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No. 73741
  sloth week thread.

I'm excited for sloth week, but honestly I'm just going to watch the videos that Catie is in.
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>> No. 73743
I usually try and watch everything they upload, but if i'm busy with other stuff I'll just watch Catie's stuff and try and watch the rest later.
>> No. 73747
I think they're all going to have Catie in them. :o
>> No. 73748
the trailer didn't have her in it :(
I thought it would. That's the only reason I watched it.
>> No. 73749
It's only a trailer though. I'm sure there will be plenty of Catie during sloth week. I can't imagine that they would fly her all the way to Costa Rica, and not have a lot of footage of her.
>> No. 73754
File 140263105610.jpg - (58.88KB , 473x474 , Cut!.jpg )

I am not sure how easy to do with the copyrights. But maybe a cap of it all with the parts Catie is not in edited out...
>> No. 73795
sloth week started. Catie is so awesome in the videos we saw so far
>> No. 73814
I'm against the no touch rule

Sloths love Catie and Catie loves sloths, they should be able to hug
>> No. 73815

Well, I'm glad she followed the rules. It wouldn't surprise me if the sloth wanted to climb up on Catie's neck and give her a kiss, but the rules have to be the rules, because they're for the safety of the animals. I don't think catie would hurt them, but someone else might, and the best way to prevent that is by not being selective about enforcing the no touch rule.,

Also, Stephen Hawking has speculated that if Catie were to touch a sloth, the resulting "cuteness singularity event" could have consequences for all matter and energy in the universe. I think he has a point.

I live in a cat sanctuary. Touching the cats is permitted. in fact, they will probably insist upon it.
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