just get well. :P
>> No. 73789
sorry :p
I liked the video, it's too bad you don't have enough space at home and have to film at work.

just get lotsa rest and drink plenty of fluids with electrolytes in them and you should be feeling better soon.
>> No. 73790
<3I love you more<3 How is there people who dislike mlp like seriously they don't even know what's good.
>> No. 73791
I hope you're feeling better soon :( If you're having the flu you should get your hands on some pedialyte it is seriously the best thing for your body after being dehydrated. Take some when you can keep fluids down. <3 you.
>> No. 73792
omg a new video :O

I hopeee you feel better soon Catie
>> No. 73798
File 140332699026.jpg - (10.98KB , 266x260 , 1510730_726601124017188_907152335_n.jpg )
get sum colloidal silver.
>> No. 73803
aw I wanted to see the set you had for us in the new place. It's gonna be tough filming ANH vids while at work, hope you can manage

Thanks for the vid Catie
>> No. 73818
dammit catie

makin me all happy n shit
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